ShadBala aka 6 Type of Planetary Strengths

A planet in the birth chart has different type of strengths. It is primarily grouped as Shadbal. Sage Parasara has also given the name ” Spashta Bal” to the concept of ”ShadBal”. This group contains

Shad Bal
1. Sthan Bal (Positional strength)
2. Dig Bal (Directional strength)
3. Kaal Bal (Temporalstrength), inclusive of Ayan Bal (Equinoctial strength)
4. Chesht Bal (Motional strength)
5. Naisargika Bal (Natural strength)
6. Drik Bal (Aspectual strength)

We will see what Sthan Bal is. I will explain what all these so that it can be very confusing and  complicated for even astrology students.


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Get Ready To Go Crazy As I Went Some Years Back …. Ashtakvarga Bala , Shad Bala, Cheshta Bala and Vimshopak Bala


 I started as a Sun sign astrologer and I love that. During my upper primary school days I started learning sun sign. Obviously sun sign astrology is very much easier than Vedic one. When we move to Vedic from Sun Sign, we will be reading all those ancient texts , and when I started studying Vedic in my high school days there we no internet. I used to buy books chori chupke by my pocket money. I used to hide it inside my shelf where I kept my dresses. Due to my bad reputation at home, my mom used to conduct suspense inspections and one day she found Cheiro’s Book on Palmistry and after that I never found that book. 

Then I used to keep these books in my dad’s library. These books ”lived in together”  with Bible, Quran, Mahabharath, Ramayan etc. To be frank, I didn’t understand anything when I started reading these ancient texts. That time the books I read was written by Malayalee writers and to be frank studying astrology in Malayalam was very painful. Somehow I managed that but till I found these English texts I could not truly follow whatever I read. Please don’t think that I am becoming very pricey. If I say reading Malayalam astrology books was a tough job, then please blame it on our education system which promotes English than local languages. Not me !

Yes, Vedic astrology is written in a very complicated way. Actually it is written complicated, it is not that complicated in reality. If a person wants to be an astrologer he should have some planetary alignments in his chart to see whether he can be a good and positive astrologer. Ultimate duty of astrologer is to spread hope and faith. Not remedies. I am telling again and again………….Guys, remedies WILL NOT WORK. 

I always think why this beautiful science is written in a complicated way. Why cant it be explained in a simple language? Now I remember one guy I met 14 years back. 

I met him for official reasons only. First we communicated through phone and most probably this guy may be having Jupiter in 1st house or 9th house or he may be a Saggi lagna or he must be having some special combination in 9th house. The 9th house is the house of spirituality , philosophy, higher studies , faith and all that stuff. We communicated over the phone around 7 or 8 times. In between we both shared personal information like family, worship and prayer. Those days I was a theology student and I invited him for “Lunatics Meeting.’ Lunatics meeting is where we ask doubts about God, theology, creation. I was one of the chief lunatic there ( as always). My husband was also there in the meeting he never had big doubts. He used to sit and watch others asking doubts and nodded  head on answers.  His dream was to take Masters in Divinity from the United States.  He got an admission letter from Princeton Theological Seminary New Jersey also. It didn’t get materialized. God has different plans for everyone.  

So I invited the other guy for this meeting and he came. Next day he came to my office and I was so surprised. He said ” I came for your meeting and I came here to invite you to my prayer meeting” I agreed that I will come , but I didn’t know when. 

So, one day in the afternoon I just went to his house without telling him. He is married and has a kid. When I reached there , there were he and his prayer group members one guy and 3 women. I am always curious to know different versions of God. This man and other people started talking to me. My God…….I donno what they explained , but I understood they are mostly into meditation. I have my style of prayer and I don’t follow any set rituals or steps. Prayer is a communication with creator. We should not have a 3rd party to introduce us to the supreme force. That’s my idea. 

I mostly pray for 1 hr daily. There is not even a single day in the past 20 years I haven’t spend 1 hr with my Lord Almighty. That doesnt make me holy either , but it strengthens me and make me aware of what am I doing and where am I going. Some times I repent and sometimes I dont. I reap blessing for what I have repented and I pay with pains and tears for what I have not repented. 

