Bye, My Dear

I just reached my office, its 8:30 AM. I couldn’t sleep properly over night as throughout the day I had so much of unpleasant experiences. My pet dog passed away and I was in tears. That poor thing was not keeping well for so many days. He was pretty old though . I adopted his from one of my friend a few years back.


This dog was a sub-breed of Lhasa and it was very tough to take care of him. He was very unfriendly during the initial days and he bit me thrice. The third time it was so deep and fatal , I was referred to Kottayam Medical College. My parents were so upset that I brought that dog home.


Since he was a special breed, he needed special care. Every 2nd week I had to trim him and bathe him. Otherwise, he would stink. He was a snow-white dog so little mud can make the dog so ugly. It will take at least 2 hours to trim and bathe this dog. After that, I get severe back pain. Bathing him  was a Himalayan task for me.


He needed a special diet. During the summer, because of heat, he used to get boils and I never knew this. I could see a worm on his body, and then I saw he had a big wound and he is bleeding. Then we called the Vet and he sedated the dog and operated it. This dog was so fond of me after the initial unfriendliness. It used to wait for me when I come back from the office. I used to buy jalebis, laddu and even stole the cream biscuits which my Mom stored for my children.

Day before yesterday,   he passed away, I dunno when, may be during the midnight. I wanted to be at home to cremate him. I could not because I had so much of work at my office. I was feeling so bad and sad. It really hurts me.

I made a water lily pond at home. The gardener told me not to keep any fish in the pond. I used to take care of my water lilies very religiously and they were so grateful to me. They gave me so many flowers. Last month when I went to my sis-in-laws house,  I saw water lily there also, but in a smaller pond. They had this guppy fishes in that. My sis- in- law’s mom Usha aunt is a very creative person and she was kind enough to give me some fishes. I took these fishes from Alwaye to Kottayam . She gave me Nutmeg plant, aloe vera, and some other plants also.

I put those guppy fishes there and told my son to take care of them. He is like me, he likes farming, pets and he is a homely boy. He religiously took care of the fishes and one day my husband told me one among that fishes will lay eggs soon. After two weeks our water lily pond was full of fishes. My son was so excited and he phoned me I was in the office ” Mommy, we got baby fishes.’’ I congratulated and appreciated his hard work he put in taking care of my fishes and plants.


Even though I was happy, suddenly I got a feeling that my pet dog is going to die soon. I became so restless and shared my family that any time this dog can die. I dunno why I felt so, just one day before he dies, I felt I should bathe him. The dog was not at all keeping well. I insisted my dad that I should bathe my dog. I bathe him and while I was bathing I felt I will never get an opportunity to this again. I washed his beautiful fur with Tresseme shampoo. I was not crying, but I was so burdened. That night he died. Even when I write this my eyes are full of tears. Maybe it is a dog, but I had a soul connection with him. After it came into my life, so many good things happened. I completely believe that, that dog was my lucky charm.



After I come to the office, I was so moody. Whatever communication I did yesterday it went wrong. Evening my daughter called me and said she had a severe tooth ache and I took her to the dentist. My daughter’s maha Dasa is changing after 2 months. So she will have physical ailments during this time period. Three weeks back she had body pain and I took her to the doctor, the doctor said nothing to worry. Then I told her that your Mahadasa is changing, the current maha Dasa will give you aches like this so don’t worry about that. She was so angry with me. She was yelling at me actually. ‘’ Please don’t share your astrology with me. I hate that and I don’t believe in astrology”’ The same thing I wanted to tell her yesterday that this is just because your maha Dasa is going to change, but I was afraid. She didn’t sleep whole night yesterday. She didn’t lie down also. She was sitting on the bed, walking through the room out of her poor physical condition. My sleep also got interrupted. I was also waking up in between. Next two months her condition will be like this only. Now it’s tooth ache, maybe after this, she will have some other physical issues.


My Antar Dasa is also changing tomorrow and next 1 year will be the last phase of Ketu Mahadasa. The whole Ketu Dasa was a severe torture for me since it started in 2010. Today when I was studying about “Dasha Pravesh Concept” I was just correlating each and every event in my life through the lens of Ketu.

This dasa is a horrifying phase for almost all the people. Ketu is the signifier of spirituality, moksha, isolation, detachment, asceticism, secrets, illusion and mystical sciences. During this dasa even though I really struggled a lot,( now also struggling) the universe showed my who am I, how will I behave, how emotionally strong am I, how much is the amount of my faith?, how mean I can be, how cruel I can be, what should be my mission, how should I sharpen my vision, what stand should I take while dealing with an opposite gender, what my past karma is, what karmic backlogs I have, what should be my future plans, what my motto should be , how to align myself according to the divine force and so many other things.

Coming back to my pet, Ketu is the indicator of detachment and isolation. During this dasa so many endings I saw than beginnings. I detached myself from many my familial relations, many friends, and even dared to question my bosses.  Many of my family members passed away. Ketu is detachment and isolation. It will take you through the realities of the relationships. It doesn’t have to be marital or love relationship. It can be any relation in which you play the main role. If anyone of you are going through Ketu dasa and feeling that restlessness, then there is only one remedy for that. It is not wearing a gemstone or doing any ‘VIDHI”. I don’t believe in that because guys please trust me we are living in the 21st century. Such remedies will not work. The only remedy is just looking at your God. And resting in his arms.
Whether you are a Hindu, Islami , Christian or even a Mormon. During the Ketu dasa your faith will be tested. Through Ketu dasa, God will choose your relationships to prove what stability you have in your relationships. It can be any relationship. I have seen the astrologers in the west being more open about their planetary placements, and here in the East, astrologers are very hesitant to share their planetary alignments. They may be feeling that others would come to know their secrets and their private life can be traced. Well, in theology class we used to give open testimony about what common people say “yuch”.


In Romans 3:23 God says “For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard” .


In the eyes of God, no one is perfect. Only the intensity and nature of sin varies. I have never seen a perfect person in my life who has never sinned. In theology class, I have heard such intense confessions. There was a sex worker (lady) with whom I and my class mates spend 1 week listening to her life and how she turned into a sex worker. I have seen people who were lower than her in morality and they are much respected in their public life. They are worshiped as idols. That is the standard of human beings.



So, I was comparing western and eastern astrologers. My Ketu is in the 3rd house of media, writing, siblings, technology, courage, self-effort, mental status, and neighbors.


From the 3rd house, it has 3 aspects 5th, 7th, and 9th. From the 3rd house Ketu is aspecting the 7th house of spouse marriage, agreements contracts , open enemies and other people , then 9th house of media, writing , publishing, foreign travels, philosophy, spirituality , astrology and adventures then the 11th house of hopes, gains, friendships, collective projects , children and youth groups. Ketu in 3rd house is very good for intellectual effort based on astrology, but it doesn’t favor a happy time.


During the commencement of Ketu dasa I was forced to come back to my parent’s house with 2 kids. I had a good job in a company in Techno park and I was forced to resign because the son’s health was not allowing me to go for a job. He needed more care. I was unable to go to the office most of the days. So I had to leave my husband alone there and came to stay with my parents. Ketu is influencing the 7th house of spouse. After coming home, I really struggled to get a job, but I got a good job, but again I had to quit it. I was really troubled by the situation and I asked my husband to come back with us as taking care of 2 kids is not easy. Especially my children are not small kids. Now, they are putting so many restrictions on me. They are telling me what to do and what not to do. My daughter, a teenager, is happier to be with her father than me.


My husband and children have Aquarian and Sagittarian connection so they are a good team. I always feel as a stranger with them. They are not intersted in astrology. Only my son asks in between                    ” Mommy is my Moon Exalted?’ So, my husband started trying to get a job in Kochi, but till date, he didn’t get it. Finally, I had to tell him,” You  may hate astrology and astrologers. We should stop trying for a job because now it’s my Ketu dasa and Ketu is influencing my 7th house of husband so it’s time for us to stay in different places. You will get a job in Kochi during my Venus dasa starts, that too in 2018. “This is one specialty of Ketu dasa that there will be some kind of distance between the couples. If not properly managed, this distance can even end in a permanent separation.


Ketu is spirituality. It is pushing you into more and more spirituality where you find a crisis in connecting with pleasures of the material world. Then Ketu is looking at an 11th house with its 9th aspect. This house if friends and team projects. I detached myself from most of my friends in the world. I was so shocked, that yesterday after coming back from the dentist, I went to a supermarket. I entered the shop and I didn’t notice anyone there, I directly went to take what I wanted. Suddenly I saw one guy coming running to me. I could not identify who he is at the first sight. He asked me in a loud voice” where are you running idiot” For the next 1 minute I was totally in a crisis because I can’t identify this man. Then he took my hand and said “you forgot me? I am John ‘’ Then I was really ashamed because he was my classmate and best friend during my pre-university class. We met around 6 years back and after that, we are meeting now. Before that, he came to my home with his wife who is a Bengali and her brother is ex-Mr. India Abhijit Sanyal. I was so lost for some time, and feeling so cheap. He must have thought that I have become pricey. He was emotional , truly. His wife, she hugged me I blocked her telling, I am badly sweating. Still she hugged me telling “we all sweat no problem.”

At the same time, I got so many friends from the astrologer gang. I started dreaming about doing more for charity, started some charity programs, started learning more astrology, theology, and traveled so much. I even got an offer for a free international trip. I may go after October.

At the same time, I have seen myself becoming unemotionally practical. Nothing affects me these days. I dunno how I learned to keep a numb face in front of all. Other day my mom was watching Shree O N V Kurup funeral service and sad. She kept on telling about how she enjoyed listening to the songs and how she feels now. I got irritated and asked her to stop wailing. Suddenly she got angry with me telling” I have never seen a heartless person like you. You are so rude and arrogant. An ordinary human being will be moved when he listens to Shree ONV s songs. You don’t have a heart or any emotions which a human should have.”

I was never so hard like this. Even in a theology class I was the softest hearted person . I remember once a family came for counseling when they started sharing their problem, I started shedding tears. Others started staring at me strangely.
Ketu dasa is harsh, but it will make you strong and very much defensive of your values. It throws you into the deep pit of spirituality through the events you go through in that phase. It isolates you, detaches us from the materialistic and worldly thoughts. It spurs you to advance ahead with the harsh lessons. These lessons will be a treasure in your life. Depends on upon the house it is placed, it will bring events and people to your life, just to teach you how meaningless the world of Maya is.Once you successfully come out of that you will surely be a new person.



During this dasa so many good things happened to me. I started repairing my relation with my parents, bro, and my cousins and started detaching all nonsense people from my life. I start to see everything with an insight; I got so many good contacts. The association with Maruanadan Malayali itself is a great blessing. I never expected such things in my life even though I am an astrologer.


Sometimes I think I could have performed better as a female yogi. The life of  sanyasis has always enticed me. When I write this I get Goosebumps. Maybe god has some other plans for me. I humbly submit myself in front of him. Let him take me over . Let him use me as a medium. That doesn’t mean I am a holy being. We all are messengers of God. We send messages of god to others by action.
I always say in my prayers, “God you can give me pains, you can give me troubles and temptations, but please give a support when I fall’’
This Ketu dasa is continuing with its own harshness in my life. The lessons were painful but the end results are good only. I love my god. Moksha is the ultimate destination. Ketu dasa is just a speed breaker on that way to moksha.

I detached from  so many things during this dasa, but what hurt me most was the death of my pet dog Christie. Nothing hurt me more than that. When he was alive so many times I went to him and said in the language of silence which I and he only knows

‘’ I may not come back to earth anymore. I am on the run to correct my Karmas. If something failed and I come back…. Then you should come back to my life as my pet”

He must have understood that silent language which only two souls can understand. ……….He was a motivator during my pains.



And there was evening, and there was morning

My Favorites………Everything is not astrology and theology ….Check this out

I am so busy at my office job, that’s why you don’t see any updates these days.  I am doing research and re-writing something for our existing product. I wasted few precious days in a rubbish counselling course conducted by a foreign-aided religious organization in Hyderabad.  Truly speaking , the coordinator guy  is not at all fit to be a counselor.  I wonder how they counsel people. I was so angry that I wasted my money for such useless lessons. I told them strictly,  before you do a course next time, at least do some background work on the syllabus and the capability of your teachers. These organizations are not looking into any spiritual well-being, but they are just looking into conversions.

Hyderabad is well known for its conversion mania . Even the main guy of that institution was giving  some primary level of classes for experienced people. Children whom I used be a counselor can give strong and intelligent lessons than that main guy. I told them I don’t need your certificate  because I truly did not see any value in that flimsy paper which was lighter than a toilette paper. I am generally a soft and understanding person. Lekin these guys really made me angry. Finally,  the finance manager whose duty is to   mint money from all the students asked 2 minutes to talk to me. ” May I speak to you for 2 minutes? ” I looked at his face and said ” No , you can’t” The whole institution is waste and with no vision.

