1,2,and 3 are sample questionnaire send before the reading to know the accuracy of the birth time and to know whether my analysis is right or wrong.

I really get immense pleasure and enlightenment when I prepare someone’s chart. I really love that……I  praise my Lord for this blessing and his grace on me











Questions Regarding Present and Future of Career and Possibilities of getting Loan : prepared by JayaShree


Questions and Answers regarding Career
















Saturn Transit To Sagittarius Report Prepared for Click Astro by JayaShree







The Chances for Divorce and Remarriage





Am I taking a wrong decision by resigning this job. Should I resign or not?






















Career Consultation Part 2 ( Continuation of Part 1) Audio By Jaya Shree

















Doubt Clarification Session Part 1 Audio By Jaya Shree

Please Click The Title Doubt Clearing 1st Then Go to The Part 2 Video


















Sample Jupiter Transit Reportrepared For ClickAstro/Astrovision Future Tech



Click Here Jupiter To Virgo Sample Report




Sample Education Report Prepared For ClickAstro/Astrovision Future Tech As I ( JayaShree) Am Writing Their Reports From 2015 Onwards



Click Here  For Sample Education Report








Click Here to View Relocation Related Report Prepared By JayaShree

Relocation Report




Click Here To View  Career Related Report Prepared By JayaShree

Career Change