The History of Astrology: Jamie’s Insights

The History of Astrology

Astrology is a subject that has generated a whole lot of controversies in recent times. While some group of persons see it as a healthy science others regard it as a complete waste of time. There is really little you can do when you consider such sentiments because everyone is entitled to their opinion.


Astrology is a science that has existed for a very long time, much longer than you can imagine. Digging a little deeper, the history of astrology has been an area of interest to those who happen to be supporters of the subject. Describing the origin of astrology will be the main focus of this post. This article will be equally shedding more light on the different types of astrology and how they relate with various cultures.


By the time you are done reading this post, you would have had a better understanding of what astrology is all about, what it is being used for as well as The History of Astrology. Just be religious enough to take note of every detail and you can get a better understanding of how astrology has come to be.

What is Astrology?

Before taking a dive into the history of astrology, it will be more rewarding if you understand what astrology is all about. Most persons mistake astrology for some other practice.  Astrology is a science that is carried out to help predict the future. Those who have specialized in this science are known as astrologers. It is believed that these astrologers make use of the stars, and other planetary bodies to predict the future of certain events.


You may probably be asking how this is even possible. Well, while you may have a right to your question, you must understand that there are people who see themselves as helpless without the help of these astrologers.


The history of Astrology

A good number of those in the community of astrologers in the world believe that this science originated from ancient Babylon. The Babylonians simply had a chart that helped them to predict the re-enactment of a particular event. After the Babylonians had mastered this practice for a while, they thought it wise to pass the knowledge onto the Greeks.


The Greeks actually learnt the Babylonian astrology in the 4th century B.C. The Greek faithful who devoted their time to this study were fellows like Aristotle, Plato, and some others. It was after this Greeks had understudied the practice from the Babylonians that astrology became a science. That is right, it was initially considered as an ordinary practice.


The Greeks mostly used it to bring some kind of calm whenever there was any chaos in the society. It was equally useful in predicting weather conditions as well as agricultural seasons. It was further used for the prediction of natural disasters. The prediction of war was not left out, as they used it predict wars between nations.  Other forms of astrology are believed to attributed to Greek influence.


Astrologers kept seeing themselves as more important because they used their knowledge of the future to advise individuals in leadership positions on what to do. Like it has been rightly stated above, there are persons who can hardly make any decisions without the help of these astrologers.


The topic of astrology will be incomplete without drilling down on Zodiac. The zodiac is a Greek word which means circle of animals. Astrologers believe it has originated and developed from the early Egypt. The Babylonians were the next to practice the zodiac. These set of astrologers were simply taking advantage of the lunar cycles (which is also known as months). They simply understood it was going to take twelve months for the sun to assume it initial position. They finally spotted 12 constellations that were linked with the seasons. They ended up assigning various names to these seasons.


The zodiac signs are basically divided into four major groups: fire signs, water signs, earth signs and air signs.



This is a map that represents various zodiac signs with the earth placed at the center. The horoscope simply represents different positions of the various planetary bodies at different times of the day. This is the reason astrologers do not make use of the normal clock, rather they make use of suns position to determine their time.


For astrologers to be effective in their quest they simply matched a desired date or location to a list of positions of the various planetary bodies like the moon, stars and sun in order to create a horoscope chart.


It is a good thing that technology has been very helpful in this regards, as astrologers no longer need to make use of their handwritten lists to be able to make a prediction. It has now been recently built into applications that work with databases. All these innovations really make the work of astrology much easier.


Is Astrology Real?

Having gone through all these illustrations, it will be natural for anyone with an inquisitive or curious mind to ask if the science of astrology is even possible. It is really okay for anyone to ask such a question because believing that astrology is true is one thing, and trying to understand how it works is entirely another thing.


The astrologers have been widely accepted into our society, and that is what matters at the moment. Trying to understand the intricacies behind the science for purely argumentative purposes will be a complete waste of time. Looking back at history, this science looks like something that is going to keep growing in leaps and bounds.


You may have stumbled upon this platform with little or no knowledge on the subject. However, because you have gone through this write up you must have known a thing or two about astrology. A thorough understanding of The History of Astrology and what it is used for can be a good ingredient in making you to know more about the subject. Taking advantage of this science is definitely going to be of great benefit to astrologers judging by the current events taking place in our today’s world.


About the Author

My name is Jamie Slack.  I am a professional Western Astrologer.  I am based in the United Kingdom.

I first studied the foundations of astrology when I was 16 years old.  Throughout the years I have advanced my knowledge, especially in the areas of natalsynastry and predictive astrology. What was first a hobby then become an obsession, spending many hours doing astrological readings for people from all walks of life.  Astrology is a fascinating subject, I created a blog called JKS Astrology to share my knowledge and passion for it.  I also dedicate many hours to astrology research to improve my techniques further.


Another Zabardast Blog From My Handsome Friend and Very Skilled Astrologer Sourabh Soni


Secret of Maha Dasha in Astrology By Sourabh Soni













Sorry guys I know this time I have taken long time for this article and this is happened only because I am also writing astrology movie script which is more important for me than astrology, but it does not mean that I have forgot you peoples… No…and even when i will quit astrology in future or you can say very soon, then too I will be with you people always, so don’t think I forgot you and even it will never happen…Anyways thanku all peoples those sending me feedback’s, thanks for your love and support as your feedback’s are bringing me back here and insisting me to write another article…!!

Here I am going to write about Maha Dasha System of Vedic astrology and going to share my own nano experience and knowledge about Astrology Dasha system so I hope you are going to like it, anyways let’s start discussion on Maha Dasha –

Maha and Dasha both are Hindi words which means Major time Period –

Maha = Major

Dasha Time Period

Means one planet going to rule your life for long time but for specific time and will affect your life as per their karmic strength.

Note – As we know that planets signifies our karma hence I used the word karmic strength instead of any other mathematical term of astrology.

Here the first question which comes in my mind is that “Why the Dasha system in Vedic astrology has been introduced by ancient Sages”???

So answer is, whenever you catch any astrologer or judging your own horoscope and when you see any good or bad promises in your horoscope, so the first question which comes in your mind is “When that good or bad event is going to take place in your life”

Or your question could be anything like when I will get marry, when I will get promotion, When I will be rich, when I will get a car or house…and so many such other questions which starts from “ When “ –











So answer of your “When” is hidden in Dasha system, if there is no Dasha system in astrology then you can’t track timing of any good or bad events which is going to affect your life.


And if I clarify Dasha system karmically then you can say like, Dasha systems tells when your good or bad karma will affect you which are coming in the form of an events into your life, so timing any good or bad event without Dasha is almost impossible in astrology system.
As per karma, each one faces good or bad time in their life, few becomes successful and few becomes flop, because you and your life both are associated with time, if your time is favoring you can kick the world but if your time is not favoring you, entire world will start kicking your ass, so success or failure in life just signifies power of time…!!!












Nothing comes before or after time, only we peoples are making mistakes to read events otherwise nothing wrong with astrology, everything is written in perfect manner however calculative part of astrology is so vast that everyone is not capable to handle that mathematics.

Another important point about Dasha system is, you can’t change the time of events even through astrology remedies, as Dasha is purely based on exact longitude of moon which is fixed so changes in sequences of Dasha system or event timing is not possible, so even by hook or by crook you can’t change time…!!!
















Each coin has two aspect, so you can say like if life is a coin and your birth chart is one aspect of that coin then time (Dasha) is just another aspect of that coin, and that coin will work only when both the aspect are proper and equally playing their role.

People those believing on their own strength and caliber always ending up life creating their own written destiny, such peoples never waste their time to judging raja yoga, neither judging dhan yoga, nor focusing on any alluring dream promised by horoscope, they just have one specific target in life and they know very well how to achieve it, however world has varieties of people and everyone has their own mind set.

I have seen many miser people living middle or lower class life always seeking luck however throughout life they just feel blockage around them.

























Time never says that I am going to make you flop, or never making any promising for higher success for anyone, however anyone who is respecting time so time is also respecting them by fulfilling their desire and fully supporting them by open arms.

I know you might be thinking this article is about Maha Dasha then why I am describing meaning of “Time” again and again, so my dear friends each year you get something or you lose something, so actually “Your life is nothing but journey with the time”, and that time is described as Dasha system in astrology….!!!












Sages has narrated many Dasha system in Vedic astrology but most trustable system is Vimshottari Dasha as peoples are using it worldwide and getting far better results than other Dasha systems, so we are going to discuss about Vimshottari Dasha only, however I will describe rest other Dasha system also in my separate upcoming articles.
As I said above, Dasha is purely based on exact longitude of moon which is fixed however during birth only starting point is changing as per moon position.

Should I clarify more??…. Okay

Sign occupied by moon during birth known as your birth moon sign (Janam Rashi), Nakshatra occupied by moon at the time of birth known as Birth Nakshatra, and on the basis of birth Nakshatra lord your Dasha gets calculated, which gets denoted as balance Dasha, So basically there is no change in basic Dasha sequence which start from Ketu however due to moon position during birth in horoscope balance Dasha lord keeps changing.