These guys took me to a room.  Room is very big. This room has dim light Ok. This room is constructed as pyramid. If my memory is true there is a bell hanging from the roof. They asked me to sit there and meditate. They said after sometime I feel so much of power in me. I sat on the floor, alone. For the next 30 minutes I was sitting there and looking at the architecture. Then looking for some supernatural power to jump n me from some corner and filling my mind and super soulbody. Then me getting enlightened and becoming glorious. It was like a punishment. After 30 minutes, I went out . These guys were sitting and talking…..they anxious asked me “how was it? Didn’t you feel the power?’I didn’t want them to be unhappy. I said yes. I felt some power and I am happy.

Next week again this man came to my office with some sweets and magazine. He gave me that magazine and asked me to read it. I tried to read that….but I did not understand a single sentence . After 2 days I phoned up this man. I asked him why he has written in a strange language? If he wants people to understand then he should write in a simple language. Then he explained that he need elite and enlightened people to his group. If someone cant understand that means he is not elite and enlightened. 

I told him that I not an elite and enlightened and I could not understand a single sentence . I still remember one sentence in that. It says” When we sleep, our gurus come to us and communicate with us.” . I donno whether this is true. I don’t need a guru who likes to talk to me when I am sleeping. I donno, I could not understand that group. At the same time I have realized that this man is a very very truthful and righteous man. We were friends for some time and he never ever used a bad language or he never behaved badly. Such men are rare. 

Coming back to Vedic astrology , all these books are written or taught in a difficult language which makes ordinary people see this subject as a tough or strange. All I have tried is to explain this subject in a laymen language so that people can use this knowledge to make their life happy. It should be for all  not only for the elite and enlightened. All should know the real essence of astrology , the divine science. 

Ashtakvarga Bala , Shad Bala, Cheshta Bala and Vimshopak Bala  are nothing but the strength of planets in your chart. Now Jupiter transit is going to happen and the result of this transit is also depends on Strength of Jupiter in Ashtak Varga and own Varga. In the next blogs I will explain what these Ashtakvarga Bala , Shad Bala, Cheshta Bala and Vimshopak Bala  are. 

While I was studying this I literally went Mad……………. Studying these intense and complicatedly written subjects without a Guru is not easy. Maybe by the blessing of my Lord, I could understand these things and now I know how simple these things are. I am happy to share with you.

My new project will finish by August 1st week. Maybe I will start from then …

Its 11:14 PM in India and I have to get up at 5:00 AM. 

Let  us  give all  glory to the LORD, The Supreme Lord. He simplifies our life. 

Sharing one song from my daily devotion 


Conjuring 2: Astrological Details on Demon Attacks

 Rahu is considered as demon in astrology and the placement and aspect of this planet shows the possibilities of a person having psychological disorders. This is just one indication. I don’t want to make my readers upset or I don’t want to manipulate your subconscious mind. So I am not going to any details, but I will tell you some other details.

When you Google or read some texts you may see that they are giving you very vast information about demon possessions. The truth is that, I have seen combinations for demonic influences in many charts which I have analyzed. Even my own chart has certain combinations which makes me very furious and agitated sometimes. So, please don’t go with the general assumptions.

I have a client whose Son is 18 years now. He has stopped his studies and sitting at home. That is not the problem. He likes to dress up like ladies, he has long nails, talks like ladies and afraid of the crowd. My client was asking me whether someone has done some black magic on him. I asked him only one question “Are you sure that your hands are not filled with the blood of an innocent?” He said, “Till date I haven’t hurt anyone”. Then I said, if you are true then you don’t have to worry about the black magic.

 It’s really tough to write about this because, I am afraid of what my readers will grasp through my words. Still I am trying to write.

 It’s true that good spirits and evil spirits exist. The people who are weak in mind can get more into fears and prejudices. So, the condition of the Moon shows how mentally strong you are. Obviously, Moon’s conjunction, and aspects with the negative planets indicates the importance of strengthening your mind.

Emotional intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intra-personal Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Existential Intelligence and Logical-Mathematical Intelligence originates from our mind and psyche. Moon is the main indicator of Mind and psyche in astrology. Moon indicates Intelligence, Woman, Sleep, Happiness   Mother,   Mind, emotions, inner peace, security, moods,  and visions. So, if your natal Moon is not in a good condition, then it indicates that you have to give more energy in making it strong.