Guys, you tell me,  you are going to your English Lit 1yr class. Will you expect your teacher  to teach you  to write running letters?

In that class, people were too much against astrology and there was an IIM grad guy who later turned be a psychologist. He was talking some common sense.  There was a mock counselling session, this guy picked one member from students and started mock counselling.  He might have spent  at least 1.5 hrs. The   counselee was shedding tears, wiping his  nose and silent drama was goin on and reaching  nowhere. The truth is that both guys will not reach anywhere.  After that draggy drama, I called this counselee and said, “you call me next week when I am in Kerala. We will find out the issues and try to understand them in a very godly way. I don’t say that I will solve your issues, but I can definitely help you to build your faith and hope and thus you can face your life with more confidence.”

This guy called me next week at the same time I gave him. Guys, his life is,  of course complicated. He has Amavasya yoga in the 1st house and Sun and Moon are in close conjunction with Mercury.  He has a severe identity crisis. No nurturing in his life. He doesn’t have anyone to support his life or emotions. When Sun and Moon are closely conjunct , this guy’s emotions, mother, comfort everything is affected. He is burning in the heat of the sun. He is emotionally damaged. Mercury also there is totally making him confused , his thoughts are like wildfire. If he has to come out of this Amavasya yoga, he needs to meditate, do some service to the unprivileged, start doing some creative projects, do some sports and convert to be a vegetarian. There are certain other facts also    creating so many issues, practically speaking that guy is in big trouble now.

That’s not his end. He has to cross the geographical location. More and more he stays in India , his life will become a huge struggle. Once he leaves  this geographical location, life will improve a lot.I told him not to roam around with this  counselling college more. Because they can never identify the root issue even if he goes there and take  10 sessions of counselling. After this astrology  consultation,  I asked him ” Did I offend you in any way ? Did I question your mode of faith?  Or did I do any kind of  blasphemy against your god? “‘ He was happy and he said that was the best counselling he ever had till date. Then I asked him ” then why these guys made fun of my astrology skills?”

Last week  I was reading my brother’s chart to my sis in law. She is here for a short vacation from Canada. I am born in a nuclear family and I want my brother to be in India. Even though I don’t have a great relation with him, he has very good relation with my husband and children. That’s enough for me.  Now you know what my reputation in my family LOL.  Looking at his chart , I told my sis in law , that the universe will not permit my brother to settle back in India.  My sis -in -law also will be living abroad .  That’s their Karma. Maybe they have some past life debts to that geographical location or with that population. They will take this entire life time to pay back their Karma and once they finish that Karma , they will leave the world. Now, if they want to break that Karmik role and settle back in India, dear guys, that is not going to work out in  any case. If they come back and try to settle here, the available job for them will be  begging on the streets.

The good thing about my brother is that he is a regular reader of astrology articles in Marunadan Malayali. And he overheard me telling my Mom that I need a black sling bag from Canada while he was talking to my  mom over the phone.  He sent me one beautiful sling bag through his beautiful wife to me. So I see some green signals for my relationship with him.  He or anyone in my family never knew that I was an astrologer. They always told that I am mad and something wrong with my intellect. When I ran away from home to theology class, they totally ruled me out telling that now she is gone forever.

I still remember , I used to kneel down every day and pray since my childhood. The kneeling down prayer format was not common in my family. That doesn’t mean I was a pure soul. I was a 100% black sheep and I had given severe headaches to my parents. While I used to pray in knelt  down mode, my bro used to kick my A** telling me that ” I won’t allow you to pray” . Then I telling him ”  get away you Satan”. Then mom coming and telling him any way she is not doing any good for us at least let her to do this.

I am sad. Why because, I am alone here. After my parents’ leave the earth finishing their Karma , I doubt how often I will see my bro. Blood is thicker than water . I got angry with my husband after reading my bro’s chart. I asked him what guarantee that you will take care of me after my parents leave the earth.  He said ” Why not I will definitely do” Then I again got angry by listening to  this( actually I was crying and shouting )  and started telling past experiences where I felt he never cared for me.  Then my daughter, who is 18 interfered. ” Can you just keep quiet Mom. You have been telling this again and again and I am so bored listening to this. Can you say some new stories? You claim that you are an astrologer, so you should be knowing all about your future right?”  LOL……… That also is a kind of counseling.

Astrology is a valuable science.  Only very less people know what the true astrology is.  It is the agenda of these foreign- funded organisations to blame whole Indian culture and tradition as useless and anti-god. For them we are uncivilized and pagans.  Blame goes to astrologers also who sits and suggest so-called Parihara( remedies) No shit is going to happen even if you  do such pariaharas. All you can do via astrology is to understand who you  are, what  your life purpose is , what   your behavior pattern is etc. Astrology can only do this. Your reliance should only  be with   God . Not like  some astrologer sit in some corner and predict this will happen to you, or you will die at this time, or you have ghost attack like that. You go to an astrologer to know what your lagna is, what does your lagna says, what your moon sign is what does that indicates, where your career lord sits, what is your behavior pattern. and rest leave it to god and try to bring some improvements into your behavior pattern. Astrology can give that amount of information n  than any other science can give you. If you don’t like astrologers, you yourself try to learn at least the basics.  My vision is that, even if Satan himself comes to our life , we should use him for divine purposes.

Kindly wake up astrologers, we can do so much for others well being……Than these foreign puppets who sell the divinity in the name of their stomach and luxuries

Last week  one guy called me KRMAfrom the  southern part of India. He said he got an  ancient artifact like a gold piece  when he was clearing an old house which he was a cleaning staff. He was asking about the possible issues if he sells it or uses it. He was repeatedly asking me whether I know any black magic. I told him that I donno any black magic. I asked him to give that object either to the owner of that land or give it to archeology dept . What else should I say? I know the original source of that question too. LOL

Galatians 5:19-21 says, “The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies

I donno any black magic and astrology is not black magic.. But when we say that we are astrologers, suddenly people get a feeling that we know tantra, mantra and black magic and can harm others. A true healer doesn’t  have to know black magic, If you cant reach god directly or don’t have the guts to talk to him directly, then only you need all these nasty things. Once you start doing it, I am sure you are cursed eternally.

Psalm 27:5:For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his sacred tent and set me high upon a rock.

No one’s black magic is going to work with me. As far as my karma is based on  righteousness,  my God will protect me. Astrology is divine, you can’t become an astrologer without the blessing of the Lord. Planets are nothing but the creation of god.  That is my country’s rich tradition. Every time I check a chart , I never see any sin in  it because the ultimate aim of an astrologer is to pacify people’s heart and connect them to god. To give them a vision thus encourage others and astrologer herself should grow  in spirituality and righteousness.

These foreign-funded institutions can only mock at the valuable knowledge I must say………….I am worried for my country’s future………………………. Why can’t they at least take the trouble to learn this? I told that IIM guy, you please go and learn something about Astro-psychology , then it will help you in your career. I told him I can easily identify bipolar, and Schizophrenia from a birth chart and the possible timings when that person can get it. Well he could not believe that.

I was so offended during the class guys. I was so angry with that counselling institution. Not well planned, no insights, no knowledge nothing. It was my spirtual teacher who suggested me that organization. I came back and called him up and asked him. ‘ What the hell you found in that group of looters? They neither have knowledge or skill. You are a 100% better teacher and preacher than them. Even our Sunday school kids preach better than them”

One guy was repeatedly asking me ,””how can you add astrology with gospel..?” ……….well, I didn’t know that the word “Gospel” is his family’s intellectual property.  At least make an effort what astrology is, that’s my request.

I should not have gone. Now my Ketu-Saturn is going to end. I will travel long distances again. But most of that long trips may not be satisfactory. I knew it, still I went……….I am such a fool. I knew these things and fell into trap…….as always. Dumb lady.

Well , I became very serious……….

I would like to share few of my favourite programs which I regularly watch to pacify myself.  ..Just for a fun

  • KRS

Yes,  One and Only Kapiel Raaj Srivastava . I  Love him……..Yes……. Maybe the only man from whom I eagerly wait to hear everyday. I have Rahu in 9th house. So I will not have a ” Guru” figure in my life. He  gives  input .. a lot of inputs …..I just elaborate in my spiritual laboratory.  He is no less than Sage Parashara  















  • Shree Ernst Wilhelm .  I can take this name only with huge respect. World famous astrologer in Tropical Vedic astrology. He is so humble. When we mail a celebrity, he/she may not respond. But Shree Ernst Wilhelm responds.  This is his website .


























  • The EllenShow

I love Ellen DeGeneres….. I want to be an entertainer like her. No matter  she  is a gay , but she is kind, humorous and caring.




















  • Krushna Abhishek and Sudesh Lehri…….This jodi is very much loved by my entire family. Back in 2012 when I severely fell down in my life..this jodi really did help me to come out of my sadness. I never get tired watching them.  Its my dream to bring Krushna Abhisek into my Youtube channel at least for a minute…..But I checked his rates . I heard 25lakhs/day……..Not Sure 



















    Fitness without Brandon Carter ? No way..It really works, but you know for me  time is a problem…but whenever I get time I try these THOSE ABDOMINAL ASSAULTS. Sad I am not regular, I still have that potbelly
























  • For those ladies, who can’t go for hardcore workout techniques , I introduce my favorite trainer Tiffany Rothe.  These are easy and highly effective. 

















Embroidery and Stitching……….My favorite pass time.  I dunno how but , my 9 yr old Son got 1st price in Needle and Thread race. Maybe, he sees me doing this . Its such a pleasure when you create that beautiful flowers and leaves in a pillow cover and we sleep on it. 
















Hope you enjoyed…………….Still My anger is burning against that counselor guys…….Traitors, you said my forefathers were dickheads………I will see you soon

Another Article From Sourabh Soni ( 3rd,6th,8th and 12th Houses in Astrology)

From Sourabh Soni

3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th Houses and Their Lords By Sourabh Soni


Welcome to my Vedic astrology research portal and thanks for your love and support which I am getting through email or by my Facebook page, My this article is purely based on negativity which comes from 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses from Vedic astrology. Yes,  I know astrologers are giving very horror comments about these houses, but as I have written in my articles that maximum astrology formula’s has no existence in modern time, so please don’t afraid just to see two three or more planet in bad houses, as today I am going to share few horoscopes of the successful peoples, those have achieved success even after planetary presence available in 3rd, 6th and 8th, 12thhouses, however as we know that, there are twelve houses and twelve signs in Vedic astrology and our whole life has been mapped into these signs and houses which are getting ruled by seven planets…!!!

Note – This article is much based on facts rather than an astrological calculation, so please expert user keep this on their mind, as I just want to remove fear from peoples mind and wants to tell them present astrology is not as same as sages has narrated, many are misusing it and making people fear, so please understand my motto and cooperate me.   You know if you below basic  rules then you can predict 20 % of your horoscope accurate because many peoples are not aware about houses theory which are very important in astrology…!!!

However , as far as i have seen people,  they just know one or two liner meaning of any house like –

1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses are known as Kendra houses.

5th and 9th houses are known as Trikona Houses.


And 2nd and 11th are wealth giving houses.

And they are concluding like, any relation among above houses and their lords create Raja Yoga which is considered very good for life, however this is only half truth, anyways i am gonna describe houses in my separate article, because today i just want to discuss about bad houses only –

As we know, 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12 houses are known as evil houses in astrology.    
But do you know why ??

You may be know or may not be so…. Let’s discuss about 3rd house first –

So what is 3rd is all about –

3rd House: denotes younger brothers and sisters and their relations with you. It signifies courage, intelligence, taste for writing, ornaments, clothes, short journeys, sports, Art Media and entertainments etc.

As per Vedic astrology 3rd house is being first Upachaya House also produce good results in many areas. And malefic planets do well in this house.

Another point is, 3rd house is also known as Apoklima which means (Apo means Self, kilma means Killer, So apo Klima means self-destructor) any planet sitting here can give their 100 %, hence debilited planet and malefic planets considered as most welcome here because their malefic effect gets reduced due to house placements…!!

However most mysterious and danger houses are in astrology – 6th, 8th and 12th...!!!

But… Are these Houses are really bad ???


Actually sages has considered these houses bad because our entire bad phases of life has been mapped into these house only like diseases, debt, death, loses, etc…But still I would say “No”… they are not too bad and that is why I am writing this article along with many proof.

So let’s see what  these houses are  signifying?

Lets start with 6th House – 

Being apoklima house planet loses its power here too like if any person who has degree wise very close conjunction between Sun and nodes (Rahu and Ketu) going to face frustration for short time only and it happens multiple times throughout the life but still person gains and life style improves because 6th house is also upachaya house which means house will grow later with time… that’s it…Even worse does not happen in each case as depends on horoscope…!!!!