Well, do you know meaning of Balance Dasha???

I means to say there are nine planets in Vedic astrology and all nine planets have own time period but why specific planet becoming your balance Dasha lord, or in other words you can say why journey of your life starting with specific planet only???

Yes it’s a biggest birth secret and mostly peoples ignoring it because each one just want to see whether upcoming Dasha is going to give them result of raja yoga or not, whether will they get money or not…But I have seen most respected and senior astrologers always focus here first because balance Dasha is first brick of Vimshottari Dasha system.

As per your birth details when you generate your birth chart so you also gets Dasha report along with it to track your life events, and in that report you can see that you have got birth in the balance Dasha of specific planet….















So my question is still same, why have you born in balance Dasha of specific planet only???

Anyways as far as I know I am going to clarify that, as we know nobody gets full first Dasha at the time of birth and there is always something remain which is known as balance (But where that remain balance goes).

Lol… It is said that, In your previous birth you have utilized that Dasha and whatever remain comes as balance Dasha, so this theory gives another question is that “is it the same Dasha in which you died in your previous birth”???

Right now I can’t say 100 % accurately because I am still searching few more proof however still I can say my almost answer is “Yes”.

Because in any horoscope you always found balance Dasha lord associated with one of the Trikona house or with one of Trikona lord, even if you have born in the Dasha of Rahu and Ketu then too either they will be associated with Trikona houses or with one of Trikona lord (through placement, conjunction, or aspect), I am going to clarify this point more in my upcoming articles.

So whenever you are judging Maha Dasha so always check what is that balance Dasha lord doing in your horoscope, check carefully what that planet bringing for you in your horoscope.

It will reveal many of your previous life birth secrets…!!!

Now let’s discuss little about mathematical part of Maha Dasha system –

As we know constellations (Nakshatra) are the main base of Dasha system, and first Nakshatra starting from zero Aries which is known as Ashwini ruled by Ketu, so sequence of Maha Dasha system also gets start by Ketu, refer below table –















As we know there are nine planets and 27 constellations (Nakshatra) in Vedic astrology, and each planet rules 3 Nakshatra (9×3=27).

Refer table and planet section as Maha Dasha comes in same sequence which is starting from Ketu and ending with mercury, now refer ruling time period of planets in same table mentioned in last column, and if you sum up all time ruled by nine planet then it would be 120 year.

So yes, in Vimshottari Dasha system life of the person is considered 120 year, however no one lives till 120 year at present time.

So all 27 constellation completing 360 circle [Set1+Set-2+Set-3 (120+120+120) = 360].

You might be thinking when no one crossing even first set of 120 year then what is the use of set-2 and set – 3????

So answer is, each one does not born in same sequence which is starting from Ketu because it’s all depends on placement of moon in the birth chart (means dasha sequence is fixed but starting point may change due to moon Nakshatra position), and during birth time moon could be in any Nakshatra out of 27 so your Maha Dasha starts with respective set of Nakshatra and with its lord.

Like an example, if in your horoscope moon placed in Bharani Nakshatra so your balance Dasha lord would be Venus, if placed in Swati then balance Dasha lord would be Rahu and if placed in Dhanishta Nakshatra then your journey of life will start with balance Dasha of mars, like in this way you can calculate your balance Dasha lord however in modern time almost all software doing this work so you just need to check your horoscope report to refer Dasha.


If you are still not getting then feel free to write me or do Google to understand this mathematical part of Dasha system as it’s available over internet, and here you just focus on concept only. 
So Ketu has Dasha of 7 year, after that Venus 20 years, after that Sun 6 year, after that moon 10 year, after that mars 7 years, after that Rahu 18 years, after that Jupiter 16 years, after that Saturn 19 years, and finally mercury 17 years, These are major ruling time period of the planets.

However each Vimshottari Dasha period is further sub divided into nine sub periods which are known as Antar Dasha (Also known as Bhukti), and Antar Dasha period is also further sub divided into nine more sub periods known as Pratyantar Dasha, and Pratyantar Dasha is subdivided into Suksham Dasha, and Suksham Dasha has been divided into Pran Dasha Further, So overall you can say any event whether its small or big is depends on five Dasha periods which are –



















So when these five Dasha (Or you can say planets which are also known as dasha lord and bhukti lords) meets under each other, they bring an event in one’s life.















However many astrologer using Maha Dasha, Antar Dasha and maximum Pratyantar Dasha but avoiding using Sukshma Dasha and Pran Dasha, but Why????

And to get this answer you have to understand the meaning of these five Dasha’s in astrology system and again to understand meaning of these five Dasha you have to understand first what the meaning of event is???

So let’s describe events first –

Marriage is an event, getting job is an event, death is an event, winning any award is an event, getting child is an event, meeting an accident is an event…. Getting a house or a car is an event, and other such small or big situation causing pain or joy in our life known as events…

So my first question is, for all above said events one day is enough…then what is the use of rest Dasha’s (Antar, Pratyantar, Sukham, Pran) under Maha Dasha???

Because Maha Dasha is very long time but for marriage one day is enough, and even to die one day is enough, So how will you feel when astrologer says you are going to get marry in Venus Mahadasha, or you are going to die in the Mahadasha of Saturn, So Venus has Mahadasha of 20 years and Saturn has Mahadasha of 19 years, so do you think you need 20 year to get married or 19 year to die???

Note – Getting die or other such events required just few min’s sometime, however we are considering one day for each such events just like as approximate time.

So answer is “No”, Basically alone Maha Dasha can’t answer any question….!!!


To minimize this long Maha Dasha time period in astrology we are using Antar Dasha system, So Venus Antar Dasha time is 3 year and 4 month (1217 days) and Saturn Antardasha is approx. 3 years and 2 month (1157 days), so finally 20 year of Venus and 19 years of Saturn time has minimized into approx. 3 yr. and few month.

But still we are not getting our proper answer because again 3 year is quite long time, So Pratyantar Dasha comes into play here and it reduces that 3 year time into few months only and to reduce this few months into specific time we are using suksham Dasha, but to get specific time of events we need to use Pran Dasha….!!!

So basically using Antardasha, Pratyantar Dasha, Suksham Dasha and Pran Dasha is nothing but system of minimizing the longer time of Maha Dasha.

Like If one Maha Dasha have many years, then Antar Dasha reducing this time into few specific years, Pratyantar Dasha reducing this time again from few years to few months, And suksham Dasha is reducing this few month to specific month, and finally using Pran Dasha you can get that exact near about time of any events.


So finally you have to apply this deeper calculation from Maha Dasha to Suksham Dasha if you have to point out any event exactly –















Note – I never used suksham Dasha and Pran Dasha so can’t tell ruling time of both, however if you want to know then use Google to search…!!
Now the another question which comes in mind if we can locate near about time or specific dates of any event then why many astrologers (including me) are not using sukshma Dasha and Pran Dasha??

So answer is, even difference of few second in your birth time creates huge difference in sukshma dasha & pran dasha calculation, hence non accuracy of time is main reason behind avoiding these lower Dasha’s and maximum astrologers avoiding sukshma & Pran Dasha due to inaccuracy of birth time only, as only highly expert person like Sir K.N. Rao using these sukshma & Pran Dasha because he is an expert in rectifying horoscopes till exact degree, however we people are just like a newborn baby in astrology.

However without Sukham dasha and pran dasha astrologers are still predicting “Near about time” successfully by using Mahadasha, AntarDasha, and Pratyantar Dasha only.
So here in this article we will discuss about MahaDasha and AntarDasha only.

Whenever any MahaDasha starts so first Antar Dasha of under any Mahadasha belong to MahaDasha lord itself and same happens for other bhukti’s also, later one by one rest eight planets comes in sequence to give their result under MahaDasha lord.













Do you know importance of Maha dasha lord???

Yes, Maha Dasha has prime importance into Dasha system because one planet through Maha dasha rule your life for longer time period and affecting you according to their placement and position in to your horoscope.

Apart from Mahadasha lord rest 8 planets also giving their result during their bhukti’s under Mahadasha lord but still Mahadasha lord have its own importance and influence, basically Maha dasha lord is nothing but prime ruler for specific time into your life.

You can understand above concept in another way, like we have several government officers and ministers those are ruling our country but still Narendra Modi is prime minister and known as top ruler of India so power and influence of Narendra Modi is quite strong than other ministers.

Like in USA there are many other government officers and ministers but still President Barack Obama is the top ruler, and no one can go against him till the time he is on power.

Note – Narendra Modi is prime minister of India (as on 2016), and Barack Obama is president of United States (as on Apr 2016).

So same happens in astrology also, Means till the time Mahadasha is runningso Mahadasha lord is in power, or you can say Mahadasha lord is main in charge of your horoscope till the time Mahadasha is going on.
















Like if you have one or two good yoga causing planet in your birth chart but if they are enemy of Mahadasha lord or not fulfilling the required criteria from the angle of Mahadasha lord, then they planet can’t deliver their auspicious result just because Mahadasha lord is not allowing them to deliver.