If you are a person with such fears then you should make your Moon aka mind strong. Maybe you see your Moon in a very very bad state. Conjunct with evil planets and aspected by evil planets, placed in the evil houses. I am telling again, you take 100 charts…80 of them will have such combinations. Rest 20 will have other tough things shown in their chart. Especially some Vedic astrologers are so keen to show the bad things in the chart. I am surrounded by astrologers and I know my Moon is in a very bad condition. I took so many years to master my mind and my thoughts. There are astrologers who told me that my chart is so hopeless. By the grace of God I have so many astrologers who are very positive and helped me to find out the positive things in my chart. Especially I thank Besariyaji.

There are certain combinations in astrology which shows whether the person can meet with a ghost. Lol. ( Celestial confrontation) The 8th house and 12th house are the main houses for such confrontations. Certain planets in these houses 99% indicates that these person will see spirits face to face. I have such a combination and I have seen them. Most of my theology classmates have such experiences. No wonder we all went to study theology. I had a classmate who was antichrist and participated in blackmass. He later repented and now warrior of God.

I have a client, who has a special alignment in the 12th house. During the consultation I asked him, “you are too obsessed with ghosts, but have you ever seen them? ‘’ He was upset listening to this. Actually he has a deep desire to meet a ghost. So, what he did was he went to a pond near his home in the midnight. Two weeks back one guy committed suicide by jumping into that Pond. My client went there are waited till dawn expecting that poor ghost to visit him and share the details about his current residence. My client repeated this for few days, but no ghost appeared. He has interest and he may meet one but not in this dasa.

The 8th house is the house of tantra, mantra, sex, occult and the dirtier side of the mysteries in the universe. There are other houses also, but this house is the prime house. The 12th house is also there, but as far as I know, it is not that dangerous as the 8th house.

  I am literally fed up about the fake tantriks promising to release this demon attacks and misusing people. Guys, you should always ask testimonials from those who claim this. Whether they have tested this in their personal life. Let it be an astrologer, healer or anyone who works as a healer. You should ask for case studies. If someone ask you to wear stones, ask for a case study, if someone claim that this pooja is going to change your life, then ask them for case studies. How many life they have constructed like this and everything is like an All is Well situation forever?

This universe is very mysterious. These scientists are researching whether any aliens exists? Almost all religious texts give authentic evidence for alien life. We humans are not alone in this world. There are micro and macro organisms around us. Ghosts are one among such entities. Don’t fear them. They are just there, let them also share this universe with us.

  I can give fearful information in this article. I know how to explain demonic influences in people’s chart. Actually when you live as a theologian you don’t need astrology to read people, but astrology is a great tool to understand people more deeply. I don’t like that dirty side of astrology. We are here to encourage and bless each other. Not to curse or to wish someone’s downfall. When we are in one with the true Holy Ghost, Conjuring 2, or 3 real or unreal can’t scare us.

  Bhagvat Geeta


bandhuraatmaatmanastasya yenaatmaivaatmanaa jitaH |

anaatmanastu shatrutve vartetaatmaiva shatruvat.h ||

 For a person who has conquered his lower self by the divine self, his own self acts as his best friend. But for that person who has not conquered his lower self, his own self acts as his worst enemy.

 2 Timothy 1:7

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.


 Its 12:30 midnight in India……….Goodnight ya GoodMorning…

Conjuring 2 ! An Astrological Explanation On Demonic Possession and Black Magic. Coming Soon


Finally, I also went to see Conjuring 2. My cousins, and  friends went to see , but I could not.  I saw a lot of movies these days. Jungle Book, Angry Birds, James and Alice, School Bus, Two Countries, King Liar and Amar Akbar Anthony. I want to see Finding Dory (My idol Ellen Degeners is the voice of Dory) and Udtha Punjab too.


At the same time I got approval for my next project and got so busy in work. Release date is August 1st week. I literally don’t have time for any entertainment. Still I took my time out for Conjuring 2. Whomever watched that movie told me that it was such a scary movie! To be frank I also got a shock when that ghost appear for the 1st time near that TV set. After that I understood that this is the way how  the ghost is going to be presented by the director.  I did not feel that it was a scary movie. I heard that one man died somewhere in India after he sees this movie. I felt that it was like any other paranormal movie and I don’t think that movie has some thing which is so scary . 