So basically 6th house signify Enemy in Vedic Astrology –

However – 6th House is also responsible for person’s health, service, servants, uncle, aunts and relations on father’s side. Food, subordinates, debts, obstacles in life, mental worries, theft and calamity, Medical science etc. The body parts denoted are kidney, large intestine, uterus and anus and many more things.

So don’t focus on enemy only from sixth house, as it signifies many things…!!!

Let’s have a look on 8th house of Vedic Astrology –

Peoples think 8th house signifies merely death in Vedic Astrology –

However, its true but incomplete, as 8th House also signify Diseases, finances through unfair means, internal sex organs, longevity, mental pain, obstacles, dowry of wife, gain from in-laws, mode of death, imprisonment, even worries and privations are checked from 8th house. It indicates body parts as scrotum, pelvis, seminal vesicles, external genitalia, etc.

One important  point about 8th house is that it’s just opposite of 2nd house hence most valuable house in matter of money too because power full 8th house and its lord can give sudden and unexpected large money (Sometime huge gains through in laws too, as 8th house is 2nd from 7th).

Lets have a Look on 12th house – 

Generally 12th house signify Loses in Vedic Astrology –

However apart from loses, 12th House also signifies private enemies (as just opposite to 6thhouse), Sexual pleasure, foreign relations, foreign countries, law suits, imprisonments, secret works, moksha, hospitalization, conjugal relations with opposite sex other than legitimate. Sorrows, debts, lost goods etc. Body parts are feet, left eye, teeth etc.

So now my question is that If every coin has two aspects “Head and Tail “So what’s wrong If Life has two aspects ” Good and Bad “.

You can’t consider these houses “Bad” just because bad portion of your life has been mapped in these houses.

See basically, any planet if not occupied owned sign or exaltation sign, suffers little bit due to negative energy of these houses, and “Due to involvement of these houses little frustration is quite possible”, however if these houses have any powerful benefic influence (Like aspect of Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus) so they can also give you something unexpected and very good surely.

Life is a process of birth to death, so we can’t run away from this process and debt, enemy, death, loses and other such things (everything which are 6th, 8th, 12th houses signifying) as these things are part of our life.

Ancient astrology texts are quite horror as compare to modern astrology, I am not saying that sages narrated has wrong comments, “No” sages were 100 % true and correct, however in modern time basic trends for modern world has changed a lot, like previously kings having multiple wives, and multiple sexual affair was a trend but in modern time it is considered as bad, many people still do same but it is bad in modern time, And like many other such things which has been changed in modern time.

However formula given by sages are almost working correctly but output is slightly different from “Said in texts”, in modern time.

Like an example, ancient world of kings has been replaced by modern time ministers, and by science and technologies, so however formula is same but output given by that formula is quite different which is still not been updated according to modern time, and we are still using the old mentioned output which has been written for ancient time, into modern time, hence even many parameters of ancient text are not giving their result according to their nature because they need little updating with additional terms and conditions to get accurate results.

So again I  repeat  , don’t afraid to see any bad placement or bad yoga in your horoscope because you are using old ancient text comments which were quite horror and was been written for old ancient time, and maximum are not working in modern time…!!! So don’t be frightened –

But remember, only result of any formula for raja yoga or bad yoga needs to be updated, but “Not Formula”….Because astrology is never wrong but the astrologers could be…!!!!!

Now I am going to show you few horoscope of celebrities those have achieved great success in their life even having much planetary placement in bad houses (6ht, 8th and 12th) in their horoscopes.

Lets start with horoscopes of cinema stars –

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan

Five out of nine Planets are sitting in 6th and 8th house. It is said that when 2nd, 11th or 9th any of them sits in 6th, 8th and 12th houses so they behave like destroyer….now you can see is it true ??

No … Because Amitabh Bachchan is Legend of Indian Cinema……

Even planets are also quite weak in his chart-

But still he is real Badshah of Bollywood. refer next example –

Madhuri Dixit


Above chart belongs to indian hottest actress Mrs. Madhuri Dixit, In her horoscope four planets are sitting in bad houses, as Saturn is sitting in 6th house, retrograde mars in 12th house, Sun and mercury are sitting in 8th house, she is known for her beauty and successful career. refer next chart –

Justin Timberlake

Above chart belongs to American Singer, Producer, Writer, also an actor Justin Timber lake, In his horoscope four planets Venus, Sun, Ketu and Rahu are sitting into bad houses, however he is still known as celebrity.

Refer few examples from politics –

Barack Obama

Above chart belongs to USA President Barack Obama, He has Venus, Mars and Rahu in 6th and 8th house, however he is still become president which is known top post in the USA government.

Another example is –

Manmohan Singh

Indian Prime minister Mr. Manmohan singh who served India for  ten years as PM, he also have Venus, Mars, Moon in 8th house, But still he became top politician, and bad placement of planet could not stopped him, however if refer his whole life,  he also faced many adverse effect of the planets sitting in 8th house.
Lets see few example from sports world –

Serena Williams

American professional tennis player Serena Williams who has  Sun, Saturn and Jupiter in sixth house, she also have one of bad known yoga which is Kaal Sarp yoga in her chart however still she is biggest successful in her career…!!

Refer next horoscope of her Sister –

Venus Williams

Like Serena Williams, Venus williams is also a tennis player and holds top ranked along with world fame, she has Saturn, Mars, Moon, Jupiter in 12th house in her horoscope, but still she is a famous and successful  known personality.

Four planets are placed in bad houses. But she is a super star ..Lets see more horoscope –

Oprah Winfrey


A Lady who got raped many times in childhood, but later became biggest successful media icon and richest world wide known personality “Oprah Winfrey”, she does not need any introduction…!!!

She has four planets (Mars, Moon, Jupiter, Ketu) are sitting in bad houses. However these bad planet could not stopped her to achieve tremendous success in life…..

Now i am showing you two horoscope of emperors –

King Bhumibol

Above chart belongs to Thailand king Bhumibol, He has Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Ketu and Sun into 12th house, and Rahu in 6th house, So six planet out of nine are sitting in bad houses only, still he is the richest king..!!!

Refer another horoscope below –


Yoshihito was an emperor of Japan, In his chart, Moon & Jupiter are sitting in sixth house,Mars is in 8th house, and Mercury, Sun is sitting in 12th house, So overall five planet out of nine are sitting in bad houses, but he was still an emperor…!!!

So guys i have given you sufficient examples from all the fields (Cinema, Politics, Sports, Business, and General Life). All these peoples have bad placements of many planets in their charts however still they are the master of their field.

I hope you can understand now planetary position in bad or good houses are not only a guarantee of successful or flop life, as you need to judge entire horoscope with all required parameters, merely placement of any planet can’t make or break entire life…!!!

However, there are Vipreeta Raja yoga available in many charts but that alone yoga can’t guarantee to shine you in all areas of life… I just wanted to highlighted to these points because I read everywhere when 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th lords sit in these bad houses so they lose their strength and destroy person life…“which is totally incorrect”

So please don’t afraid when you see two, three or more planets placed in bad houses in your horoscope because planet sitting in these houses (6th, 8th and 12th) can only put hurdle in your life, but they can’t stop you to reach your goal…But you need to do your best..!!!

I have even observed many local peoples chart, they all are doing well with small hardships because trust me even those have four or five exalted or planet occupied own sign also getting suffering in their life, Then why do you fear when suffering and problems are part of human life…!!

Always remember, Raja Yoga given by Kendra, Trikona houses and by their Lords or by even Exalted and well placed planets can give you everything without causing much trouble. You can get victory very easily…!!

However Raja Yoga given by Bad Houses Lords (6th, 8th & 12th house lord), Or Debilitated planets will also give you everything but with lots of pain and trouble… But you can make history and would be a historical person. The day you will die you will become immortal and your name will alive forever in peoples heart.

Such yoga can make you memorable and historical person.   (Examples are available above)

So guys this was my research about negativity, But if you have guts to convert this negativity into positivity so trust me nothing can stop you to becoming historical figure…

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From: Sourabh Soni

Coming Attraction of The World

Maheshinte Prathikaram aka Revenge of Mahesh : Great Lesson From a Movie

Last Friday I took an off from my work. I  was so busy these days and I had so much of work pressure. Some days I even reached my office at 7 a m just to finish the work before the time. You know, I travel to Kochi from Kottayam on a daily basis and that’s not a joke. There are so many other ladies like me, who travels 90kms daily for their work.

I stay in a small village and in Kottayam there are no big corporate or industries other than Malayala Manorama and Mathrubhoomi (as far as I know). I send my resume to CCS Technologies Kottayam which is a Malayala Manorama group venture, but they never called me for an interview. Daily travelling is very tiring , but I get good time for prayer, meditation and self realization. I read books during the trip, I finished Brihad Parashara Hora Sasthra second time like this. Now I am reading Bolivian Diary.

So, I took a break and my project manager was so kind. I was not planning for a movie,  but the climate was very bad. It was around 32 degrees and I was sweating like anything. It is exam time for my kids and my daughter Valentina and my nephew Nakul was also there. They also were very bored and unhappy. So, I told them to get ready to go for a movie. If I have to watch a movie I have to go to Thalayolapparambu, which is around 18 kms from my place. The theatre is very good and it is managed by Karnival group.

We reached the theatre by 11 30 a m and there were 3 movies. I chose “Maheshinte Prathikaram”. Actually,  I wanted to watch “ Action Hero Biju” but it was at 3 p m.

I have seen Mr Fahad Fasil in Bangalore Days and I think that’s his  only movie  which I have seen. Well, he is a handsome hunk. The movie started with his bathing scene, I found it very steamy and lovely and sexy. It was better than Ms Seenath Aman’s bathing scene in Satyam Sivam Sundaram or  Ms Mandakini’s bathing scene in Ram, Teri Ganga Maily. Fahad Maybe I am a woman, so I may not  enjoy such performances by  females. Obviously  that scene was a visual treat when a man comes in a bathing mode flaunting  his valuable assets. I was thinking then,  that earlier skin show was the forte of ladies. Now males have taken up  the burden of adding value to a movie through skin show. For eg John Abraham in Dostana.   Now a days more men are making themselves nude in the public. Not only his bathing scene, but it got  well connected to the beauty of the nature.   We all know Idukki is beautiful, I spend my childhood there and now also we go for one day trips to Idukki.  In this bathing scene I think more than the hero , his sandals are promoted. Hero is cleaning the sandals very dearly and I was wondering why? He uses a normal sandal flats made out of rubber. This sandal is manufactured by Lunar rubbers,a famous rubber company in Kerala.

The movie is all about a revenge. The plot is like this. Mahesh is a photographer without any Bhavna  (imagination aka creativity)  and he owns a studio named Bhavna Studios. He lives in a small township and lives with his dad. He is in love with a sexy siren ( ??????????) Soumya,  who is from his same village, but now works somewhere  in the Middle East as a nurspupe (I think the middle east). This guy is very homely, hard working and innocent. He has a cute puppy too.

His lady comes to India for a family function. She is not from a rich family, but not from a poor family either. She has a sister, and everyone in the family is aware of her love kahani (story) with bechara Mahesh. Her dad, is forcing her for a marriage with an NRI who is settled in Canada. She is in a dilemma. She indeed loves Mahesh, but she has family responsibilities, but there won’t be any scope for financial growth or any value addition. See, nursing job is Kerala is not that profitable job and every nurse in Kerala has a dream to go to the West. My dad’s sister studied nursing from Banaras University in the late 60s and she went to Iran. Then she went to Iraq, she was one among those nurses who came back to India in the last batch when Saddam, Hussain attacked Kuwait and Iraq war started. It was a big news in the media that time. She got a chance to go to the US, but I think her husband didn’t allow her. Moreover, her first son was older than me and second one born when the first guy was 15 years old. Let’s come back to Mahesh and Soumya. Even though, Soumya loves Mahesh, she has family responsibilities also. She is ambitious. If she marries Mahesh, for a settled married life, she has to come back to India, where the pay will be very less. If she has to take Mahesh to her place, Mahesh can’t because he has to take care of his dad. Soumya has a family, a sister and not so wealthy dad. She decides to chose NRI guy, but I may tell you. If I was in her place. I would have given options for Mahesh. Like upgrading himself, studying some other technologies, or taking him to the middle east in a visit visa, then taking his dad also there or to any country. Here she never discussed anything with him, so she was very much money minded and selfish.

Mahesh doesn’t know that she is thinking about parting ways. He is working and his days like any other days. Life can never be stagnant. It has to progress. No one’s life is stuck anywhere. We have to travel with the time. Then only progress will come to us.  If anyone of us are stuck somewhere, don’t worry, the universe will put us into some situations where , we will peddle like we fell into a river and our peddling itself will make  us   move forward.