So can you think to get higher success in life in above scenarios?? …..NO….Never….!!!












Anyways, are you aware about Mapping of Mahadasha system in astrology???

Yes, Mapping has all answer of your questions related to “success in professional life”.

Let me clarify it more –

Do you know, 50 % of your life success depends on Maha Dasha only???

Remember here I am not talking about life, here I am talking about “Success in Life”.

Now suppose, an average lifespan of each person is approx. 80 Year, and we also know that first 20 year of life cycle are reserved for study only, however actual life starts after education life when person gets degree and moving from education life to professional life.

And last 20 year also gets reserved for old age so if we are cutting 20 year for childhood and 20 year for old age from 80 year life, then what remain is only mid 40 year….So who is ruling that 40 year of midlife??, because your professional success will purely depend on them…!

Note – Politics is only a field which is little exceptions as in politics mostly peoples gets in power even after age of 70-80 (Like Atal Bihari Bajpayi) and as we know that out of billions only one become prime minister or president however for remain 99.9 % public midlife is very important, few also become business tycoon or rich in old age but again ratio is very less as its happens with only one or two from millions, hence here we will discuss about mid 40 year only.

From 21 year to till 60 year (which is approx 40 year) if you could not do anything significant in these mid 40 years of life, then you are just going to lose time, as year by year time will pass away and you will become flop in life.















So Mahadasha coming in midlife is always very prominent, because this is only time when either person become super flop or becoming celebrity by just crossing all obstacles.


And success and failure is just a game of planets because no matter how strong your horoscope is, if Dasha system is not supporting horoscope then getting higher success in professional life becomes questionable.


Note – Basically in each birth chart Mahadasha is always mapped correctly by destiny because it is delivering result of both good or bad karma, however I want to say correct dasha mapping means dasha of favorable planet should be mapped into midlife when person jump into professional life from education life because that is the time when each one looking higher professional success.


I know now you might be thinking, how to check whether Dasha system is supporting your horoscope or not???

So I would like to say again this answer is hidden under mapping system of Dasha, anyways just keep reading you will get your answer automatically.

See basically, Lagna charts gives you promises, divisional charts confirm fulfillment of that promises and Dasha tells when they promises are going to be fulfill…!!

But here main question is, each one has own life pattern and few born in lower or middle class family remains lower or middle class man throughout life and even till the death,
















And this is happen due to incorrect mapping of Dasha and missing transit on specific point.

Note – Some time lower class person remain lower class till last age, few lives very common and similar life (Like getting education, then joining government job, then getting marry, then kids and managing their life, later retirement and final death, so nothing big in life however few comes for a purpose in earth like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda etc, few born in lower class family achieve great height in life, so basically they have got a life pattern and each one has their own life pattern), so Judging life pattern in another concept which I am going to clarify in one of my upcoming article.


Incorrect mapping means “Dasha should be in sequence as per the promises in horoscope” 

Suppose in any horoscope yoga karaka is exalted and well placed and forming many Yoga’s which means yoga karaka planet is signifying many promises for successful career in birth chart however Dasha of yoga karaka planet is either missing or in many cases I have seen that Dasha of yoga karaka planet either coming very early in life or coming very late like in old age when it has no use, because if yoga karaka planet has to perform well, then its mandatory to get Mahadasha of yoga karaka planet in mid age.

Note – Maha Dasha of yoga karaka planet or any other favorable planet coming in old age can also give you gains or success but what is the meaning of such success because if you spending entire life in poverty or misery???, actually such Dasha is known as compensation given by the destiny, so if you need a good life then focus on midlife is required.

See basically in each horoscope, each planet have their own capability in vedic astrology –


















And all planet can’t be good and strong or same time all planet can’t be bad or weak in any horoscope, so few will be strong and positive always and few will be weak and negative, So If your horoscope is promising few great yoga and that Dasha’s are coming in the right age, means if you getting two or three Maha Dasha of positive and strong planet then without any doubt you will become successful person, even one big positive Mahadasha of supportive planet in midlife is enough capable to give you great career heights.













However no matter how professionally successfully you are since childhood, just one bad Mahadasha is enough to block success from life, and can give huge fall.

Then such promises of horoscope known as false promises of horoscope, because horoscope is promising many Yogas and success in life but the planets those causing that yoga are not coming with their Maha Dasha in midlife, and this is only a reason that maximum raja yoga does not work in modern time due to incorrect mapping of Dasha and missing transit, because if dasha is not coming so it would be like planets have got their job which they are signifying in birth chart however they are not getting time to perform.


So mapping of Maha Dasha according to promises available in your horoscope is very important and almost giving a clear indication about successful, medium class or flop life.

Because correct mapping of Dasha signifies result of your good deeds are coming in right manner and on correct time in the form of life success…!!!





















I hope now you understand meaning of  “ Maha Dasha Mapping” in astrology system.


Should I share few example of Maha Dasha mapping???

Okay I am giving you two examples of celebrities, like each one knows Sachin Tendulkar and Saif Ali Khan in India and even in abroad also people recognizing them as both are indian celebrities, I am not publishing their horoscope here because article is already too long and still I have to use few more images as example here, so if you want to see their horoscopes then please refer my previous written articles where I have used their horoscope.

Now see – Sachin Tendulkar has Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu four debilitated planets in his horoscope, and Sun and mars exalted, Sachin Tendulkar wanted to become a cricketer, Sachin was born in 3 year, 1 month and 8 days balance Dasha of Venus (Which is sitting in 10th house with Sun and connected with Trikona lord Mars through aspect), after that sun Maha Dasha came in his life which is always very small Maha Dasha of six year, after sun Dasha, next moon Maha Dasha came in his life when he became 9 year old when he started developing interest in cricket world, when he 19 year old his exalted mars Maha Dasha (Mars is karaka for cricket) started where he got tremendous glory and worldwide recognition as mars in sitting in 7th house with Jupiter in exalted sign, After that Rahu Maha Dasha started and if you check in D-10 chart then Rahu is exalted and sitting with mars in 10th house of Dashmasa chart.

So actually if you see his life then his glory has started from mars Maha Dasha and meet an end in Rahu Maha Dasha which is going to end in 2017. Mars Dasha was excellent for his career when he got massive success and become Indian highest century hitter, however Rahu Maha Dasha given glory as being exalted in 10 house of D-10 but debilitated in D-1 so also delivered many setbacks, so that was power of Maha Dasha mapping because can you think if instead of exalted mars if he was getting Maha Dasha of debilitated mercury or debilitated Ketu in that time so can he become such a great emperor of cricket world???
Answer is no….Never…!!!

Take another example of Saif Ali khan, the Indian film star who has born in Nawab family, and wished to become a film star, Saif Ali khan was born in the balance Dasha of Moon which is sitting in 8th house of inheritance and getting an exalted aspect of mars from second house, so by birth he received large inheritance as mars and Moon connection makes Laxmi yoga in Vedic astrology, After moon Dasha he faced Maha Dasha of mars, and after mars Mahadasha Rahu Dasha was started, as if you check his birth chart where Rahu placed in 9th house in Mool Trikona sign and getting aspected by two benefic Jupiter and mercury however in D-10 chart Rahu is exalted in 3rd house of media, and after Rahu next Dasha was Jupiter which is occupied own fiery ninth sign and sitting in 10th house of D-10 and sitting in 5th house in D-1 and getting exalted aspect of Saturn.

So basically he has Saturn, Mars, and Venus debilitated in his chart, and Dasha of debilitated planet is always questionable, but as Dasha mapping was perfect and he got favorable Dasha of Rahu (Rahu is karaka of glamour), & Jupiter (which is sitting in 5th house of film in D-1) and both are well placed in D-10 so they both have settled his life.


So who is ruling your midlife means Maha Dasha after the age of 20 and before age of 60, so these 40 years is very important in life.

If Maha Dasha has been mapped properly and fulfilling the promises done by birth chart, then “Yes” you can live big or royal life.

Because each Mahadasha lord along with sub lords signifies a plan and going to act as per placement and power in birth chart.




















Hence Dasha mapping is very important in astrology, and almost in each horoscope mapping of Dasha is almost giving clear indication of “how successful your professional life would be”…so mapping always should be in sequence and as per the horoscope promises…!!!

Because each horoscope has good or bad planet both (All planet can’t be good), so if as per horoscope Dasha of unfavorable planet is coming in midlife, which is almost a clear indication of struggle, however even single one big Mahadasha is enough capable to give settlement in life.

















Now let’s discuss something about karmic system working behind Maha Dasha –

As I always discuss little karmic part of astrology in my each article, so I would like to discuss here too, Well, do you know why people gets such a huge successful Dasha, or few only gets half profit, so what is the karmic reason behind that ???

However before disclosing this secret you have to understand the meaning of successful Dasha first along with few more little karmic concepts, so let’s discuss that first –

So if anyone gets huge money, fame, power and status in any specific time periods (In astrology this time known as Dasha), so we can say that it was result of favorable Dasha.