I have a ghost hunter in my Linked in network. I have spoken to him a few times. He has really hunted ghosts. What he says is that there are Demonic powers and ghosts who doesn’t harm us. It’s true that they exist. Some humans get the opportunity to see them, I love this subject. Most of my theology classmates have claimed that they have seen these wonderful beings. I think I also have confronted one or two.


During my theology studies ghosts were a hot topic. We used to enjoy these stories. That too in the midnight.   I remember, once when we were sharing beautiful and thrilling ghost stories in the midnight, suddenly one tap in the washroom started flowing. No one was there, but it got on by its own.  We got scolded by or teacher for discussing these things. When we are discussing about this beings, they will naturally get attracted to us. And they will come to visit us. She told us. Well, we are protected by Holy Ghost, despite your religion. Our God is, no matter what your religion is, in the form of spirit and that spirit is holy. So don’t worry about the demons and demonic possessions. Holy Ghost rules us. Even the Satan knows there is God. Demons ke Baap Satan also is scared of God. 

Being an astrologer and theologian, I have been asked by so many people. Whether the issues in their life is because of black magic or demon possession. Well, life will bring happiness and sorrow, and we are destined to go through both. It doesn’t have to be black magic   or you are possessed by a demon. Everything happens for a reason.

Before I write this article I just googled for black magic in astrology and I got so much of information.  In Linked in itself there are so many black magicians and Vasheekaran specialists. One such Vasheekaran specialist used to  send me back to back mails asking whether I   have any ex-boyfriend, whom I wish to get back. I replied , “if my ex-boyfriend comes back by any chance then I will find  you out wherever  you are and   kill you”. LOL. 


You took the help of a vasheekaran specialist and got the dream guy or gal you want. (I donno how these Vasheekaran guys does  that). This guy or gal whom you got through Vasheekaran will be the cause of your destruction    one day. I have never seduced any man or woman into my life. If any man or woman got attracted by me, then I have that natural talent to attract him or her. Everything happens for a reason. This universe is not anyone’s ancestral property. This universe belongs to its creator. For that force we are just properties. He will construct and destroy us ………


Still I will describe what astrology has to say about this demons and black magic…….Pls wait for it. So much of work at office. I will try to write in between….

Me and My Shrub Rose..Local Rose Breed ആ നാടന്‍ റോസാ And Related Thoughts



I love roses, actually who doesn’t love roses? There are so many type of roses, but I love that ordinary rose which is deep rose in color with a great mesmerizing fragrance. There are so many roses available with florists, but I like only that old shrub rose, which is there in most Keralite houses.  I did some research about roses, actually I was doing this study for quite some time. Roses are grouped as Old, wild/species and Modern/Hybrid roses.

Old roses are also known as Antique or Heritage roses. I think the rose flower which I am talking about can be either Rose de Rescht, Yolande d’Aragon , francis dubreuil or  Baronne Prevostt. These info I got from research tools ke baap google se mile hey.






I am sure that this is an old rose, because old roses are known for the sweet smell. I see so many roses in the flower shop, beautifully arranged, but none of them have a fragrance. Only that beauty. When I was studying in Bangalore, my institute was near a market area. There were so many local florists selling roses with multicolor but they never spread fragrance. They were just lying on the floor waiting for the customers. They were small roses, even there were jasmine flowers they were also spread any fragrance. These flowers were not grown out of love. They are cultivated for business. So many farmers do this and farmers are the corner stones of any economy. Not IT professionals, doctors or engineers. Huge respect for these farmers.

 When I saw that flowers I used to think of that famous poem written by Shree Makhan Lal Chaturvedi which I studied in the school days.

 Pushp Ki Abhilasha

 Chah Nahi Main SurBala Ke Gehano Mein Goontha Jaaun
Chaah Nahi Premi Mala Mein Bindh Pyaari Ko Lalchaaun.

Chaah Nahi Samraato Ke Shav Par He Hari Dala Jaaun
Chaah Nahi Dewon Ke Sar Par Chadhoon Bhagya Par Itraun.

Mujhe Tod Lena Banmali, Us Path Par Tum Dena Phaink
Matra Bhoomi Per Sheesh Chadhane,Jis Path Jaayen Veer Anek.