Our man Mahesh is going to the office one day. I mean Bhavna studio. While he reaches there he sees a street fight. The place where his studio is located is called Prakash Kavala, Kavala means Junction. Prakash Junction. As a local native, he rushes towards that fighting venue and playing the role of a peacemaker. Prakash Kavala is his own place, he is a native of that place and he is a well known guy there. Mahesh is trying to stop the fight but he also got involved in that fight. The main goon in that group thrashed him and making him naked in front of his own people. He is wearing innerwear  though. Mahesh is humiliated, physically and mentally hurt in front of the public. Obviously, no one wants to get MHShumiliated in front of others. For every one their ego is a valuable property. Draupadi’s got hurt when she was undressed by the Kauravas. What was the result? Her husbands killed all her enemies. A Bleeding soul, wounded ego makes all the living beings fight for their survival.

At the end of the fight, he is standing half nude, without that sandals, hurt and broken. Out of rage he takes an oath infront of the public, that he won’t wear a sandal  unless until he thrashes  the goon at that goon’s place in front of goon’s own  people. Goon’s name is Jims.


Our hero Mahesh is totally broken and he reaches home and resumes his life with the expectation that he will meet that goon Jims one day and he will thrash him. He is walking barefoot. During that day itself, Soumya’s dad visits Mahesh at his home. He is telling Mahesh that Soumya has got a marriage proposal and she wants to talk to him and handles the phone to him. Over the phone Soumya cries, wipes her nose and tells her sugar coated things, but the notion is that Mahesh should allow her to marry that NRI. Mahesh is already broken, understood the meaningless in begging for Soumya’s love. He asks her, “ how easily you avoided me?“  After that Mahesh is not thinking about Soumya.

Mahesh is truly broken and sad, but he keeps the faith and hope that he will be alright one day. Now also he is walking barefoot, but his friends are forcing him to break his oath, but Mahesh is a man of determination. He joins the Kung Fu class and practices to upgrade himself.

He is searching for the goon Jims, but he heard that  goon Jims has gone to the middle east for a job. Goon Jims is a welder by profession. Mahesh, is very upset listening to this. He is totally down, but he is still keeping the hope that goon Jims will come back some day. He gets a news that there is high recession in the middle east and Indians are coming back due to the job cuts. He keeps a home that goon Jims will also come back and secretly reaches goon Jims home. There he meets Jim’s mom, and she serves Mahesh and says Jims is ok in the middle east.  He obviously gets discouraged,  but keeps the faith and hope.

Life resumes and Mahesh meets a girl named Jimsi who is a dancer, model and wannabe actress. I have seen so many small town girls having a great dream to be another Marylin Monroe or another Alia Bhatt. In reality such things work  very rarely. This girl comes to Bhavna studio to take a photo for a cover girl contest and Mahesh takes a photo. This photo is so bad that the girl insults him. Then he falls into an identity crisis. He started doubting his own ability as a skilled photographer. He has got one more wound now. Still,  he is not ready to fall. People around him are considering that he is a mad guy, a failure and sometimes making fun at him. He is silently tolerating everything with faith and hope.

His dad also was a photographer. He happens to see a few photographs taken by his dad and he understands how beautiful they are. He learns the secret of being creative, imaginative and adding those skills into his profession. He takes this girl Jimsi’s photograph without her knowledge and sends them to a magazine and she comes as a cover girl.  Now we can easily assume that some sparks flying between Jimsi and Mahesh. Mahesh is already gone through one break up. When I see his decision to start a new love affair so soon after a break up as a foolishness. He would have taken one or two years to date himself.  Well, in this movie Mahesh started another love affair. This girl is an intense girl, very daring and she is a close friend of Mahesh’s colleague’s daughter Soniya.

Soniya says Jimsi about the pledge taken by Mahesh and she realizes, the goon is none other than her brother Jims. She is a truthful and daring woman, she tells Mahesh that the goon who hit Mahesh is her brother and wants to know whether  he is still interested in her.

Our Mahesh is a man of integrity, he doesn’t want to play with the heart and soul of a girl. He accepts Jimsi even though she is his enemy’s sister, but he says he will not withdraw from his pledge to thrash her brother. Jimsi is also a woman of integrity, she never pleads for her bhai ( brother). She is not playing any emotional atyachar wala episode, she is ready to face life as it comes to her. She loves Mahesh and her brother and also and she is not trying to manipulate Mahesh’s feelingAPRs.

Finally, that day comes when Jimson has to come back to India, because he lost his job due to misbehavior. Mahesh doesn’t want anyone to know that he is going to thrash Jimson in his town in the midst of his own people as Jimson thrashed Mahesh in Mahesh’s town amidst Mahesh’s own people.  Mahesh is going to Jimson’s place with his colleague.

When Mahesh reaches the venue, Jimson is spending time with his friends. He doesn’t remember Mahesh because fights are a common thing for Jimson. For Mahesh, fighting is not an ordinary thing. Mahesh step ahead and tells his intention to Jimson. He says he is the one whom Jimson thrashed in Prakash Kavala amidst his own people. Now he has come to thrash Jimson in his own place amidst his own people. Yes, it should be like. If I want to attack someone I will fight face to face. Only courageous people do  that. Backbiting, gossiping and spreading scandals and hidden wars are for cowards. I will never ever do that. If I have enmity with someone I will tell them to be cautious because I they have created enmity with me. I never make enemies because I have Vipreet Raj Yog. My god will fight with my enemies and will make my way clear. My god will lead the war he alone will fight and he alone will win. That’s why faith and hope.  Yes, I have my share of sins and I am not a saint.

Here , Mahesh makes the war cry and Jimson accepts it. This war is taking place in Jimson’s place. He has the ground support where Mahesh is supported by his colleague alone. That scene is an intense scene, Jimson is an experienced fighter. Mahesh is a fresher.  The fight continues, sometimes Mahesh wins, sometimes Jimson. At time we get a feel that Mahesh will again fail, but Mahesh manages himself and his will power and faith is supporting him. He is using self defense techniques. I forgot the name of that technique, I have seen that moves in  Shaolin  practice, but I can’t remember the name. One trick I saw was some think like”Monk Push the Door “ technique. Parrying style was there, then blocking, slipping. One Malayalam movie, which I saw with a good fight  scene was “Chotta Mumbai”. They were quiet technical, I think. Finally , Mahesh manages to win.  Then he goes to the shoe shop and ask for Lunar 8 inches and the shop owner who always made fun face at  his pledge , is shocked and shivering in disbelief. He can’t imagine that our Mahesh defeated an experienced goon like Jimson.

In the last scene goon Jimson is admitted in the hospital and Mahesh serving  and telling he wants to marry Jimson’s sister Jimsi. With that Mahesh is making his life easy because no goon will take revenge on his own sister. No goon will like to see his sister as a widow. At the end of the movie Mahesh comes out as a true warrior, he has polished his professional skills, he got a sincere love he proved his manhood and so much more.

Maheshinte Prathikaram aka Revenge of Mahesh, is a great movie,  which teaches us about keeping faith and hope. We may not have all that we need in our life or we may only have failures. I think that will be just temporary if we keep our faith alive. Here Mahesh had so many struggles,  but he had that will power and   he reached his goal. He never sat idly or sympathized with himself, instead he decided to fight. This may be a movie, but in real life also we can see so many people who have   achieved great things due to their will power and determination.  God has not created anyone as useless. It’s all about finding ourselves and realizing our skills.

I was so encouraged after seeing this movie and my mind was full of hope and faith and I strongly suggest this movie to all.  Not only that this movie’s director Mr Dileesh Pothan is my neighbor too.

Women Empowerment Thoughts Through an Astrology Consultation









I had a client last week and let’s call her as Ms B. She was very calm and in a very sound tone she started telling her worries and fears. As I always   told her that I am here to find her issues and she doesn’t have to give any clues. It is highly irritating for me when any of my clients starts telling their problems. Then why they need an astrologer? I like pinpointing their physical, material, psychological and spiritual issues from their birth chart, that too without their valuable clues. When they start giving clues I feel I am of no use and I don’t get a chance to study their life. I like that transformations, living someone else life, going through their pains and happiness, so that I can feel them better. For a short time I am living someone else life. Such a fantasy travel…why should they spoil it by giving clues? May be that Scorpio impact! Transformations…….


Let’s come back to Ms.B I asked her to give all the birth details and I cast a chart. Her chart showed a lot of turmoil than happiness. I could feel the pain. She is a young mother of 2 kids. Aspect on the 7th house, and 8th lord being the 7th lord showed early widowhood. It can be widowhood or a divorce. I can’t ask a direct question here. So I put it like this” In your chart, I see very less happiness from the husband. I hope you are not getting those full marital pleasures” She replied in a very firm voice, that she is a widow. Her husband passed away in a motor accident when her first kid was just 1 ½ years old. Then she was 1 month pregnant with the second kid.

Planet X and planet Y are in conjunction in 9th house. A clear indication of zero higher education. Yes, she has just completed her 12th standard. The disturbing fact is that planet X is exalted in the 9th house sign indicates her irresponsible nature towards studies. This is why when someone says exalted planets are very good, I disagree. They don’t always give good results.  I have seen ruined lives with exalted planets.  What I feel is that they may indicate good things according to Hora sasthra, but I have seen it ruining people’s life.

She works as a beautician ,  she owns her own parlor. Look at her strengths. She has a good detegita quotesrmination. Plant Z is in 10th house of Karma, which is very good for her, with Planet D. A clear indication of owning her own business.  See, God will not disown any of us. He has special care towards widows and kids. If he closes one door, he will open 100 other doors.

Here, of course, Ms B is in trouble. Don’t have to look at the nakshathra position, aspects, or any other astrological calculations.

She stays with her mom and 2 kids in a rented house because she is constructing her own house worth 8 lakhs. This amount may be nothing for many of my readers. For this widow it is really huge.  She has only 3.5 lakhs with her now and she thought her siblings would help, and that is not going to happen. In her 3rd house, she has Planet A and C is conjunct which means strained relations with siblings.

Now let us look at her issues closely. She is a widow. It is even difficult for a “Sumangali” to live in this world. The reasons are obvious. She may be an easy target for those who want to exploit innocent lives. Our lady has physical needs, emotional needs, psychological needs which only a male can fulfill. That fulfillment is absent in her life. A woman needs a man and a man needs a woman. They give stability to each other. Now she has to fight with herself to reach that stability.

Her savings are less. She has to pay her rent, provide her family, teach kids, their hospital expenses, and there so many other needs. She is a beautician and her education is just 12th. Let’s look at the beauty industry. I think this is the one industry with so much of the progress. So many experiments are taking place , some of10-quran-quotes-taha-26 them most of us are not aware.  Every nook and corner of Kerala have  beauty parlors. I go to the beauty parlor only  for eyebrow threading and hair styling. When I go to a beauty parlor I always look at the beautician, if she can’t impress me, I will never go there again. I have gone to such parlors once or twice, but never revisited. My beautician is very well educated; she knows the scientific reasons to prove her work. For example, I had a clear face. I donno whether it is my Ketu dasa madness, I started using that nonsense cream to fight “ 1,2 ,3 ,4, 5 ,6 signs of ageing” I did not have a single wrinkle, or any blemishes till then. Once I started it, I started getting big, big pimples, very painful.  I used to break it and face was full  of scars. I tried so many options. I wrote to the company that your cream has done this to me.  They send me a sorry mail, well, what else can they do? Finally, my doctor friend Sudev came  to my help.

He suggested Clindamycin Phosphate gel, and that was the end of pimples. Lekin, the scars were so adamant. After trying so many home remedies, I went for chemical peeling. My dermatologist Dr Vinita did a great job. Now my face looks like almost all the same after 7 to 8 sittings of chemical peel. STRNG SOULNo one would like to continue with chemical peels, even Dr. Vinita suggested me to do it once in 6 months. She said ’’your face look radiant now you don’t need any cream”. She asked me to use some sun screen because I travel daily for my work.  I was feeling so low when these scars occurred. Truly, I was very insecure. Even though doctor asked to use sunscreen, I really hate that white, pale mask which sunscreen leaves. Sun light is harmful for chemical peeled skin.  Now I got confused. For the next hair spa session I asked my hair stylist Sauda on this issue. She warned me from doing further chemical peels and explained how it works. She gave me another option and that too, she explained the ingredients, the way it works and I am using it for so many days now and I can feel the difference. This knowledge is not with most of the beauticians whom I have seen. Most of them suggests some facial and no facial has ever worked or will work.  Sauda is very well educated, she upgrade  her skills, she knows what are the recent developments in the beauty industry, she makes use of the IT information. She has 3, parlors that too in a busy and expensive city like Delhi

Ms B, my client may not be able to come up like Sauda. If she has to be more successful, then she has to update her skills. Now a days this updating  trend is so high everyone is updating their skills. Everyone is learning. As it says “vidya shaman sarva dhanam pradhanam” there is no wealth greater than education. That is the actual strength of a person. If Ms B has to fight her issues, she has to upgrade. If she has to upgrade, she has to study. How she will study? She doesn’t have anyone around for a support.