As we know our life is purely based on previous life karma and as I mentioned above that Dasha merely signifies time of your karma manifestation (It could be good or bad depends on horoscope).

So what brings fame, money, power & status in life???

Note – I am not talking about planetary combinations here, I am just talking about karma responsible for such things.

So answer is – The karma which you do for yourself only, reward of that karma will affect you only, and the karma which you do for others so rewards of such karma comes as raja yoga in horoscope which signifies worldly recognition and gaining respect and honor from others because your karma now affecting others life and you are gaining something through others…

Because if I ask what is basic meaning of power and status, so answer is also very simple when you get power or any status in society or in your work area so your decision will impact others life too, that is the only meaning of power and Status where you gets authority to influence others life because after gaining power you become decision maker.

I am also giving few more examples so that you can understand karmic reason of correct Maha Dasha mapping….but don’t apply it blindly as I am just giving an example for your understanding only –

Basically one MahaDasha delivering good or bad result of many karma’s that is the main reason under one MahaDasha rest other planets also comes to deliver their results. So as I said the karma which you do for yourself only so reward of that karma will affect your life only but these karma is not able to make you celebrity. Like one person born in middle class family getting education, joining job, getting married, running his family throughout life, fulfilling all family responsibility and later dying (basically it’s a pattern and almost 60 % of world population gets this pattern only), so when such souls gets next birth so they become enough wealthy to fulfill their responsibility of present birth, but as he didn’t do anything for needy peoples and never helped others or in short you can say that your karma has never impacted others life so how can you expect to become super rich or getting higher fame or high power and status in your life…and your birth chart along with Dasha mapping tells all these secrets… !!!


If there are many Yogas in Kundli but if you are not getting correct Dasha in correct time in life, which signifies unfulfilled promises of previous birth, however if raja yoga is available in birth chart and correct Maha Dasha coming in at the right time in life which is known as correct Maha Dasha mapping which is promising successful or may be royal life.

Because each horoscope has raja yoga, but each one does not become celebrity or getting higher success in profession life, and this happen due to improper Dasha mapping in your horoscope.

So If you have never did any karma which are influencing others life positively then how can you expect to rule others life.

You take an example of bill gates, Salman khan or anyone who is helping others, so what are they doing??

They are just changing others life and helping needy peoples, so destiny is rewarding them also, in such cases Maha Dasha comes in right time and peoples takes advantage of time and making their life big and royal.

Even small help of others never goes waste, and destiny rewards surely.

One more thing, “Whom you are helping and when you are helping” also makes huge difference, like if you helped 75 year an old man and donated money for his medical treatment and however after one year he died so overall your help benefited him just for a year, however if you helped an uneducated kid who is not able to get education and you paying his fees each year so overall you changed his entire life, so you will also get benefits according to it.

So Mahadasha is nothing but just a time signifying result of karma delivery, if past life positive karma is huge so Mahadasha will also rewards huge success, if karma is average so Mahadasha will be average and if karma was bad so Maha Dasha gives pain and sorrow, so correct Maha Dasha mapping in very important and it should be according to your horoscope.


Note – In any articles whatever karmic lesson I tells it’s just applicable for all, means for  male or female both, it does not matter if I am just writing “He” so female will not be affected…so karma and result of karma is same for both the genders.


Now the main article starts from here as I know everyone just want to judge their upcoming Maha Dasha and Antardasha, and whatever I have written above was just a theoretical part of this article, Now I will tell you the easy method to judging Dasha and Bhukti, but before discussing that I would like to share few important points which everyone should remember before judging any mahadasha and antardasha –

1 – Each events has a time so you will get everything on prescribed time according to your horoscope, nothing comes before or after time…!!!


















2 – Mahadasha of debilitated planet mostly signifies struggle if coming in childhood, it may give you few hardship to learn lesson from the life (because there is no better teacher than life) and debilitation is just a single factor, so never afraid from bad times because it was just a bad time not a bad life.


Note – Debilitated planet may perform very good if getting Bhanga and well placed in D-9, D-10 (But should not be debilitated in D-9 and D-10 again) and Dasha of debilitated coming is coming in later age, Like Narendra Modi become PM in the Maha Dasha of debilitated Moon, however moon was placed in 11th house in D-9 and D-10 both, and moon itself sitting with Mars in Lagna chart so getting Neech Bhanga, Hence Never fear just to see maha dasha of debilitated planet because overall analysis can tell you clear picture.

3 – Even Mahadasha of most benefic planet Jupiter may give severe hardship, so never judge Maha dasha on the basis of single factor.

4 – If Maha Dasha lord and Antar Dasha lord both are debilitated (Especially if both are enemy and debilitated in multiple Varga) then be little alert as these signifies little hardship.

5 – While judging Maha Dasha lord in Navamsha also check for Vargottam and Pushkar degree or Pushkar Bhag because it would be additional auspicious strength for Maha Dasha lord.

6 – Remember few pairs (Rahu+Ketu or Ketu+Rahu, Saturn+Venus or Venus+Saturn, Jupiter+Venus or Venus+Jupiter, Rahu+Saturn or Saturn+Rahu) whenever you are facing maha dasha or antar dasha under each other of these planets, always beware.

7 – Never be frightened too much if you see Mahadasha of 6th, 8th and 12th lord is coming because it’s just a single factor and there are lot of parameters required to give final answer.

8 – Even dasha of badly placed planet may produce some good result in few area, No dasha giving happiness throughout ruling time and same no dasha giving pains throughout ruling time, because there are several bhukti’s of other planet which also delivering their result under Mahadasha lord and each planet have their own power to influence your life.
















9 – First Bhukti (Sub period) under any Mahadasha belong to Mahadasha lord itself, and Maha dasha is very long time (Like Saturn 19 years, Venus 20 years, Mercury 17 years etc.) even if person facing favorable dasha so in most of the cases I have seen life does not change from the first day and sometime half of the Maha dasha passes away without giving anything significant, so just wanted to say don’t make your mood to get bad or good from any Mahadasha by the day one itself.

10 – Never expect everything from one mahadasha as there is no guarantee that Mahadasha lord will give you all what you are expecting from it, it will just give you only what it has decided to give you I mean it is just delivering result as per the promises in the horoscope.














11 – As lord of 2nd house and lord 7th house are known as Marak planet, however Dasha of Marak planet always does not give Marak effects, and apart from Marak effect they can also deliver something good or bad related to money, wealth and spouse or business as 2nd & 7th houses signifies many thing and dasha lord influencing everything which are coming under it.

12 – Dasha of the karaka planet during midlife is very important for the people those have specific aim, as it may trigger something prominent and desired success if well placed in D-1, D-9 & D-10, Like mars Mahadasha did for Sachin Tendulkar as mars is karaka for sports, So if anyone have specific aim then check if karaka dasha is coming during midlife. (Mercury is karaka for business, Venus is karaka for films and entertainment, Rahu is karaka for glamour, Sun is karaka for politics etc.).

13 – All nine bhukti’s (Antar Dasha) under any Maha Dasha can’t be good, so always apply all required parameters to judge which Antar Dasha is favorable under Maha Dasha from the angle of Maha Dasha lord.















14 – Yoga karaka planet always favorable in Maha dasha but to get 100 percent from yoga karaka planet its required to be away from malefic association in D-1, D-9 (which is possible rarely) because affliction reduces power of yoga karaka hence its very imp that yoga karaka should be away from malefic and should be mapped in middle age otherwise in many cases I have seen even dasha of yoga karaka planet is useless and not giving expected results….however in few cases even hopeless planet may give windfall success, so always judge carefully…!!!

15 – Exaltation and debilitation stage of planet is very important in Maha dasha system, because in maximum cases dasha of an exalted planet giving good result if placed in Kendra trikona however to get good result from dasha of debilitated planet (even placed in Kendra and trikona) several other good & supportive parameter required.

16 – Mahadasha of 10th lord or planet associated with 10th house of D-1 chart, if well placed in D-10 (Like occupied fire sign, sitting in 1st or 10th house of D-10) may promises great professional heights.

17 – Mahadasha of key planet is very important (key planet means which control your entire horoscope), this is something different concept which I will discuss in separate upcoming article.

18 – Retrograde planets are cruel but still Never underestimate the dasha of retrograde planet, yes this dialogue belongs to movie of Shahrukh khan and he became super star in the dasha of retrograde Jupiter only…that’s why I am using his dialogue… Even Salman khan, Amitabh Bachchan has become super star in Mahadasha of retrograde planet only, but it does not mean that each retrograde planet will do well in Maha dasha but my purpose behind writing this point is to say retrograde planet always not bad as I have seen many astrologers consider retrograde planet weak (I don’t know why) and treating them very horror.

19 – Varsha Phal is bit different concept then Mahadasha, as Maha dasha is all about major time period of specific planet, however Varsha phal means role and result of nine planet in a particular year, So don’t merge both the concept as Varsha phal has its own importance and getting used to see success or fall in specific year given by the nine planet.
