 In astrology there is yoga named Kedaar Yog which indicates the chances for being a farmer.   

 What is Kedar Yoga?

 When all planets excluding Rahu and Ketu occupies any four rashis , then Kedaar Yog is formed. Kedar yoga is a Sanqya Yog, where all the planets excluding Rahu and Ketu are counted. I mean only Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn is counted in the case of Sankhya Yog. They are Gola, Yuga, Sula, Kedar, Paasa, Damini and Veena Yog. Among these yogs, the 1st three are counted as bad yogas. Gola, Yuga, and   Sula,   are bad yogas.  Well, astrology is a balanced stream of information.    It handles good and bad things equally. People say astrology scares them. Let me tell you for me theology scares than astrology. Planets are nothing in front of God.

  A person with Kedar Yog will have natural interest towards farming and agriculture. For those aspiring farmers, if you are thinking about farming, you kindly check any such combination of 7 planets in the four rashis, then it is a green signal from the universe. I know lot of techies are turning towards organic farming. I also have some property and I have a hope that I will start some agriculture there in the future. You should take help of a learned and spiritual astrologer to discuss the possibilities of Kedar yoga to start farming. Just by seeing Kedar yoga , please don’t jump into any conclusions. Birth chart should be read from various angles, so Kedar yoga is just an indicator.

 Coming back to our old rose kahani. This rose  always seduced me with its color and fragrance. I donno from when onwards, this flower started attracting me. When I was in 5th grade ( not sure) I planted this at my yard. I was not keen about giving it water or maneuver. I had so many other plants at home. It grew up, but when it got it 1st bud, then I start caring this plant. I waited till it bloomed. This flower will stay for more than 1 week and less than 2 weeks. When it bloomed I started going to that flower and enjoy it fragrance every day. I enjoyed that sweet smell morning before I go to school and evening when I come back. I was lost looking at that flower its beauty, its smell and how attract the honey bees.  Then came Saturday, such a bad day.   Children in the neighborhood used to come home. We had carom board, then badminton racks, cycle, and these are the benefits of parents being educated. They used to buy us so many books, toys, my dad, who is an active CPI (M) worker who was so proud about U S S R, subscribed the magazine “MISHA “for us.  Our neighborhood children mostly belong to less educated families, used to enjoy with us. We belong to a secular family you know?

 Among that one boy, he was may be 5 or 6 years elder to me was so mean. This guy simply went to my rose plant and plucked that flower and my heart really broke. I felt like hitting on his face till he bleed. I was so sad he simply plucked it. Its not he plucked the flower, flower will wither after some time. It was his indecency made me angry.  Till date , I haven’t forgiven him for that. I complained to my mom and she said “its just a flower………. it will bloom again “. I really donno whether that plant bloomed again or not, my memories are blank regarding that plant.

 After that I donno why I did not take any effort to plant a similar rose, but I had so many other plants including sunflower. May be I left my home for my higher studies and my 5th lord in 9th house, I will go to far place for my higher studies. This placement is a Lakshmi yoga too. Wow…

 After that I got married, thankfully my husband also have love for plants. He has bonsai trees, he created it.  He likes plants, animals,    but he doesn’t have time for such things. It was before my second child, I again got back my interest for farming.   I really don’t like buying plants from the nursery and growing it in narrow flower pots. I like to give some effort and nurture that plant. That time I was staying in a rented house, but still I start my hobby. Then also I never thought about this shrub rose.  I planted vine , it started growing up. We left that house soon and I gifted that to my house owner.   

Then I really don’t remember what happened to my hobby. During my 2nd pregnancy I was in total bed rest for entire term maybe I lost my hobby there. I regained it after I got my son. I started planting like a mad woman. I had so many plants.  I had big aloe Vera s , and my neighbors used to take it for beauty treatments. My husband used to water it and I have heard him telling his friends “My wife is a very good gardener. She plants and I water” What a sarcastic comment? LOL

I used to go to office via Pattom and there was a house, they had this rose. In big cities houses has big walls so we don’t really get to see    anything. This house didn’t belong to a rich person. It was a broken house they had so many plants. There I saw this rose flowers. One day I casually went there and asked them to give one stem. This lady charged 30 rs and I planted it. It never sprouted .I was disappointed. I did nt want to go there again because I felt this lady didn’t give me with a happy heart. She told me while giving. “I don’t give like this s as a stem.  I only give in pot and I charge 50 rs. Since you came and asked like this I am giving you.” Who will go to see her again?