Let’s go back to her chart her 10th house of Karma has a fiery planet looking at her 4th house of home and  family is indicating, that she is a person has to go away from homeland. The more she stays in homeland; she will have more issues or obstacles. If she goes abroad,  she will learn new techniques, she will get more polished experience, more happiness,   and more success and of course more money to fulfill her needs as well as her family’s. Otherwise, there is no option for her to upgrade her skills. Her kids and mom totally dependent on her will be benefitted due to this foreign stay. Job as a beauty consultant is more stable than IT job even though the payment many not be that high. Beauticians are always in demand in all around the world, despite the recession threats. This industry is  stable and always growing

I told her this and she is willing to take up this. From the 5th house details, also there will be a distance from kids.  For me, I can’t be away from my kids. . Yes, I have stayed out of station for 2, 3 months, but I can never go away from my children. For her it will be difficult to leave her children, but that is her destiny. Thank god, she has her own mother with her and that is actually a great blessing. Your emotions can never provide you. You have to fight the emotional side to be strong. My strength is my family’s strength. If I am strong, my children also will be strong. To me the problem is, even if I have some sorrowgod hands I am unable to express it at home. I am 24*7 active like a machine and if I sit with a long face, my family members will be worried.  If I am silent for 30 mnts, actually it rarely  happens, then my mom will be very restless. I always get scoldings from my dad, mom and husband for speaking  and laughing in high volume , but if I keep quiet for sometime, they all will get worried.  So, I always make sure not to bring my sorrows  or my emotional burdens to my home. It is not easy….but I submit all my worries with my lord.  I am Aries Lagan, I will not accept failures, it’s my duty to fight as Mars rules Aries. My Jupiter is in Sagittarius.. I am overoptimistic, that is not good for me. My god guards me and protects me and he will keep on doing that.  That is the only fact which awakens me every day to live my life.

Ms. B asked me whether she should buy a two wheeler. Without checking the chart, I told her”NO”. Even if her chart supports to have a two wheeler, she should not buy it. Because her Moon is afflicted in her chart. Moon is the mind and emotions. Her mind is full of thoughts and she is not a peaceful female. She may not be able to concentrate. Already she lost her husband in a bike accident; she is the sole provider of the family. She should not take chances with anything in her life.

I liked her confidence and hope she has in her own life. Yes, it is very painful to be alone in the life. Maybe that’s her destiny.   Single status throughout her life. That’s better for her. Maybe she can get married in her late forties, but not now.  She asked me what remedy she should do for her career and personal life. I told here, there is no remedy other than adding value to her.

There are so many women sitting at home, feeling victimized, falling into emotional traps, wasting time in worthless efforts and living hopeless. ‘’An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”.

I am coming from a family where most of the woman works. When I was jobless I was feeling the burden and I was ashamed to go for my family functions.  Most of the ladies in my family are with some jobs and I was the bekar among them. Ohhhhh it is such an awful situation. LOL

Now a day’s government is offering so many projects for jobless people and I can see people simply criticizing local and central governments for their administration. Why don’t these people find what all they offer and find some good opportunities for them? There are so many jobs available for those who want to work or change their life. We may have to find them as they won’t come to us. We can’t live without upgrading ourselves. Even I myself was in a neutral mode with my BAL, LL.B degree, and nothing else. At one point of time I realize the value of upgrading myself and from then on wards came the happiness and progress.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t have further failures. These days, I can’t find time for myself and none of my personal issues affect me.

Any woman who goes through such crisis, like Ms B can of course contact me as I am giving free consultation to poor widows, children and un privileged or underprivileged females. Please make use of this opportunity. I repeat I don’t give a free consultation to anyone other than poor widows, children and unprivileged or underprivileged females. You may call me greedy. No problem.  I am ready to help you to check your chart and find the ways to upgrade and that may help you to have a better future.

Ms B wants to meet me personally, I think next Sunday I will invite her home. We will have more discussion about her life and I can share about my life. We will set some goals and action plans for her life. Not entirely based on her chart  but  just trusting the lord’s grace   in the first place and keeping an eye on her Vimshottari Dasha . Maybe we both have some past birth connections. Or I have some past life debt with her and I am repaying like this? Only god knows.

A Tip for Good Parenting From Your 2nd House


The 2nd and 7th house in your chart are considered as killer houses and in astrological language rishis called them “ Maraka Bhava”.

In Brihad Parashara Hora Sastra chapter 44 we can see that Sage Maitreya asking Sage Parshara about the Maraka house and the planets in it.

Triteeyam Ashtam Sthaanam Aayuh Sthaanam Dwayam Dwij |

Markam Tad Vyay Sthanam Dweetiyam Saptam Tathaa |

Sage Parashar says, Sehaj and Randhar ie, 3rd house and 8th house, respectively are the houses of longevity. Those houses from 12th from these houses are the killer houses. Those houses are 2nd and 7th houses, known as Maraka Bhav or Killer houses in astrology. The logic is clear, I will describe how it became killer houses. The 3rd house and 8th house, shows your mental and physical stability. The 3rd house shows your mental stability shows how you react to the events and whether you lose your mind easily when negative events take   place. And from 3rd house, the 2nd house is 12 places away from it. Don’t go crazy, astrology works like that.

The natural zodiac wheel and  houses comes like this. Aries is the 1st sign and Pisces is the 12th sign . Look at house(sign names) number three and count 12 houses in anti clockwise mode.  Then you will reach house no 12.

sociac signsThis is the 2nd house 



The 12th house from any house shows the losses from that house. If it is 1st houses, then its loses are counted from 12th house, if it is 2nd houses, then its losses are from the reasons related to the 1st houses. If its 3rd houses then 2nd house, 4th-3rd, 5th-4th 6th-5th, 7th-6th , 8th-7th, 9th-8th, 10th -9th ,11th-10th ,11th -10th ,12th -1st.  I will explain easily with an example, 7th house is the house of conjugal pleasures and marital life its loss is counted primarily from the 6th house because 6th house denotes diseases of the body, enemies, enemical  situations, these things can affect the direction of your marital life.So 6th house which is 12th from the 7th house shows the losses of the 7th house. Adding to that when 7th lord in the 6th house is a small indication of divorce too!!!!!

So, we are talking just about 2nd house and what Sage Parshara comments on it Maraka aka Killer effect.To be frank, his description is very very scary. I read it and when I first read it, I was sleepless for some days. LOL.  But You should always follow astronomy if you are a skilled astrologer. Sky is not all the same as in Treta Yug. You should have an  idea about psychology,  local and international politics, cultural differences, ancient and new laws of the land(of various countries),  and some interest in  quantum physics. You have to have at least some knowledge about conspiracy theories like New World Order, Holocaust Revisionism, and The Reptilian Elite and of course  about Nasdaq ,NSE, BSE or how they function.  If you  know about Brock Lesnar it is also good. It is also  good to know who  Shyla Jennings, Jessie Rogers  or Tory Mason is and how that industry works. We can’t learn everything but when we are in counseling profession, we are supposed to know these things.  I wanted to take the name of a few books which I read very often, but they are banned almost even though pdf versions are available. I don’t want to question anyone’s faith or convert their faith. You get some convictions at some point of life and that’s enough for all of us.

You want to be an astrologer you should have sound knowledge about various religions and their historical backgrounds because you can’t counsel a Muslim according to Hindu concepts or a Bahai by using Islam thoughts, you can’t counsel a Jew by using  Ahammadiyan rules, You won’t be able to counsel a Buddhist through Marxian concepts, You can’t explain facts to a Catholic by using Hindu teachings.  How can you counsel an  Israeli and Palestinian  with  the same words?  If you have an  atheist client ( like my dad) all your astrology knowledge,  especially, Vedic knowledge without a scientific and astronomical background will not help you at any cost.  If you explain that concept these atheists will laugh at our precious knowledge which we got through our sheer Bhakthi , Nishta and Sadhna. Well, atheists can only ask questions, they never have an answer for most of the issues, but they also got a point.  Planets don’t have any religion, they are just created by God, which have a  certain amount of influence on us. Equally on the whole universe.

These are the areas which 2nd house carries

Artha – wealth

Bhukthi – food

Dhakashakshi – right eye

Annapana – if one eats or drinks

Nayana – eye

pathrika – document

Vak – speech

Kutumbha – family

Mangalam –  auspicious ending

Sva – property

Asya – face

Represents wealth, family, livelihood, nourishment, male child, higher education, professional position, childhood , spouse, second marriage, longevity of  marital  life, valuable  possession,   liquid cash, earning capacity, financial status, fortune, prosperity, movable assets , vani , vision , face and its organs (nose, throat, mouth, tongue, teeth and eyes, especially the right one), facial bones, upper neck and its bones, gullet, larynx, cerebellum, trachea, cervical region and cervical bones, tonsils,

Look at these factors closely. These factors are those factors which water your entire life. Mainly the early life, your childhood. Go to your chart, and see which planet is ruling that house.  Is that house has Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus? Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus  are natural benefics. Or natural malefic Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu? There are exceptions depending on the ascendants.

If you have/had  a cosmiktough childhood, most probably you  have  a malefic planet in that 2nd house. For those parents who read my columns, please check your children’s chart. Verify which planet is sitting in the 2nd house. If you see a malefic planet or malefic sitting with the benefic planet you can easily assume that you have to improve the mode of care you give to your child. I am telling you, this is a clear indication that your child is not getting enough nourishment from you. When you find it, confirm it by analyzing all the possible ways. This nourishment can be emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. Watch your ways, how is your performance as a parent? You get drunk and lose yourself and forget your duties towards your  family? Are you not saving enough for your family so that your children can be nourished health wise and are they happy with the material comforts which you are providing  them? Leave your past feelings, you lived your life so far, now your past doesn’t count anymore for your kids. Your present matters for them. What are the traditional values you providing  them? Are you showing them light or guiding them into the darkness through the examples you set? Are you saving enough for them? Are you giving them respect or are you treating  them like dogs? Even though astrology doesn’t say much about Puthra Shaap, its common sense, that if you are not doing your right  Karma in any relationship to flourish it, then your will have to pay for it. Then why should you make your children suffer? I have seen parents clinging on to their personal losses and worries and ignore their duties towards their kids.


During my life as a theology student, I was forcefully assigned in the children’s section where  I never wanted to be. That too with infants from 6 months to 2 years. I was so angry with my teachers because I hated those  running noses, baby poop and pee. God wanted to humble me , I guess, I was interacting with infants so closely for the first time in my life. Had to take care of these kids during the prayer service, when couples come for marriage counseling I had to baby sit, or when couples go out for a movie or picnic again the baby sitting sessions. I donno how many  nappies I washed or cleaned how many poop. I was very unhappy and threw a lot of tantrums initially, but my teachers were not ready to leave me from that responsibility. I had to find happiness in being with them lately and after 4 years when I promoted to teen section , I did not want to go there because I just wanted to be with babies, babies and babies. That was a productive time in my life where I learned the meaning of sacrifice, poor help, charity, how being a mother and of course being a more baby like. Babies are precious and I really donno how can people abort , kill or torture the kids for their own pleasures.Its terrible and I have seen for what reason anyone hurts a child, he/she will not be able to enjoy that particular pleasure later on in their life. If a couple abort a child for their comfort, they will not get  sukh  from santhaan in the later stages in their life. If you are a mafia don runs a beggar network and kidnap babies from a mother, man, you are cursed ultimately. You think the materialistic pleasures can be attained from the pains of a poor soul, you will see your life turning to a hell before you leave the earth and your materialistic gains not coming to your rescue. If you have any doubts you please go and spend some time with a retired local mafia don. He will tell you how it works. This is the law of the universe ,  and this universe belong to the one and only  creator. These laws are equal for you and me. And God is not my “Amma ka Bhai” to show favoritism on the base of my wealth and beauty. “The moment we break  the rules of the universe,  let us wait  then for the set backs later.

Let us come back to the point.

The 2nd house is all about those things which water the childhood, those factors which can be the solid foundation where your child set up their royal kingdom. His pride, his wealth, his character, his career, his moral values, a status of his marital life, his confidence, and see how importance is this 2nd house is? If this house doesn’t get that nourishment which it deserves, this child will not be able to be productive his entire life. Those parents who have malefic planets in their 2nd house, please rewind their memories to their childhood. Haven’t you ever felt that you did not get that nourishment from your family and that damaged your life up to some extent? So when you see a malefic planet in your child’s 2nd house, please confirm you are sending the right signals to the child as a responsible parent. Find out what blocks you from giving your full nourishment to your child. Yes, we won’t be able to give that 100%, but still we can give a try to go an extra mile right? Or if you are a parent who is clinging on to your personal sorrows, let me enlighten you, maybe mingling more and working for your children’s happiness will be the best ever remedy for your happiness and success in your life.