20 – During judgement of dasha also use transit because if dasha gives an event then transit activate that event… hence dasha and transit should be used together.

21 – Never forget that One day is enough to make or break your entire life… and this one day is hidden behind all five dasha means Maha dasha, Antar Dasha, Pratyantar Dasha, Sukshma Dasha & Pran Dasha, (means unless and until you are not calculating these all so you can’t track that event exactly).

22 – Final point is, No matter how good horoscope you have if time (Dasha) is not supporting you can’t rise anyhow, however no matter how weak horoscope you have, just one good favorable dasha is enough to give you sufficient rise, even if you are facing worse since childhood and not getting way to move further in life however if Mahadasha mapping is correct and favorable time coming in midlife, so it will give you a way to cross all obstacle.















But it’s always depends on the caliber of your horoscope whether dasha will give you windfall success or going to give an easy success which you deserve….!!!


Now let’s discuss the parameters which are require to judge any Maha Dasha and Antar Dasha, because if you are expecting good time in future then you have to judge below parameters – 

1 – Check Dasha lord behavior with Ascendant (whether it’s benefic for ascendant of malefic for ascendant)

2 – Check houses ruler ship of the planet along with their influence on other houses and planet.

3 – If Maha Dasha lord is getting aspected by another planet or conjunct with other planet then check that planet behavior with Maha Dasha lord.

4 – Check Maha Dasha and Antar Dasha lord situation in Navamsha chart (D-9 Chart), and also judge the same from moon chart (Chandra Kundli).

Note – Overall you can say first you have to judge Maha Dasha lord position and power in D-1 and D-9 both the charts.

5 – Where ever Maha lord is sitting, just make that house as ascendant and adjust remain planets in respective houses accordingly, and we are doing it just to see planetary house position from the angle of Maha Dasha lord.


6 – Now check other planetary houses position from Maha Dasha lord, whether they are sitting in Kendra Trikona places from each other, or forming any shad-Ashtak yoga.

Note – Shad Ashtak yoga means if any planet placed in 6th & 8th from Maha Dasha lord (Shad means Six & Ashtak means eight) so it means its forming Shad Ashtak relation with Maha Dasha lord, Shad Ashtak situation of any planet signifies little struggle and hardship.

7 – 2/12 position is also considered harmful so don’t ignore that too (Means if Antar Dasha lord placed in 12th house counted from Maha Dasha lord, means that planet is forming 2/12 position from Maha Dasha lord)…!!!

8 – Check if Maha Dasha lord is forming any Raja yoga or Dhan yoga or any bad yoga because during the Maha Dasha you may experience these result too but must check power of yoga before making any prediction (If it is Raja yoga then check how strong it is, and if its bad yoga check if any saving factor is available there which is reducing malefic effect of bad yoga), one more thing is that any yoga which is repeating itself in D-9 & D-10, and if Maha Dasha lord also causing two or more good yoga, and Dasha lord well placed in D-1, D-9, D-10 then yes such Dasha may bring something booming result for you…!!!


9 – During Maha Dasha judgement, be specific with your requirement from Dashalord, mostly males wants career heights from Maha Dasha and female focusing on marriages, few looking for power and status and few looking fame or money, So always be specific with your requirement as it will help you to focus on concern planet bhukti’s.



















10 – If you are judging Maha dasha with specific aim as mentioned in rule no-9, then please use concern divisional chart to get clearer picture, like if looking for marriage then please focus on D-9 chart, if looking for professional success, must judge dasha and Antar dasha lord position in D-10, if looking for power and status please use Ghatika lagna chart, If need fame then use Arudha, and use D-4 if query is related to buying home or car etc., So overall you can say judging Maha dasha and Antar dasha lord through concern divisional chart can give you specific answer related to success.























I am giving one example for marriage as these days many wants answer related to marriage only, See basically what happened when any Maha dasha comes, take an example of Venus and suppose Venus is sitting in fifth house of birth chart and aspecting 11th house through 7th aspect and we know that Venus Maha dasha is about 20 years, During entire Maha dasha of Venus fifth house and 11th house (even all the houses which are associated with Maha dasha lord) will be fixed. And first Antar dasha lord under Venus Maha dasha will be Venus itself, so it will influence 5th and 11th house, however when next Antar dasha comes under Venus Maha dasha and if that planet is associated with 2nd or 7th or 11th houses, then they can trigger events related to involve houses and marriage belongs to these houses only.

This happen for all Maha dasha and Antar dasha, means houses associated with Maha dasha lord will be fixed till entire Maha dasha however rest houses also comes in picture by Antar dasha & Pratyantar dasha lord and events related to concern houses comes into life.

By same method you can also judge profession like if Maha dasha lord Venus is sitting in 11th house and influencing 5th house however if Antar dasha lord also associated with 10th or 11th house so it may bring something good related to profession, and if Antar dasha lord is associated with 6th, 8th, and 12th houses along with 10th, then it may bring professional setbacks.

So main houses of Maha dasha lord are always fixed however as per Antar dasha lord remain houses also comes in picture one by one.


11 – Apply Dasha Varga concept.

Note – Almost each horoscope has raja yoga so most peoples judging Maha Dasha to see whether they are going to get effect of any raja yoga or not, so applying dasa Varga concept can tell you the level of raja yoga, Actually sometime its only dasa Varga tells whether Maha Dasha lord brining any raja yoga effect or just signifying fake promises in horoscope, anyways I have entire long article based on dasa Varga so will not discuss much here.

12 – Use Isht Phal & Kasht Phal Graph along with Shadbal to see Isht Phal and Kasht Phal Level of planet.

Note – Many peoples even those does not have any big aim in life and just living normal life and want to know just one answer whether my upcoming Dasha will be good or bad, So using Isht phal and Kasht phal graph you can get that answer(however its always not accurate hence use carefully), however still I would say where ever I have seen Dasa Varga and Isht phal, Kasht phal concept working, there I am getting finest result, So please don’t ignore, however if you want to know how to get dasa Varga, Isht phal and Kasht phal chart so please use “Jagannath Hora” as its free software, you will get all details in that software.

13 – Finally apply transit (Never ignore transit as it has its own importance).



















Many astrologers avoiding transit during Maha dasha judgement (I don’t know why) but it has its own importance, because the day you come in earth so in your horoscope everything is gets denoted as per your karma which you going to get in specific time (Dasha), So basically everything is fixed since the day of your birth and your dasha mapping is been done accordingly, hence we say that promises and dasha mapping is already fixed.

Suppose if you have bought a fridge and to run that fridge you would require electricity, so getting any promises is birth chart like a fridge and Maha dasha is like electricity then transit is like a power switch, and everyone knows that fridge and electricity is useless if Switch is not on.

As I written above, sometime what happened, there are many raja yoga’s are available in birth chart and Maha dasha is also coming but not delivering the promised result and this is happen because transit is missing on concern point, Because as I said everything is fixed since the day you born, when you reach on specific age of your life transit comes and activate the events, that’s why I said “Your life is nothing but journey with the time”.

I know many peoples are looking Raja yoga activation time in internet, so whenever this activation word comes in mind so always remember it’s purely depends on dasha and transit both, because if dasha brings an events in life then transit is just activating that so transit is nothing but an activation switch as your karma become activate through transit which you gets through dasha, but remember Transit cant give you which dasha is not promising and dasha cant give you which your horoscope is not promising.

14 – Now do evolution how many parameters your birth chart is fulfilling, if its fulfilling maximum then it’s good for you.































15 – Sometime it’s happen that your chart does not fulfill all required parameters or just fulfilling minimum or you can just one parameters –









Then too I would like to say don’t be sad, as just one day is enough capable to change your life, you just pray that one day falls under that bhukti.


Now let’s apply all above concept in one horoscope so it will make your all doubts clear –


Case Study











Refer above horoscope, we are judging Jupiter Dasha of this person as he has recently finished Jupiter Dasha so let’s apply rule number 1, 2, and 3 here, as Jupiter was the Maha Dasha lord which is ruling 6th and 9th house for cancer ascendant so as being ninth lord Jupiter considered benefic for this ascendant, Jupiter is sitting in 2nd house in Magha Nakshatra and conjuncted with 5th lord Mars and Rahu and both are also sitting in Magha Nakshatra but here we will consider Jupiter afflicted by Mars and Rahu, mars is on 00:34 degree and Jupiter is on 13:04 degree so they are bit far but Rahu is very close to Jupiter as sitting in 12:08, so forming very strong Guru Chandaal Yoga, refer his Maha Dasha table –













Person born under balance Dasha of mars (4 months 27 days) and Mars itself a Trikona lord and conjuncted with 9th lord in 2nd house.

Jupiter is sitting 3rd from moon chart which signifies self efforts, Actually Rahu should act little favorable here as connected with two Trikona lord in wealth house, however Rahu Dasha was started when he was just 4 month old and finished when he was 18 year and 4 months old however as Rahu influencing family house so during Rahu Maha Dasha person shifted to abroad with entire family, later his Jupiter Dasha started.