I was feeling that this plant is not happy with me. It doesn’t like me even. Whenever I tried to plant this shrub rose it was a failure. I even felt that I will never be able to enjoy its sweet fragrance any more. Then I came home, Kottayam.  I tried to get this rose from any places. In Trivandrum it may be a rare plant. In Kottayam, I stay in a village so this plant is a common plant. I planted this 6 or 7 times. I failed. I was so sad………. Why this plant is angry with me? May be I didn’t protect it early. I just wanted to be lost among that beautiful flowers enjoying the fragrance. I was feeling so bad at that guy again who plucked that flower. I could never smile at him from my heart after that.

Finally….. I thought let’s give a last try. My neighbor had this plant.  One Sunday evening I went there and asked for 2 stems. I was just praying, of this lady is giving she should give from her heart. I asked for 2 stems, but she gave me around 7 or 8 stems. Then I planted it. I was just praying that atleast one should sprout.  This time it was a victory for me. One among that 8 stems came up slowly. I was jumping out of joy. I again started dreaming about enjoying the beauty and fragrance. I requested my son to water it every evening, because I reach home by 8 P M. He did that very religiously and buds came up………Again I started seeing that beautiful rose in my garden. It is giving a lot of flowers. Beautiful flowers full of fragrance. Honey bees and butterflies all-around.   Some mornings  when I go to office I smell   and kiss those flowers and say thank you for blessing and nourishing my life with their color and fragrance. I can’t hug those flowers because it is so full of thorns.






There are so many plants in my garden. I have hybrid roses for the sake of adding numbers. They give yellow, white, orange I donno so many colors of flowers. I never felt my garden is complete without this shrub rose which is not available in any flower shops.

I donnno how anyone can be happy with this dutch roses which never have any fragrance or beauty. For me they are hybrid, not natural. Maybe people like hypocracy more.. I donno ..   Some days I wish someone send me a bouquet full of this shrub rose.. but again when I read Pushp Ki Abhilasha

 Chah Nahi Main SurBala Ke Gehano Mein Goontha Jaaun

 Flower is not happy in Surbalas ornaments

Chaah Nahi Premi Mala Mein Bindh Pyaari Ko Lalchaaun.

 Flower is not happy when given as the symbol of love


Chaah Nahi Samraato Ke Shav Par He Hari Dala Jaaun

 Flower is not happy to decorate even the emperor’s body

Chaah Nahi Dewon Ke Sar Par Chadhoon Bhagya Par Itraun.

 Flower is not happy in adorning the body of gods


Mujhe Tod Lena Banmali, Us Path Par Tum Dena Phaink

 Flower is happy when it is given as an archana

Matra Bhoomi Per Sheesh Chadhane,Jis Path Jaayen Veer Anek.

 For the patriots who shed their lives, dreams, and desires for their homeland.


Akhand Samrajya Yog. Do You Have That?

Progeny or Akhand Samrajya Yog?………………………………….. I got confused while choosing a subject this time.   I am at office and I finished all my work for today. I am waiting for my reporting manager; he is the CEO of the company, to give me my next assignment. I sent the sample of my work yesterday and I am waiting for the approval. I hope everything will go fine.




Ok lets start with this Akhand Samrajya Yoga

Last week I got a query through my network to read a chart of a gentleman. While doing the calculation, I got the feel that this person can’t be an ordinary person like me or many of my readers. Yes, his chart was very solid, progressive and showing so much of money. This is not like some business families who made money by joining some Ccompany or Fcompany network as their local agents and over nite they  became  rich and their  children driving latest Jaguar or riding   Ducati 1299 Panigale or did some flesh trade or weed business to make money.  This gentlemen is from no:1 business family in India. Not Ambani or The Birlas somone else. They are there before the East India Company entered India  . They have international presence. 

I was so afraid and embarrassed to read this chart. Maybe my lack of confidence as an astrologer or reading for a business tycoon,  whom   the entire world knows. I can’t run away, I have to do this. If he is pleased then meri life tu ban jayegi.