Those who have malefic planets in your 2nd house, you guys need some hard work and be hard line on yourself. You didn’t get that strong foundation from your childhood, but you can always restart your life even at your deathbed. Just restart your life, yes, that happens when a bad planet in your 2nd house. At a later stage in your life, you get a realization that things are not going that well and you taking a decision to reverse your life for your success and you win! Even though you started little late, you getting success which is going to be there with you forever. How nice is that? So rise up and get the charge of your life. Don’t sit and cry,,,,,,, LOL. Water yourself and if your kids also need that feed, provide them too. Everything will be alright. Yes, Hope, that’s what we srule12hould have, than all that stupid remedial suggestions.

You don’t have to go to psychologist , or a analyst if you find a malefic in the 2nd house of your child, that means your parenting needs to be improved. And that’s the power of astrology.

The 2nd house has so many other meanings also, but, I was reading more about child counseling , so this topic came to my mind. Please inbox your comments.   When you teach your children don’t forget your past……. don’t be a hypocrite. Remember one more thing, their parents and your parents are different, so is their grandparents, their Karma and your Karma is different so is their destiny . Happy parenting !

How to Beat Your KemDrum Dosha ( Situation)



How to Make Your Moon Happy

The attraction to be alone, the situations can make you alone, mind full of imagination, the difficulty to adjust with the general public, family members and a distance evMHHen from your so called friends. Getting hurt or being extra sensitive, and the urge to run away from the madding crowd. If you find yourself in any of this situation frequently check the placement of your Moon in the chart. Well, these things can take place due to a lot of other factors as well. These are the 3 conditions which form a KemDrum Dosh in your chart.
(a) The moon has no neighbors [no planet in the 2nd or 12th sign from it], and
(b) There are no planets it’s Kendra [i.e. at right angles, i.e. in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th signs from it], and
(c) There are no planets in Kendra from the ascendant.
Why Kemdrum Dosh makes you love loneliness
For that, we have to understand the significance of Moon in astrology. In astrology each house, and each planet signifies something. Basically, astrology is a code language and astrologers decode that hidden messages in that. It doesn’t mean that Moon is “making you” to have Kemdrum dosh, but it is just an indication of you facing loneliness in your life. When you see the planetary placement, then you should not think that these planetary placements are just an indication for the possibility to have certain occasion in your life. It is not a must or surety that a particular even should take place. There are chances for a particular event and you can prepare to go through, enjoy the benefits of such placements or adjust your life so that it doesn’t affect you much. That’s why I love astrology.
Let’s come back to the lonely moon in your chart.

Moon signifies a lot of things in astrology. Moon means, mind, emotions, female figures, mother, joy, happiness, state of mind etc
In UttaraKalamrita , Maha Kavi Kalidas Says , Moon signifies Intelligence Perfumes Hidden of ulcerous troubles in the stomach Woman Sleep Happiness Liquids Malarial fever Mother Pearls Salt Mind Muhurta or 48 minutes duration worship of Gauri Fondness of Curd One who does tapas or penance Strong at night Eating Facial Luster Good Fruits Fish and other Aquatic beings clothes.

Basically, the moon is connected with a state of mind and our mind is not in a physical form. It is not constant, It can go to any realm, and avastha and if it is alone, then it means the thoughts and imagination will be uncontrollable. Because it doesn’t have anything to depend upon. When you have a lonely moon, you may confront that situation which may remind you that you are alone in the world. Where you may lose trust in others or your experiences in life can make you think more about dependence in the lord almighty.

You must have heard people promoting Kemdrum dosh in a negative version, but I myself has this lonely moon in my chart, that too in the sign of a Jupiter( Pisces). I don’t feel any shame to say about this, because if it helps people why should I hesitate? I have gone through trials where I lose trust in relations. Let it be in familial relations or when we come across public as well. It took some time for me to realize the genuinity   in those relations and to take a firm stand on it. I myself is not very keen to make friends or I have realized that I am not at all good in making friends. My friends are not from an ordinary life style because all of them are theologians. I dunno whether they also have a Kemdrum dosh in their chart because they also don’t have many friends from outside world. I have seen myself that I have only long term friends, means my close friends ( I have only close friends) are there for more than 15 years with me. Our bond is so strong where we share good things, bad things and confess with each other. In my workplace also, I have only 2 people whom I continuously talk to, whom I am comfortable with.  If I am not comfortable  with someone.  I just avoid all the confrontations with them, so that I can be happy. My happiness is important for me as far as I am not violating anyone’s happiness or I am using them for my pleasure.  I am a person who always take the strategy to take less luggage in the journey of life so that I can feel myself a   less burdened. I feel uncomfortable when I am in public or open to publicity. I have seen myself limited myself a lot and whenever I have broken this limitation stamped by the universe, me falling into unwanted situations.
Some people have told me that, they have always thought that I am a person with vast friend circle, It’s a big NO NO. I can only take what I can handle right? I really don’t think, I will ever take anymore friends into my life as well. The lonely moon can make you be very careful in relationships. That is the main indication. Those who has lonely moon in their chart, please make sure that don’t fall into sudden conclusions about any relations, it doesn’t have to be friendship, but all relations which you are the main part. Or you have to take a stand that you are looking only at your business. As a person, with Kemdrum dosh, I took a long time to realize the importance of less luggage concept. Basically, our mind is delicate, so don’t take too much of burdens. That is the main idea behindphi the concept of Kemdrum dosh.






Once when you realize that spiritual path is what  we are destined to, then we will see a lot of good things happening to us. Maybe in the past, we have depended on the mortal human beings and they were limited to their self, and due to those limitations, they could not contribute much to our wellbeing. Now we are free from that mortal bondage and connected to that immortal and pure force, then obviously nothing can stop us. The only thing can stop us is our emotional being and negative thoughts which can tempt us to set our eyes again in the situations created by mortal man and mortal desires. We have tasted that confusions earlier now we want only that journey with happiness till the end so that our soul can depart freely, joyously to get united with that supreme force. When we stand on that decision and take actions based on that we see that universal force showering good times into our life.
The limit of Vedic astrologers is that most of them trust in remedial measures, which never work. What only work in human life is realization and repentance and actions based on repentance. Any dosh, manglik, kemdrum, kal sarppi, shrapit dosha, pitra dosha we can see that in all these our mental state is the most important even if some of the ill effects are the direct contributions from past life Karma. I have always looked into my personal life and I have asked my god about his stand on past life Karma. When I have analyzed my family history I have seen certain experiences which me or my family members have gone through has definite got a reason arising our ancestors’ life pattern and their Karma. Those who has overcome those difficult situation by faith and actions are doing well in their life , but those who did not have the courage to break the chains are still living in that agony.
Kemdrum dosh can give a creative mind, spiritual inclination and a disciplined lifestyle, and a person with this yoga has to blindly follow that righteous path. That is the only remedy. The ultimate aim of kemdrum dosh is to take the human to trust only in the lord almighty. This lonely moon heps the native to realize the real aim of the soul is rest with our creator as we are just mortal human beings and our entire dependency should not be in mortal human beings, but in that immortal force who created this entire universe. Once you started realizing this fact, you will identify that that so-called Kemdrussh has subsided a lot and your personality is getting refined day by day. There are many successful people with this dosh so, you don’t have to fear about the dire consequences written in ancient texts. It was written by Sage Parashara He was born towards the end of Tretayuga, lived to see the complete Dwaparayuga. I truly dunno whether we are in Kalyug because some people firmly say that Kalyug is over. So we have traveled along through time from Treta Yug and our physical shape also has been changes. So we don’t have to take that account by words but the psychological implication is very important. We have living examples too.

Kemdrum Yog/ dosh doesn’t make you poor, Bill Gates, has  this yoga.   All we Kemdrum guys have to keep our mind alert to Make our Moon happy through the righteous ways………….and that’s it.  Let us submit all our worries in that super power, then everything will be fine.


It is a call from the universe so that we can travel in a higher dimension. Enjoy it.

What is Kem Drum Dosh ( An Analysis by Sourabh Soni)

Mr.  Sourabh Soni is conducting research on   various astrological concepts and spends time in writing occult stuff. His main field is Bollywood where he is active in filmmaking and writing  .  I really liked his article about Kem Drum Dosh, as  I am also researching about this topic. You can reach Mr. Soni at, or

KemDrum Yoga in Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

The Pain of Loneliness




Hi Guys,
This is my second article on the moon, and I was researching since long time to clarify Kemdrum Yoga because there are lot of misconceptions found on the internet about Kemdrum Yoga, And again the result mentioned in ancient text for Kemdrum yoga is very Horror, indeed which is not at all true…!!


I am writing this article as per modern time, and I have researched these facts through many horoscopes, even I will give you few horoscopes here as examples, but lets refer first what ancient text books says about Kemdrum Yoga –


Kemadruma Yoga Definition as per ancient text: If there are no planets other than Sun and nodes in the 2nd and 12th houses from Moon and if there are no planets other than Moon in the quadrants from Lagna, this bad yoga is present, and if the same time moon is also un-aspected by any planet such yoga gives extreme difficulties in life…


Result: One born with this yoga is unlucky, bereft of intelligence and learning and afflicted by poverty and trouble. This bad yoga kills the results of other good yogas in the chart, especially Chandra yogas. One with this yoga has to work hard and succeed through great efforts.


In Another Text – The native with Kemadruma Yoga will be deprived of life, drinks, food, residence, robes and friends though he may belong to the regal scion. He will suffer from poverty, grief, sickness and be dirty. He will live by hard labour, be wicked and be inimically disposed to one and all.


However as per modern time, these maximum comments are not applicable and result is not so horror in real life, Now my research gets start from here –


As per ancient Vedic astrology Kemdrum Dosha is one of the worse and A grade bad dosh, which gives poverty as per ancient text and person born with this yoga faces lot of hardships and their mind are always unstable.


However its not at all true in modern time.…First of all Kemdrum is Not Yoga, Its a kind of Dosh which depressed moon in horoscope, because moon is very happiest planet among nine…and also the source of light along with sun, and have its own impact in human life….!!!

Sun is a source for moon energy hence we cant include Sun in Kemdrum Dosh, however as per ancient astrology Sun represent father and Moon represent mother and when Father and Mother meets then only you come in the earth…

Closeness of Moon towards the sun makes “Amavasya” And when the moon goes closer to the sun it makes moon Weak hence sufficient gap is quite good for the moon from Sun.


Hence, Sun and Moon are the sources of life in the earth, and their condition & power is always important, and always a primary part of observation during horoscope analysis, their powerful situation in the horoscope makes your entire chart powerful, Because if Mother and Father are good so child also gets the benefit.



Well, we are just taking about Kemdrum dosh which comes due to the loneliness of Moon in the horoscope, Moon is the planet who is surrounded by other planets in the galaxy and feels happy with the benefits and friendly planets.



The presence of Kemdrum Dosh in horoscope mean the absence of Sunapha, Anapha, and Durudhara yoga in birth chart which are causes by situation of Moon.


To learn more about Sunapha, Anapha and Durudhara yoga in details along with Examples – Click Here


Because presence of plants (Except Sun, Rahu and Ketu) in 2nd and 12th from the Moon causes Sunapha, Anapha and Durudhara yoga, So any planet next to moon is like a path teller and planet which is 12th from the moon is like a back support for the Moon. So whenever Moon have support of other planets like if planets are sitting 2nd and 12th to moon (Specially benefics like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury), Moon gets extreme support and perform very well as causes Durudhara yoga in the horoscope.



Note – Sun is a source of energy for Moon and Rahu and Ketu are merely shadow planets which are not capable to produce individual result and depend on the depositor to act hence we don’t include Sun, Rahu and Ketu while calculating Kemdrum Dosh, Because even if they are present of 2nd or 12 from Moon, they are not capable to save Moon and cant remove her loneliness and depression of Kemdrum Dosh…


And whenever in any horoscope, Moon have no planets in 2nd and 12th from its position, so such situation creates depression for Moon, because moon missed the back support of other planets.
Another point is, Moon is a significator of feminine energy and known as female planet –
So Kemdrum dosh is very basic concept, if alone lady who has no support in his life and who is totally alone, so how she will act and react in her life.


Moon is also a significator of mind, & power of moon in our horoscope signifies our decision making ability, So if Moon has no support of other planets is like A mind who has no Guidance to move further in life and which is feeling scary and losing ability of decision making.


And this situation become very severe when Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha however in the same time, Loosing Paksha Bal and no planet is aspecting moon so moon feel totally alone and depressed 


So that was the situation of Kemdrum dosh, Now lets move to the another part which is known as Kemdrum Dosh Bhanga, because anyone who has Kemdrum dosh in his or her horoscope always looking Kemdrum Bhanga parameters in their horoscope…!!!


So i would like to ask, whether really “Bhanga” word exist in astrology????


And answer is big No, because nothing gets cancelled once written by almighty god, however there are some situations in astrology which signifies modification in result of that particular good or bad yoga.


So Bhanga is a situation which modifying the Kemdrum Dosha…But it never cancel Kemdrum Dosh…!!