So till Venus Antar Dasha under Jupiter Maha Dasha nothing significant happened as he wanted to join film industry however did get desired success and started doing astrology, his main success came in Moon, Mars and Rahu sub periods so let’s move ahead and apply rest parameters, lets apply rule number 4 and judge maha dasha lord in navamsa –






In Navamsa chart, Maha Dasha lord Jupiter is sitting in 11th house with Rahu in exalted sign. Now apply rule number five here and where ever Dasha lord’s sits make that house as ascendant and adjust rest planet accordingly, In above case Maha Dasha lord Jupiter is sitting in 2nd house, So set second house as ascendant and adjust rest planets accordingly, So from the angle of Maha Dasha lord chart will be like below –






Now apply rule number 6 & 7 here and see how many planets are placed in Kendra Trikona from Maha Dasha lord Jupiter.

So here Mars, Rahu, Venus, Mercury and Ketu are placed Kendra position from Maha Dasha lord, Saturn is placed in 2nd house from Maha Dasha lord, Sun is in 3rd house and moon placed in 11th house, no planet is placed 6th, 8th and 12th house from the Maha Dasha lord, So that is other planetary position from the angle of Maha Dasha lord.


Now apply Rule number 8 & 9 in main birth chart, and check Maha Dasha lord forming Dhan yoga as being 9th lord conjuncted with another Trikona lord mars in 2ndhouse in main birth chart, Jupiter is also involve in Guru Chandaal yoga, Now we want to judge his professional success so let’s open D-10 chart also –







Note – Remember guys, there is a process to judge career in astrology and there is a way to read D-10 chart, so if you are judging profession so never jump on D-10 directly, however here I am just discussing on Maha Dasha factor hence using point to point conversation, so please keep the same in mind.


Now see his D-10 chart and check if any yoga repeating itself in D-1, D-9 and D-10??


Yes, Mercury and Venus Conjunction and Guru Chandaal Yoga is available in all, however in all three charts Jupiter is quite powerful so Jupiter have full control on Rahu, and if you see D-10 chart where Jupiter and Rahu occupied fiery sign Sagittarius in seventh house of masses.

Now use dasa Varga concept here and refer his Dasa Varga chart below –




If you see his dasa Varga chart, so actually Jupiter occupied highest five Vargas, means again Jupiter position is quite good here, Now use Isht Phal and Kasht Phal Table –





Here Jupiter has Higher Isht phal points and Lower Kasht phal point which is again good, and Jupiter is strongest planet is shadbal also, now if you doing evaluation so you can see clearly that Jupiter is fulfilling maximum required parameters.

Now see result of Jupiter Mahadasha on his life, As I said he wanted to join film industry, however didn’t get any desired success on starting Dasha of Jupiter, However his life started changing since 2009 when moon Dasha was started under Jupiter Dasha and he joined astrology, and Mars and Rahu Antar Dasha given him worldwide popularity along with money and Social Status in the field of astrology and person become great astrologer of modern time.

All happened due to perfect Dasha mapping as favorable Dasha of Jupiter came at right time in life and given settlement, His most of the success came in Antar Dasha of Moon, Mars and Rahu, however if you check D-1 and D-9 so all three planets are placed in Kendra and Trikona position from Jupiter (which is Maha Dasha lord), A Person who was struggling in career and didn’t get success in film industry, sudden got worldwide recognition with unexpected success in the field of astrology.


However if you thinking why he got success with such a strong social status in Jupiter Dasha and specially in the field of astrology instead of film industry, So refer his birth chart where Ghatika Lagna falling in 9th house and getting aspected by mars, ninth house where Ghatika Lagna falls is getting ruled by Maha Dasha lord Jupiter itself, again Ghatika Lagna associated with Navamsha Lagna and if we checking his D-10 (Profession) then Ghatika Lagna falling in 8th house (House of occult and astrology) of D-10 chart so power and status came in his life through occult, Overall his life story is quite clear.

I got this horoscope through one of my Canadian friend, as I was doing practical for my Ghatika Lagna article, so I thought to publish this horoscope as an example here, I wanted to publish few more horoscope but I can’t due to length of this article which is already exceeding blogger limit, but don’t worry I have few more article based on Maha Dasha so I will cover this gap through them.


Anyways keep doing karma, as planets are also dependent on us to act, because planets always required –












Now let’s discuss final point of this article –

Whenever you are tracking any major events or if any event which is visible in horoscope so always cross check the same through other Dasha system apart from Vimshottari Dasha, because locating any event through Vimshottari Dasha is just like using one angle, however using other Dasha system to track same events can give you exact confirmation as almost all expert astrologers using minimum three or more Dasha system to confirm one event, Hence apart from Vimshottari Dasha, you can use Ashtottari Dasha, Jaimini Dasha, yogini Dasha, Narayan Dasha etc.

Using multiple Dasha system is like checking one event through multiple angle, which is giving surety, because Vimshottari Dasha system is being used worldwide but still can’t answer everything with 100 % accuracy, otherwise sage Parashara had not introduced many other Dasha system in astrology if Vimshottari could answer all.


There are 3 more points about Maha Dasha which I am not sharing here right now as i would like to do little more research on them before writing so either I will update that points later in same article or will discuss on separate article.

Now conclusion, never ignore power of time because time is a real “Almighty” and have enough power to make a beggar to king and a king to a beggar.

When bad time came even great kings Pandava’s (Characters of Mahabharata) was working as slave, King Harish Chandra became Chandaal (Chandaal means a person working in funeral place).

Even take example from modern time, richest Subrat Rai Sahara is in jail (Imprisoned), Asharam Baapu lost his all-empire, Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya (Who is famous as a king of good times) lost his life race by time and facing riches to rag and left India with remain wealth, that’s the power of time.

So time has no friend, it’s just delivering rewards of your karma, No matter how worse life you are living if time starts favoring you so it will recover everything and when time starts acting negative even kings become slave.


When time is powerful your biggest mistakes will be taken as joke however when time is negative even jokes will be taken as fault…

In Astrology, “Time means Dasha”, So never afraid from good or bad Dasha because either it will give you pleasure or give you pain but will surely teach you something, basically time never comes in equal format as it has zig zag nature or you can say it always signifies ups and downs and everyone knows that ups and downs are part of each life…so never afraid by good or bad dasha because –










So guys it was my long research about “Secret of Maha Dasha in Vedic Astrology”, I hope you will like it and If you like my article and want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my Facebook page but please don’t be my fan… Just be my friend

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Exaltation vs Debilitation By My Friend Sourabh Soni

Exaltation vs Debilitation By Sourabh Soni

Maximum VS Minimum


Hello Guys,

Welcome to Vedic research portal and here we are going discuss about state of the planets and their impact in human life. Most of the time when peoples think it is bad to have debilitated planets in their chart. But sometimes it is good to have debilitated planet in the chart for some areas of life. The Exalted planet in the horoscope shows a very good past karma with respect to the area of life, however Neech planets do show some lack of karma in the field of governance of that planet. Exaltation and debilitation only signify the actual quality of planets in Vedic astrology.

Astrologers claims that if planets are debilitated in horoscope so they would be considered as powerless however exalted planets are considered as powerful. I think this is misinterpreted by astrologers only or if it is written in Vedic ancient text then too I would say astrology system needs to be updated as it is old and all rules are not correct and not applicable for all universe because if powerless or debilitated planets are bad so when we browses through many top celebrities and top leaders charts, we can come to know that at least two or more planets in debilitation in their charts, which makes them to have royal life style and making them royal person. Both debilitation and exaltation have good/bad results, but don’t make the structure on the basis of exaltation or debilitation only as there are lot more which comes in between.

Because I have seen people over tensed when they know that they have got planets in debilitation in their horoscope.


However to understand this theory more deeply we should understand the actual meaning of exaltation and debilitation. Which is our main topic here, so let’s start our journey –

First of all we should understand the basic –

What is debilitation in Vedic astrology?

Debility is like an illness which seriously affects someone or something’s strength or ability to carry on with regular activities. And if we describe it more so a planet is fully inauspicious, if it is in its debilitation. So whenever planet occupies debilitated sign generally considered weak and destroyer.

What is an exaltation in Vedic astrology?

Exalt means to glorify or elevate something, Exaltation means a feeling or state of extreme happiness, the action of elevating someone in rank or power. So whenever planet occupy an exaltation sign generally considered strong and good. And if we describe it more so a planet in exaltation is considered highly strong. Exaltation is eternal life, the kind of life king lives. The person who has three or more exalted planets in the chart lives in great glory and possesses all knowledge and all wisdom as per Vedic text.

It is medium in strength if it’s in Mool Trikona sign or occupied own Sign. Its strength is only nominal if it is occupied a friendly sign.



I don’t want to write much about planets occupied own sign here because you can find a lot of information about the same through internet… I would like to give more light on the bad part of astrology which is known as debilitation system in Vedic astrology … Or even I would like to say debilitation is as good as exaltation…

People ask to me, Why debilitation or exaltation of planets are imp in astrology?