I have seen charts of so many business men, and rich people, but I have never seen such strong chart for wealth.    So many Raj yogas, Vipreet yogas, Gaj Kesri yog, and a strong Yog Akhand Samrajya Yog. My friend who gave me these details never told me who the person is. He doesn’t have to tell me, because the chart itself said…….this belong to a royal person. This Akhand Samrajya Yog said all that. Then so many Raj Sambandh Yogs.Ye ye, he is reaping the benefits of his good past life Karma. The 5th lord placed so well. The 5th house has great aspects.


During an astrological conference one of my friends told me “hey Jay, do you know where we save the benefits for our next birth?’’


I asked “why should I know? I am not coming here again. Isi janam mein hi sara kaam khatham  kar dalongi. Phir phi tum batao .ke kahan hum save karenge?’



Then he started describing. The 9th house will show how much have we saved for the next birth. The sign of the 9th house, the aspects in the 9th house, the nakshthra placements of the planets in the 9th house kul milake pata chalega kit tum aane waali zindgi mein rich rahogi ya gareeb. Ab jaake dekh lo tera D60 chart”  


For me, I always like to present myself as a theologian than an astrologer. I always feel any book of any religion can be connected with astrology. Bible goes very   well with astrological findings. During my consultation I always look into the bible scriptures to describe their situation to my clients. They also accept that even though they still have some grudge against astrology. Some of my friends, I mean most of my astrologer friends they donno what I have learned in theology class. In between consultation they call me up and asks me” Jay is client ko ye problem hey, tumhari theology mein iska solution kya hey?”Then I will take atleast 30 minutes to explain the issue in a theological perspective by sprinkling little psychology into that. Then they ask me “kya ye vidhi chalegi?” Then I will say “Chalegi Kya Doudegi. Test chaloo kar”



I remembered this and went to the D60 chart of this business tycoon. He has so much of good Sanchit Karma . He has an exalted planet in the 5th house showed the n number of the good karmas he did in past life. He is reaping the benefits of his past deeds. He deserves it.



The past birth Karma matters a lot. I donno whether whatever evil we suffer is due to the past birth Karma, but I know, the moment when we start correcting our Karma that will attract the good things around us. Some of you know that my best friend is a Gay. I met him few years back  in Bangalore and since then he has been my trusted lieutenant.  He is in a relationship with a man (obviously). He had a relationship few years back and he withdrew from that. He said the guy was too possessive and he could not tolerate that. I can understand him. I also hate possessiveness and I can’t tolerate anyone being possessive about me or I am not possessive about anything or any person.  Then his boyfriend committed suicide after 2 years of that break up. He also doesn’t know the reason. This guy just messaged my friend via FB and committed suicide. This was so burdening for my friend. He could not suffer that pain. I was so anxious about his mental condition. He showed me the messages from that guy. It was an unknown feeling for me. Man loving man and being passionate and emotional.


I asked him so many times why can’t you be a straight? Do you really think that you can’t be happy with a woman? He says he can’t. Some years back when I was listening to a past life regression therapist,   sharing about a third gender client. I donno what a past life regression therapist does. I have only seen “ Raaz Pichle Janam Ki” in Colors Channel.




This therapist was telling how this transgender wanted to rebel against the existing social norms in the past life and he went upto God and asked a birth not being a man or woman. There are so many activist groups for third gender people. I am so scared to face them. When I was studying in Bangalore they forcefully took my money. Then onwards I never rebel with any of them. Before they ask money, I give.


So, this therapist was explaining how this third gender person demanded a life which can be against the social norms and traditions because it hurt him at some point of time. He felt the society is fake.,  and  that how they are born.  Just to disrespect the society and thus show their rebellion in their past life. They didnt have the courage to question the society in the past life. They suffered but now they are free.     This created a shiver in me. When we are emotional we utter words that can happen sometimes. In astrology we say we should not speak without second thought because there can be Gulika.


In the Bible it says “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.”


Luke 6:45

The [intrinsically] good man produces what is good and honorable and moral out of the good treasure [stored] in his heart; and the [intrinsically] evil man produces what is wicked and depraved out of the evil [in his heart]; for his mouth speaks from the overflow of his heart

  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances;for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


Giving thanks in alllllllllll circumstances. Hmmm. A difficult task indeed.