But before reveling Bhanga parameter i would like to share Past Karmic truth behind Kemdrum Dosha, the Past Karmic deeds responsible for any good or bad yoga in your horoscope – So lets discuss that,


As Per Karmic Text – Person who’s mind is always involved in sinful acts and always misleading others towards wrong path, when someone in need of mental support but they denying for support, Such people suffer from Kemdrum Dosha in his life and as per its effect their mind loses guidance and most of the time they face mental frustration, mental peace of such peoples always get suffered, Kemdrum Dosha also signifies curse blessings of your mother, (Moon is all about mother) so ill behave towards mother also causes this yoga, like if someone is always receiving curse words form her mother, because your mother is not happy with you, So its universal truth no body can escaped from mother curse words(also known as Abhishaap), But as no body can do same wrong deeds throughout life, few also corrects their mistakes later in previous life itself, So such people gets modification situations along with Kemdrum Dosha, and if modification situation occurs in horoscope which means person has rectified his mistake later in his life…!!!


So i hope karmic theory is clear to you, if not then feel free to drop me an email…!!!


Now lets discuss the parameters which gives relief from Kemdrum Dosha in Vedic Astrology –


1 – If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha However the same time it is getting aspected by the depositor or involved in sign exchange with depositor.


2 – If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha, However getting aspected by benefics or conjunct with benefics (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury).


3 – If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha, However occupied Taurus or Cancer sign in birth chart.


4 – If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha in D-1 chart, However occupied Taurus, Cancer in D-9, or getting aspected or conjunction with benefics.


5 – If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha in D-1, however strong in D-9, which means later till the age of 30 person may suffer from Kemdrum but situation would be quite better in later half.


6 – Moon occupy Kendra Houses (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th), But should not loose Paksha Bal…!!!


7 – Availability of Adhi Yoga, Gajkeshri Yoga, Maha Bhagya yoga is quite capable to give you great relief from Kemdrum Dosha.


Remember above situations just gives modification in evil effect, but its not cancellation hence you cant escape from entire evils, As per moon situation in horoscope, little mental stress will always be a part of your life(which is very common these days and each one has mental tensions even without Kemdrum Dosh) and person will face little financial crises time to time if moon is weak in horoscope.


As moon is depressed and facing loneliness in life due to Kemdrum Dosh, so no matter how powerful and rich you are, you have to face little bit…Sorry…Life is all about Deeds…nothing else…!!!!



However the good point of kemdrum dosh is, its doesn’t signifies poverty in each case, Only those have Daridra yoga along with Kemdrum yoga in horoscope may face financial crises in life.


Now the main point is, If Kemdrum yoga is not so severe harmful in life then why most of the peoples are suffering too much, and facing poverty, not happy in relations, no mental happiness??


So as per my observation, Entire suffering in life doesn’t comes through single bad yoga, I have seen many horoscopes to write this article, and found that the person who has Kemdrum Yoga but also have another bad yoga in his or her horoscope like, Vish Yoga, Grahan Yoga, Paap Kartari yoga, Daridra Yoga, Pitra dosh etc….are mainly suffering hard in life, however astrologers just putting entire blame on Kemdrum Dosh…Hence please use your own sense and understand the real meaning of any yoga, so that you can find real source of your sufferings.


Kemdrum dosh affect throughout life if it is available in D-1 and D-9 both, because availability of Kemdrum Dosh in D-1 may give you sufferings till 30 or max 35, but if moon is also weak in D-9 then suffering time gets increase, Hence Moon situation in D-9 is very important.


However if you want to know Moon effect in various Navamsha chart so Just – Click Here


Person who has alone Kemdrum yoga in his or her horoscope always needs a support to move ahead in life because if they doing anything alone so they get fear in mind is like whether are they taking right step or not…That’s it..!!


Now lets have few horoscopes as examples, Those have Kemdrum Dosh in horoscope however still they have achieved great heights in life –


Mr. Bala Saheb Thackrey

Bala Saheb





Above chart belong to Maharashta king, Late Bala Saheb ji thackrey, however in his horoscope moon is sitting in Lagna house and there is no planet is in 2nd or 12th from the Moon, So this horoscope is suffering from Kemdrum Dosh, But as Moon is sitting in Kendra house so moon is getting quite relief from Kemdrum dosh, But still they have faced many issues when Raj Thackray has created another party, and may be many more issues which we might Don’t know…, another Example is –


Mr. Raj Thackray

Raj thackrey





In this  case, Moon is in 3rd house, but no planet is in 4th and 2nd house, means chart is getting affected by Kemdrum Yoga, But Moon is getting aspected by friend Mars, And moon is also strong in D-9, But still he has faced several issues while separation from Bala Saheb.

Note – Degree wise sun goes into 8th house of raj horoscope, its little software error, so pls take care as here we are just calculating Kem drum Dosh, refer next example –


Mr. Bill Gates


In this Case, MBil Gatesoon is in 10th house, there is no planet in 9th and 11th house from the Moon, Kemdrum Dosha is available, However moon in Kendra and getting aspected my friend mars and benefic lagna lord mercury, Adhi yoga is also available as all benefic are 6th, 7th and 8th from Moon, hence despite Kemdrum Dosh person is world richest personality. !!!!


Film Star Dharmendra



sixth house and no planet is in fifth and 7th house, Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosh but as moon is getting aspected by Mars, Saturn and Venus, So  however he is successful and rich man but he is still struggling mentally because this yoga is happening in sixth house and Saturn aspecting debilitated sign, next example is –


George Fernandes


george fernandes

In this case, Moon is sitting in Leo in fifth house, but no planet is in 4th and 6th house and another point is moon is also not getting aspected by any plant, so moon is quite alone here…Well i am not aware about his personal life but yet Mr. George Fernandes is a former Indian trade unionist, politician, journalist, agriculturist, and member of Rajya Sabha from Bihar, so quite successful..



Mr. Ghanshyam Das Birla

Ghanshyam Das
In above case, Moon is sitting in own sign cancer in 6th house and getting aspected by mars but there is no planet in 5th and 7th, Still he was business tycoon of india, next example is –
Film Star Jim Carry



In this  case, Moon is sitting in 8th house in exalted sign Taurus and also getting aspected by Jupiter, there are no planet is in 7th and 9th then too he was richest actor of Hollywood film industry and quite successful, However he always play very funky role in his movies… next example is –


Mr. M.G. Ramachandran



In this  Case, MM. G. Ramachandranoon is in libra in 9th house but there are no planet is in 8th house and 10th house but moon is getting aspected by Jupiter, He was quite successful actor, director, Politician of Indian history, Next example is –




Film star Raj Kapoor


Raj Kapoor

In this  Case, Moon is sitting in Kendra in own sign cancer along with Rahu and there are no planets are in 2nd and 12th from Moon, However he was successful but he was quite depressed mentally, even when his last movie ” Mera Naam Jokar” got flopped, He was in much depression, finally left the world, Now Final horoscope is –




Lord Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna Horoscope


In his horoscope – Moon is in Kendra house (1st house) occupied her exalted sign Taurus and getting aspected by Saturn and there are no planet is in 2nd and 12th house, But i have no words to describe his chart, he was lord and can do anything…!!!

Note – There are many horoscopes are available for lord ram & Shri Krishna, so its up to you which one you want to refer as i have taken above chart from B.V. Raman Text.


So remember guys, Kemdrum yoga is bad for horoscope but its not worse, hence dont need to refer horror result of ancient text, because in Kaliyug everything is Ulta Pulta…Kumdrum yoga depressed Moon and to live happy life happy moon is primary requirement…!!!


Well, Do you actual power of Moon ???


Power of Moon i am just describing in few words as, Nothing is impossible for Moon, it can give everything and huge, like money, happiness, wealth, fame and success everything…So if Moon is happy in your horoscope so surely going to make your life happy.


However if you want to know more about Moon in details just – Click Here


Another point is, i have seen when people find kemdrum yoga in his or her horoscope so they start looking for remedy, so lets discuss on that part also –


Remedy – Never look for remedies because it doesn’t work in every case because if you destroyed someone else life then how can you expect that remedy will save you, However if there is a pain in life so god has also given pain killer, Hence prayer is the best remedy as just one true prayer can save you from Kemdrum Evils effect, as Lord of Moon is God Shiva, Hence pray from Lord shiva to forgive your all sins because if your prayer got accepted so your life will automatically come on track..

Finally Moon wants to say that, if you are not so much into astrology so please remember –
So guys this was research on Kem Drum Yoga in Vedic Astrology, I hope you would like it… If you like my article and if you want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan… Just Be my friend..


Please Give me one true wishing and pray for me to get one investor for my film scripts.




Are You a Manglik?


That Manglik Moment
When someone realizes that he or she is a Manglik, then I dunno what all feeling they go through. That fear, agony and embarrassment without actually knowing what exactly Manglik dosh is. This is why I think western astrology is cool because they don’t see Mars being in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house being fatal as the majority of Indians believe.
New generation guys make fun of this concept in astrology, but as an astrologer who is researching on various aspects of astrology, I bet the impact of Manglik dosha can affect people even if Mangalyaan conquer the entire planet Mars.  It has become a trend to mock at the ancient teachings , I will never do that because all ancient teaching despite the religion , they speak a lot of sense than advanced people speaks.

Mangalyaan has nothing to with Manglik dosh and yes, Manglik dosh is a reality. But people may have understood it wrongly and there are astrologers who scare people just by quoting Manglik dosha means the death of your spouse. It is not like that. Yes, it may mean some distance between you aand your spouse, but depends on various other aspect in astrology. So when you see Mars in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12 th house please dont jump into conclusions.

Its always good when you find whether you have Manglik dosh in your chart, don’t worry if you have, you can convert this Mars energy for your good.
In Yajur Veda Mars is mentioned like this
Agnir Murdha Diva: Kakutpati: Prithivya Ayam!
Apam Retamsi Jinvati !
—Sukla Yajur Veda Samhita iii-12
Matysa purana chapter 68 describes how Mars is born. When Lord Shiva was angry over Daksha Prajapati’s behavior  which was very humiliating and his wife Satidevi committed suicide because she could not tolerate her dad humiliating her husband, a drop of sweat from his forehead fell on earth. The earth was unable to withstand its heat. That drop of sweat  was capable to pierce seven seas and seven patals and got converted into ‘Veerbhadra’ who routed and destroyed the Yagya of Daksha Prajapati and presented himself before Shiva. Lord Shiva was highly pleased over his act and granted him the status of a planet called Angaraka. Mars, is also known as Angaraka.

Mars is also known as Kuja, Bhom, Lohitang, Angaraka, Kruraksha, Kshitinandan, Dharaputra,
Bhuputra, Avnisuta, Raktang, Aangiras,Skandha,Kusuta, Maheya,Medneej,
shamaputra,Bhumisunu,Maheeja,Ashadhabh etc

As you know astrology is a very complicated subject, especially Vedic astrology is some thing very confusing. There are other  planet counted equally or more than dangerous than Mars, but why only this Mars Dosha aka Manglik Dosha is promoted so  much? In the 7th house, even Jupiter can also be a reason for divorce even if it is in a good sign and I have seen that in few cases where as Jupiter is known as great benefic in astrology.

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter and Venus are known as natural benefits but both the planets can give bad results for some people. I had a client who has Jupiter in her lagna and she is very well educated, rich and having a luxurious life. At the same time, she is very dissatisfied and arrogant person and single at the age of 32 just because of her arrogance and nondiplomatic attitude.

Venus, during its Antar Dasa and maha dasa, makes people disorganized and I have a client who filed for divorce because his wife is cheating on him and she was going through her Venus dasa. Exalted Venus is more like an enemy to the native, when Venus is considered as a natural benefic.
As far as I know why Mars dosha aka Manglik dosha is highlighted because he is known as the soldier or god of war. Whichever house it sits, it makes that house a war front, which can affect entire life of that person.

There are 12 houses in astrology, signifying birth to death, when Mars sits in that fatal houses those areas regarding that house can be achieved only through struggles or factors signified by that house can give pain and trouble to the native. This is the exact idea behind being a Manglik.

These fatal houses are 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th. Let’s see why these houses are fatal and how Mars make these houses a battle ground when it is placed in these houses.
I will describe each Mars in each house in details.

For those who has Mars in the 1st house/Lagna

Represents the person, his innate nature and state of health, vitality, longevity, happiness, personality, appearance, prosperity, general disposition in life, reputation and status, desires and their fulfillment and the body part this can be considered as the general assessment of the first house, but first house is more than this. Whatever you with these things in this house will invite reaction from others.When Mars sits here he will like to wage war with others because you may frequently do those things which can make others react in order to make war with you. That means you can have repeated conflicts with those who connected with your 1st house. Those in the family, neighbors, your colleagues, or within yourself you are into conflict with yourself. For those who has Mars in your 1st house, you guys watch out for that restlessness within your personality. Are others complaining you that you are little uncontrollable or focusing on yourself? When your views are offended do you really go mad? Or you have an obsession with a victory against others physically or mentally? These are the indications of Mars being in your 1st house. That restless and zeal to fight against whoever comes in your way, of course, have the power to spread negative vibes around you. There are chances for you to know as a rebellious and arrogant person and this can cause agony to your near and dear ones. If it is not controlled it can bring in situations where you are unable to reach your goals because success is not a one man action as we are social beings.