And I always give same answer to everyone and every time, is that “This is going to affect your life” Happiness or sadness of your entire life depends on it”…It’s also represent your Karmic punishment or rewards of previous birth Hence very important…!!

Exalted planets can give you anything easily but in case of debilitation you have to fight alone as you won’t get any help (except from god) which is actually makes person stronger….

Debilitation is like a fight with destiny where you have to prove your ability and have to tell the destiny that you also deserve for happiness…

I would like to remind you that even god was in sufferings and under influences of planets when they were on earth…so straight away no one can escape from the effect of planets. Person born in day time or night time, on particular date, even particular day, Nakshtra during birth, Pada During Birth, Paya, Charan, Yoni etc. Everything matters in human life as you get by affected by them as your characterization is purely based on them… Even planets in some degree can change the game, no matter whether they are debilitated or exalted…So beware and never ignore even a small point because everything matters in astrology… So –

Exaltation means you have done something very good in the past birth related to the exalted planet in respective area (Ruled house) and debilitation means you have done something very bad related to the debilitated planet but it does not means that if you have done bad in the past birth so you are going to repeat the same in present birth too… Even in exaltation is not a guarantee that you are going to repeat the same good deeds in present birth because that is totally up to you how do you act in present birth…

I know my many friends with two or more exalted planets in their charts however still walking empty and don’t have any aim to do… Amazing but true


So never be happy when you see exalted planets in the chart and never be sad to see planets in debilitated position in the chart… exaltation or debilitation alone can’t guarantee anything, as you also need to check another available positive and negative factors in the horoscope before giving any conclusion about future.

Let’s do some comparison between exalted or debilitated planets and later I will give quite interesting examples of world top celebrities those are shining in the world just because of debilitated planets and will also show you the way how to deal with debilitated planets when you are getting suffer by them… how to convert that negativity into positivity –


I will highlight the comment so that you can understand it in a better way (Red for Debilitated and Black for Exaltation) so –

Exalted planets means god has already written your destiny which you are going to get through exalted planet, and debilitated means god has sent you in the earth with empty hands so that you can write your own story with happy ending… because empty hands signify “you are the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be, and you have to earn good deeds to make debilitated planet stronger and have to recreate yourself…”


Because when you get full glass of water in your hand by someone then you don’t need to do anything apart from drinking it but when you get empty glass then it is up to you what do you want to drink in this glass… But you have to work hard to get that drink which you want to drink by this glass….

Whenever you find two or three planet Neech in the chart it means you have got Neech bhang yoga in your chart by default…

Whenever you get three or more exalted planets in the chart so chances are equally high to get Raj Bhang yoga in your chart…

Debilitation has many positive points same exaltation has many drawbacks…

Debilitated planet makes opposite house (7th house from where they sits) strong because they aspect their exaltation sign.

Example – Sun sitting in 11th house in the sign of Libra but aspecting 5th house which is Aries and exaltation sign of Sun

However exalted planet gives bad impact to the opposite house (7th house from where they sits) because planet aspects its debilitated sign…

Example – Saturn sitting in 11th house in the sign of Libra but also aspecting 5th house which is Aries sign as well as debilitation sign for Saturn… So along with positive effect person will also face many hardship related to the fifth house due to Saturn bad aspect on it (Saturn aspect is already bad by the way…Ha ha ha ha ..Lol).

Whenever two debilitated planet aspects each other, Neech bhang yoga occurs for both the debilitated planets which gives power to the planets as well as to the people to fight against adverse situation.

When two planets occupied exaltation sign but aspecting each other, Raja Bhang yoga occurs and even a king will turn to be beggar if having such yoga in their chart as per ancient text (however in modern times it signifies setbacks only).

If someone has two or more debilitated planets in their horoscope then chances are much to be multi-talented but vice versa two or more planets are exalted or occupied own signs then still no guarantee to be multi-talented… (Refer Chart of Leonardo Da Vinci in the same article below).

If someone has four or five planets in their exaltation or swarashi simultaneously don’t have one or two debilitated planet in the chart then entire chart is useless and no raja yoga will fructify… In short exaltation is depend on other debilitated planets to give their best…

However there is no such condition with debilitated planets…

Exalted planet can give you everything easily and have power to touch the sky as its gives power to make victory…

Debilitated planet can give you lot of hurdle’s and troubles, but when they start giving person can go beyond the sky and can touch universe…debilitated planet will give you power to make history…what more I should say…..Yes


Note – Don’t judge the planet on the basis of their exaltation or debilitated position because their position in other divisional charts (Especially in D-3, D-9, and D-60) is quite important. Also check their total power (All Shadbal and other Non Shadbal Factors to examine the actual power of planets).

I don’t need to describe power of exaltation here because there are lot more articles are available over internet however I am here to write about debilitation so if you want to know more about debilitation or Debility cancellation Yoga, Then must read my below article which is purely based on debilitation of planets –

To read about Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga – Click Here

Life has many turns and each turn requires –


Anyways, do you know how planet affects us and what are their jobs???

If your answer is “No” and then use below link and read my entire article “Game of the planets” and understand how they affect us and what makes them good or bad, then come back to this article –

Must read this article which is going to reveal the real game of planets – Click Here

Guys I would like to make you clear one updated Vedic text for the planets which is –

“Planets only give adverse results if people does not follow the good path shown by them (No matter whether they are debilitated or exalted in the chart)”


Because persons those have two or more exalted planets in their chart always act very proudly and fearless and always try to ignore moral value of things because they always get everything very easily without working hard so later such person can face downfall too.

And the persons those have debilitated planets in the charts and if they are getting suffer by debilitated planet then too even after many adverse situation one light voice you will always get from your heart is that “Please don’t do it as its wrong”. Few people define it to voice of god, few says it’s a voice of heart etc.


Have you feel ever one sound coming from your inner side “please follow and do all whatever your heart says” Yes My friend that’s your inner soul voice… and even person those have exalted planets also feel the same because it happens with everyone but it is depends on you what do you want to do


As I have already clarified in my previous article that –

“Planets jobs are very simple they are going to create a situation and will put you on that” 

so if they are well placed in your chart and acting as positive so no doubt situation would be good but it could be negative too in case if they are badly placed or giving their debilitation effect…

Have you ask any person who has rapped someone or have killed someone or did something very wrong in their life… How do they feel after doing such crime??

I have asked from one who has killed two person and took his revenge and replied me that he has got mental peace after doing this but he didn’t know why sudden such thing happened and his mind forced him to go for kill someone … (He was my class mate and have killed his step mother and her daughter)…

So finally “Planets created a danger situation for him and he got fallen in that situation” however he never wanted to do it because he knew it is a crime and his whole life is going to be destroyed but the day he avoided his voice of inner soul he did a crime and become criminal.


Let’s see his life from closer angle – As far as I know he was moderate in his studies and was belong to a middle class family and lost his mother in his early age. His dad remarried again with a lady and had one daughter from that lady so he was completely unhappy from his step mother because she had never treated him like her child. So even since childhood he doesn’t wanted her step mother… then too he has spent many years with her and faced many mental suffering so alternatively he was listening his heart and could not do anything wrong with her step mother and sister but at sudden point his mind become violent and he has killed both of them. And as far as I know him he was never thought to kill them. (I don’t remember his birth details so can’t share).

So the day he ignored silent voice of his heart (Or you can say voice of saving planets) his life got destroyed.


So whenever you are fighting against your destiny so always – 


See guys debilitation is not only reason behind failure of someone or behind any crime as I will show you charts of many peoples in my upcoming articles based on crime where planets are exalted but still they have done many crime. It does not mean if person have exalted planets will not do any crime…So basically there are lot more factors which act as per the planetary positions and situation given by them in life and needs to be calculated all together before judging anything. (Hence complete analysis of chart would be require to predict about future events).

Another important point is that “Rahu and Ketu are known as Karmic planets” in Vedic astrology. They act as triggers to deliver both Karmic rewards and Karmic punishments in our life” so act very carefully if you have these two karmic planets debilitated in your horoscope.

Rahu and Ketu are the part of same body hence can’t be together in main birth chart (It is possible in divisional charts) hence you always find them seven places apart from each other so if Rahu is debilitated in the chart then Ketu would also be debilitated in the chart and they both always hold the same degree however they both act just opposite to each other as Rahu is Fake planet and Ketu is all about Truth.

Karmic means Karma (Deeds) – And Rahu and Ketu provide their results as per one’s Karmic log. So if someone has destroyed life of another person so how he could be happy in his next birth. Because destiny is purely based on karma so If you are destroying others life then be ready to pay back… That are karmic log which Rahu and Ketu represent.