God is very naughty sometimes, he gives or donates something into our life, just to show that we are wrong.

In the Book of Job it says

Job 3:25

What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.

I donno whether this third gender feared or demanded in the past life, but he feared the existing social norms and he got a different world and different life.


I told my friend this story. I asked, do you really like this style of life? Don’t you feel to spend some time with a sexy lady and going around with her?

He was so angry with me. He proclaimed, “I am happy that I am a Gay. In all my next births I want to come up as a Gay. “


I really didn’t like this statement. I told shared few scriptures with him on how god hates homo sexuality. He was not ready to listen. He wants to come back as a gay in all his birth. Well…………..what can I say? 



Our business Tycoon has definitely done some good Karma in the past life and as I told his 5thhouse is so beneficially placed. I was wondering how God repays each and every good karma we do and we did.  This gentleman has that Akhand Samrajya Yog which is a very unique yog


Now for those who donno what ASY( Akhand Samrajya Yog ) is here is the definition


When Jupiter rules either the 5th or the 11th house in a natal chart which can occur only when one have Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus as ascendant and rulers of the 2nd, 9th and 11th houses from the Moon are strong or are placed in kendra or quardent houses. This yoga is also formed when Jupiter is placed in 2nd, 5th or 11th house (but not weak or debilitated) and lords of 2nd, 9th and 11th houses are in kendra from Moon. 


He will live like an emperor. He will have a classy life and everyone will be so jealous of him. He will never have lack of money in his life. His generations will enjoy the benefits of his good Karma in the past.



Wow………..I was encouraged and I was so convicted by God’s faithfulness. See guys, for god we all are souls. Our physical body just carry the souls. Soul is a form of energy and we die when our soul leaves this corporal frame. Soul never dies   .

[Bhagavad Gita – 2.16]

“Nasatho Vidyathe Bhavo Na bhavo vidyathe satha:
Ubhayorapi drashtonthasthvanayosthatwa darshibhi:

In the unreal there is no duration and in the
real there is no cessation; indeed the
conclusion between both the two has been
analyzed by knowers of the truth .



Bhagavad Gita – 2.22

vâsâmsi jîrnâni yathâ navâni deh vihâyanavâni grhnâti naro ‘parâni
tathâ sarîrâni vihâya jîrnânyanyâni samyâti


“Like a man who puts on new garments after discarding his worn out clothes, the embodied Self, also, casts off tattered bodies and transmigrates into other bodies that are new.’’


God identifies each and every soul he created. Whoever we are we all his particles.  


Isaiah 49:16

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.  

Psalm 105:8

He remembers his covenant forever, the promise he made, for a thousand generations,
For 1000 generations or for 1000 births god will never forget us. He keeps a registry of what we have done, and he repays for our deeds.

 The 5th house of astrological chart is the indicator of what is our   Sanchit Karma.This shows whether it was bad or good. If you see your 5th house under stress, please don’t worry. Even if you see that your entire chart is a damaged chart or some astrologer told you that your life is going to be hopeless for the next 50 years don’t panic.  Start from correcting your Karma. You will start getting results. We may not be enjoying the result immediately perhaps but we will definitely enjoy the fruits one day. That what this business tycoon doing now.

After I prepared a detailed reading and I send.  I happily went home even though it was raining. I hate rain.  In the sleep I was just dreaming of this tycoon and the friend who gave me his case.  Morning, after reaching the office I contacted my friend. I told him “You know man, I was dreaming about you whole night. You were in my dreams.”


He asked “Wow…….what you dreamt about me?


 I said…….” I dreamt that gentleman reading my report and sending me expensive gifts through you” LOL

I am so happy for that man.    Yes , he has his own struggles too, there are areas of concerns…but still He will Rock.. I also got an opportunity to encourage him , even though I am not rich. Maybe I had some past life debt with him. I repaid that like this.


Feel so happy when my people do well in life. Three of my clients were carrying and one got delivered. Waiting for the next two. They had issue in getting conceived. God listened to their prayers and blessed them eventhough their charts were little weak. I told them, “I   feel like I am also carrying  after I listen to your good news”. They asked me “when is your due date? “


I replied ……….” At any time”

And that Gentleman………he will play with billions.