Now Mars has 3 aspects , from the 1st house it aspects 4th house of mother, happiness, upbringing, relatives, friends, supporters, basic education, vehicles and conveyances, domestic peace, mind, mental peace, spiritual life , confidence, righteous conduct, close of life, comforts, luxuries, country of birth, immovable properties, real estate, land, wells and tanks, house, home and , assets . The it aspects the 7th house of Represents long-term relationships, legal ties, spouse, partners in life and partners in business, vitality, potency, fertility, passion, outgoing nature, adultery, moral conduct, pleasures, comforts and life in foreign lands, success in love affairs, conjugal life, home abroad, travel, trade business, and expansion. Mars last aspect is on 8th house from 1st and 8th house means longevity, research, interest in mystical sciences, occult, MOKSHA, inner and outer transformations, past and future events, inheritance, death, will and testament, insurances, easy gains, marital-tie, vulnerability, fear, accidents, obstructions, litigation, bankruptcy, theft, losses, misfortunes, disgrace and , disappointments

What Happens when Mars Aspects 4th, 7th and 8th house( For those who has Mars in Lagna/1st house)

Impact of aspect on  4th house

The 4th house indicates mother, family property, conveniences like vehicles and those comforts which required for happy life. You may find difficulty in getting these conveniences or you will misuse your resources. This is nothing but an indication of restlessness regarding the features of the 4th house. It will not be all the same for all. You should identify what is your issue with the 4th house, is that disunity with your mother or female figures in your life? Are you a spendthrift who selling your property for your lavish life? Or are you a person who has a mind to attach others property with you.
Impact of aspect on  7th house

This house mainly deals with the spouse, sexual relations, business relations, contracts, agreements, foreign relations and open enemies. Obviously, you may tend to take a soldier mentality in marital relation. Mars, a planet with so much of energy and fire will be dealing with your spouse. If your spouse has the same energy, then only they will be able to confront with you. If they don’t have that placement, your energy can overpower them . They may not be able to handle that energy because there is no room for storage. They are exhausted by managing you and them ”call it quits”. LOL. This “quits” can happen in most of the relation mentioned by the 7th house. The only remedy is that realizing that this placement is impacting you and slowing down to your energy. You becoming adjustable for others and the whole game is your responsibility. Not others. For those who are married, they should, at least, show the courtesy to ask their spouse whether they are happy with sexual advancements you make with them. Especially I have seen some are so confident about their sexual urge but their spouses feel something opposite about them, but they keep quiet just for the sake of keeping peace in the relation. Mars in the 7th house can even cause the fast release of sexual vibes and the person may think only about releasing their own pressures which can obviously cause their partner frustrated. This can even make you an over sexed person who want to pick up more and more sexual unions to gratify yourself.That lustful thought can conquer the mind and the urge to practice those sexual fantasies may confuse your spouse. In the long run that relation may lose the beauty and eventually cause sheer unhappiness between the spouse. This can happen with only those relation whose relation is very worldly. Those spiritual families will have the capability to overcome this.

Impact of aspect on   8th house
I think, 8th house is the dirtiest house in astrology. This is the house which indicates your longevity, health, hidden diseases, sexual diseases, a health of spouse, partnerships, and in-laws. You can see that these are very key issues which we need careful steps. When Mars aspects this 8th house from 1st house, obvious you can have more sex if the 7th aspect is triggering issues with a spouse, this 8th house is triggering the desire for illicit relationships for males and females. They may not be happy with that regular sexual confrontation, so they need some thing more. So the eyes may look for those who are available for secret sexual experiments finally this can land them in shame, agony, sexually transmitted diseases, issues in such sexual relations (every illicit relation ends in deep enmity), this may affect your spouse and they may “‘call it quits” LOL. Obviously, in-laws will take you through that legal proceedings or confront you harshly. That means you may reach in a situation where your spouse’s status is almost non-existent for you.

Now please don’t fall into that nonsense remedial measures like marrying a dog, wearing a gemstone, tying those color threads, talismans of different strange shapes. I wonder how people can think even they can imagine by tying talismans and they holding some strange mantras to subdue the Martian energy. When you see Mars in 1st house, don’t panic. There are crores and crores of people having this placement living happily and successfully. I literally hate when those learned Vedic astrologers show the face of a loser to clients when they see this Manglik dosh. Mars is an indication of immense energy, he is the soldier of the zodiac. When it is in your 1st, 4th, 7th 8th or 12th house that means nothing, but you are displaying a fighter spirit in the areas signified by that house. The only remedy is that you understand yourself and just make necessary adjustments. That’s all. You cant do anything more than, submitting your worries to the lord and forcefully putting some austerity measures on you so that you change yourself for a better future.

I will explain about Mars impact on other houses. If your feel this article helpful , please lemme know via my mail . I have purposefully disabled that commenting section for obvious reasons.

My Journey as an Astrologer

When I describe their charts to my clients and friends, some of them are interested in a detailed description, but the majority of them don’t like that complicated analysis. They say we don’t want that ”Mars aspects Saturn, Jupiter casting the influence on 2nd house”, We want only the clear cut answer about our future. They add, “these complicated and weird calculations can only be done by an astrologer”. I laugh when I hear that. Why because I myself only know how poor I was in my math classes. I remember me even getting a zero and my dad slapping me with a stick and my mom trying to prevent him. My bro,, who is a medico was so bright in studies and my parents had high expectation from him. He was standing in a corner and laughing loudly listening to my pleas to stop slapping me. The hatred towards mathematics was always there in me and to be truthful, the only math lesson I understand is the lesson related to astrology. I can easily calculate them even without a software, but I depend upon software so that the manual calculations will take around 3 days.

I was never bothered about my academics, and I never had any dream to be a doctor or engineer. Frankly speaking, I never had any high ambitions about myself. I never wanted to participate in the competition of any kind in the society. Such a child will be a headache for any parent and she/he will be counted as a black sheep in the family as I was. The one thing I was interested since my childhood was getting connected to the multi-dimensional realm. I am grateful to the convent school education that they gave me a great interest in the concept of God. My family atmosphere was not that religiously connected and my dad was a strong atheist. He used to tell me and my bro ‘There are too many gods in the world, but no godliness or humanity. This world needs good humans try to be that if you can”. There were no restrictions at my home to learn any religion. Even from my childhood, I started learning Geeta, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Bible, Quraan and I have even read antichrist and devil worship books. I was so, so drawn to that multi-dimensional details and I was so zealous in gaining more and more knowledge about it.

My dad has a library at home, it has around 300 books including, novels, political literature, historical details, biographies, astrology, palmistry and the list go on. Now also, my dad buys books and I also buy a book and I have a small library of my own. I told my husband as we are on constructing our house, we should have a library at home even if we don’t have a prayer room. We can combine library and prayer room. I may be spending my time there reading and doing my astrology work. I think I was in 7th standard I found a book about palmistry in my dad ‘s library written by the most successful palmist “Cheiro” and that’s can be said as a stepping stone to my life as a professional in mystical sciences. I started reading this book day and night and I hide this book under my coat, so that no one could find it. I was reading and testing it in my own family members. I understood that this technique is working so well because I knew the life of my family members, so it was easy to analyze. I tested that with my friends and there also it was working. I started loving the subject so much my mom found that I am spending time with “Cheiro” and after that I never saw that book. I remember I was so good at palmistry but later I start forgetting that slowly, but now also when someone opens their palm, like in public even in a quick glance I am able to say at least 10 facts from their life.
Interest towards astrology also developed during school days but of course after I started forgetting “Cheiro”. I truly don’t remember which book I read first, but at some point of time, I started reading “Linda Goodman” .I got through my school and I had an insight that I will become a media person. I loved learning language and literature I told my parents don’t put me in a science group, my mind is delicate and I can’t learn physics or chemistry. During those days, media job was not considered as an ideal profession for ladies even though we all loved Ms.Sarla Maheshwari, Ms. Usha Albuquerque, and Ms. Rini Khannaa. My dad was so crazy and put me in science group and I could not do better. Even though I had a strong yoga to be a surgeon in my astrology chart. Now I think that yoga is for my profession in alternative medicine which I am learning now. I am not joking, I am telling you I can look at the face and find whether this person has a physical ailment. Astrological information is just a value addition for that skill.

Well, I somehow got through my pre-university and then my parents understood that I can’t be a doctor as they wish. I spend 1 year in doing BA English lit. I was the topper in my class. Trust me. My teachers were so so fond of me and they used to encourage study well you will be the topper in the university. I dunno whether to curse or say kudos to myself about leaving that degree class for LL.B. I never liked my law classes. I was never interested in that subject, I just got through the entrance exam, and it is a professional course my parents were proud about me for the first time in their life LOL …..that’s the only reason I went there. I literally hated that environment. I even thought of going back to my degree class……… but I could not. I never had any dreams about my classmates or colleagues or never wanted to be a lawyer. The only interest was the multidimensional realms, super god, extra-terrestrials, ghosts, para normal experiences, astrology, spirituality, philosophy, and of course charity. When I write this you should not think that I was a sinless pure soul, who was only connected to god, it was not at all like that. I have always realized that I am such an arrogant, impatient, lustful, and disobedient and the list go on.
Maybe it is god’s call, I got a chance to study theology during my second year of law. I used to see those gals, doing charity work and always smiling at me and friends. I went with them and there the theology life started. Then I never looked back. Because those were the type of people whom I wanted to interact with, those were the people whom I wanted to spend time with, those were the people whom I wanted to spend my life with……but none of them were astrologers or they never liked astrology. So I had to shut my astrology knowledge here as well. Long years of theology life taught me various shades of spirituality, human nature, charity, forgiveness, humility and my challenge was to be humble, control my lust, and to be obedient. Life of a true theologian is not easy, god will test our faith like anything. He will take us through all the temptation and if we successfully overcome it, there is a place for us in heaven. Guys, I look only at eternal life even though I have my own share of challenges also.

I joined my theology and I lost my entire interest in legal studies. I got married during the second year from to my classmate in theology class. During all these years I was learning more and more astrology combined with theology and I felt there is a great connection between both subjects. In my opinion, astrology is a divine subject and the purity in the personal life of the astrologer will definitely influence his predictions. Theology compels the astrologer to be pure and to repent of his sins and astrology throws light on his life and about the possible situations which can come up in his life. That’s my take on this. I don’t believe in remedies as I think we humans are really nothing in front of this universe and issues and problems should be confronted with faith, prayer and action.

It was in 2007 after my second child my astrology career started. I dunno why and how I started meeting psychics and astrologers in my life for the first time. That great personality from Kollywood was my husband’s friend. He doesn’t want to reveal himself as a psychic and a mystic but he gave me a great reading because I was little discouraged with my personal life. After he gave that reading I became so hopeful and started thinking “why can’t I do this? I also know it.” There I started my astrology journey, my husband, parents or my kids never knew that I was an astrologer. I never felt like telling them. My husband literally hates astrologers even though he has never been to an astrologer. It was during my mercury – Saturn dasa. Then more troubles were waiting for me because my Ketu dasa was starting. Ketu is in the 3rd house astrology so those troubles were a reason to bring out the astrologer in me. My Ketu –Sun time that was in 2012 November transformed to proclaim myself as an astrologer. I had so many trials starting from my Mercury dasa till Ketu -Venus dasa in 2012 November came to an end as soon as I started helping more and more people through theology and astrology. Yes, there were disheartening experiences after that, but I can say now, at present I am much much happy and contended than even in my life. I hope things will get better every day as I am more prayer full and begging for god’s mercy. Falling at his feet and praising him for showing his glory to me. For giving an opportunity to be what I am and to find myself, the real self.

I always knew that I will never become a big shot in a corporate environment. I am not interested in that worldly status or recognition. I have never chased any human or comforts in my life. I strongly believe if something is destined written for me, those things will come to me. Let it be blessings, people, emotions, wealth or curses. I will never chase anything in my life. If something god has decided for me, that will come to me and the universe will conspire to bring those things to me.

Still my parents or my family members are not that aware that I am an astrologer or I am writing in portals. They have found me crazy and out of this world. And when someone say” she is a crazy lady” I really love that statement. Because I never wanted to go with the flow. All I wanted is satisfaction from being human and do good for those people who need it. We are just nothing but we should try the best to reach that perfection where God can choose us when comes with all his glory. I am fine if I am crazy, poor or ugly because these are the standards of human beings. I firmly believe, even though I am not a perfect person, I have some place in God’s palace even as a servant and that’s enough for me.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.