As I have already told you I am not an astrologer and I am just like you peoples entered into astrology while finding answers of my questions, I wanted to know reason of my dark past… so I started learning astrology to get that answers because no other science can answer about such question except astrology… However I did so many practical and research which I am sharing with you people so that it can help you. However I still can’t do prediction (And will never do in future too), Even I don’t know English too much because I studied from Hindi medium even I use Google translator to write my article in English…that’s the main reason you can find too many grammatical mistakes in my all article however I am recovering those error day by day whenever I get feedback from my readers and friends. Ohhh…..Guys please leave my story because it has no end, So my motto is to tell you only –


Every bad thing has something good in it… just try to find that


Note – You can read my debilitation article to know more about debilitated in birth chart and even you want to know the benefits of that planet even after being in debilitation.

Now I will tell you – what happen if someone gets two, three or more planets in debilitation in their chart –


Such persons always get tested by destiny in every corner of their life. They get failure more than success as its quite natural in such cases. Personal life of such person would always be suffer (Related to the debilitated planets), such peoples are multi talented (most of the time) and always trying their luck in many fields but can get only one way success till the age of 30 to 35. But still overall horoscope analysis would be require to give final judgment –

But how to know in which field they should try??


So guys no astrologer can tell you this however astrology can but now a days astrologer are not so capable except few. But I think you don’t need to go anywhere because listen “what your heart says to do”

Because if your heart says you have to be a Doctor, Or an Engineer or sportsman or even an Actor but you are doing job in any other field… so in short you are ignoring the voice of planets and instruction given by them so they start giving mental tension like you won’t or never be happy when you do such work or other job and always be in under pressure and you will feel your life is like hell and will get equal mental tension from personal and professional life.

However you will get lot of trouble even too if you are trying to get success in desired field like if you want to be an actor or anything else, you are going to face lot of trouble there too. But you have to win that situation.

Because that is actually meaning of exaltation and debilitation. Exalted planets give you everything very easily without any problem but in debilitation you have to face lot of hurdles and issues. In short be ready to get lot of sufferings than only you can achieve your goal.

So straight away, decide single career as your heart says… you will get your success there only…But must do analysis on yourself like –

Because whatever exalted planets will give you. Debilitated planets will give you more than that at certain point of your life.

Because while writing this article I have observed more than 100 charts and one notable point was that peoples those have exalted planets in their charts are working in MNC Company as Manager, Director or CEO. But the peoples those have two, three or more debilitated planets in their charts so either they are living very low class life or Ruling the country like a Ruler and all directors or CEO are obeying rules made by such person.

Trust me guys if you have debilitated planets in your charts so please closely observe what is wrong and what is right going around you and act cleverly to save yourself… Never think you can’t succeed when you see all doors are off… try to look at an open window.

Everything in life happen for a good reason because it teaches you something, treat every mistake which you made as a lesion to make you a better person…Trust yourself and pray from that almighty who is watching everything –

It is good if you have got exalted planets in your chart but if you have got debilitated planets in your horoscope “then you have been blessed by god”… Trust me….. Because

So let’s start example session now, and these all celebrities have debilitated planets in their charts however known as ruler in their time – First chart is –

Albert Einstein

This person is known for his intelligence and great mind however Karka of Intelligence (Mercury) and Karka Of Mind (Moon) both are Debilitated in the chart…As Mercury is debilitated in 12th house and moon is debilitated in 6th house, He was not as intelligent in his early childhood, but when planets started given him, that man became a historical Scientist,  next example is –

Michal Jordan

American Basket Ball Player has Mars and Moon debilitated in his chart but still he was great player, refer next chart –

Prince Charles

Prince Charles has Venus and Sun debilitated in his chart… However he is still a prince of UK and richest in matter of Wealth, refer another horoscope –

Leonardo Da Vinci

He has Rahu, Ketu, and Mercury, three debilitated planets in his chart however he was really multi-talented person.

Da Vinci was an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. refer next another celebrity example –

Sachin Tendulkar


God of Cricket World Sachin Tendulkar has Four planets in debilitation state…can you imagine but still is an emperor of cricket world….

Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Mercury, are debilitated in sachin’s horoscope…

Note – Nodes sign position for debilitation is still a matter of controversy, few considers Scorpio is debilitated sign for Rahu and few consider Sagittarius, however in modern astrology I have seen that Rahu is performing quite good in material world even being in these signs too, however to get more clear picture you can read my article on Rahu and Ketu.

Refer Next example of another Queen –


Elizabeth II is, Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and Head of the Commonwealth, She has Jupiter and Mercury debilitated in her birth chart.


Refer another horoscope below from sports world –

Serena Williams

Very famous sports woman, Serena Williams who has Karaka for sports which is mars itself debilitated in her chart, but still she is notable personality in sports.

You might be thinking why am I writing this when I am not a writer or astrologer???

So answer is till now I am biggest and successful failure but soon I am going to convert my failure into biggest success and I am not saying that on the basis of good or bad Raja Yoga’s available in my charts. I am just saying on the basis of my confidence (Even Karaka of Confidence Sun is Debilitated in my chart) and on the basis of my lord almighty who is helping me through unknown helping hands and giving me power to fight with negative energy and teaching me how to win from adverse situation…See guys basically I am not trying to teach you anything but I am just helping out to find you within yourself…Enough

So if you find debilitated planet in your horoscope so don’t be afraid and just follow your life aim and keep saying –  Yes i Can and one day you will say yes “I DiD IT ” Hurray

So guys it was my long research about “Exaltation VS Debilitation in Vedic Astrology”, I hope you will like it and If you like my article and want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my Facebook page but please don’t be my fan… Just be my friend

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Are Astrologers Remedy Machines? What is the Best Remedy? Another Blog By My Handsome Friend Sourabh Soni

Remedies in Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni









Hello Everyone, 


I was trying to write about astral remedies since long time but not getting time to clarify what are remedies so today I will clarify what remedies are?…Off course in my way….


Guys even I have planetary position is very weak in my chart and even I have done many remedies in my life till now and few worked and few did not, as I was not aware about astrology in my childhood so I was doing as my priest told to my parents… so whatever I will tell you that’s not a part of any Vedas or book.. I will tell you my practical experience with proof. So are you ready to read something very interesting and practical experience from my practical life… okay… okay… let’s move –

As we know each one is suffering from karmic burdens and facing pains in life due to past life sins, which never leaves person –















But here I won’t tell you anything about that whatever already available in the Internet or other blogs or even any astrology books.. I will tell you practical thing from practical life even my own experience so that you human being could be benefited…So first question which arise in my mind is that –


What astrological remedies are?

My dear in very simple language remedies are like medicine. And we use these medicine to come out our physical or mental life sufferings.


Should I write professional definition also?? Okay

As everybody knows all peoples in their personal or professional life facing a lot of pain, hurdles and troubles, which affect them emotionally, mentally and physically. To avoid pain and to get relief we use remedies as we take medicine during fever. Astrology has not only given us tools to determine what’s destiny has in store for us but also ways to avoid the hurdles in achieving our goals in life.

These ways as suggested by the astrology principles are called remedies, which are making life happier from sad stage…










See the basic principal are Sufferings of people may come from any sphere from life like Money issues, health issues, issues related to marriage, love life, Money Loss, few suffer in personal life, few are unhappy from professional life so actually we cannot find even a single person on this earth without suffering.

Here I am feeling like I should tell you the Karma theory first so that you can understand the real meaning of astral remedies?? Hmm…Okay let’s move –

See as we all know that our destiny is based on our previous karma and actually we didn’t remember whatever we have done in our past, but just knows our bad karma causes stuck in life –












Even we can understand that in our present life we never committed any mistakes but still we are suffering without knowing any reason?….But why…????

To answer this question, we should go back to your past and need to turn the pages of your previous life. We did a lot of actions (Deeds) in our previous births whose fruits and worse effects are now enjoyed by us.

For example, like a person who sells fake medicines and earns a lot of money in his previous birth will definitely going to suffer from many diseases in present life and going to lose his all money on the medicine just because you are caused trouble to many person so you are also going to receive the same by destiny.


The rule is simple: if we did wrong deeds, then we would get bitter fruits. Similarly, if we did right things, then we are ought to get sweet fruits. This is the karma theory in simple language. 

So astrology is a tool which helps us to know about our previous karma. Because the duty of planets in Astrology is to carry the fruits of our past actions to us. Thus planets do not cause any bad or good events. They are just doing their job nothing else more. The horoscope of a person tells clearly which planets are reflecting health problem, professional problem or personal problem. So, an Astrologer can find out the planet and prescribe the appropriate remedy to pacify that planet. Here, we are not actually pacifying the planets. We are trying to neutralize the effects of our past bad deeds which we are going to get via that planet.


All these remedies attempt to correct one of the two situations as depicted in your chart. They are making good but weak planets stronger or making effect of bad planets weaker …because these are only two possible ways to get rid of our problems –












In my astrology experience till now, the most asked question related to remedy was “How effective remedies are… Does they really work??


And Now I am giving my answer here, basically an astrologer is like a doctor in astrology as doctor do observations and check-ups to diagnose a problem from your body so in the same way astrologer also do analysis your astral chart to diagnose problem or reason behind your sufferings. As a doctor needs to determine your health and other drug history before prescribing a medicine. In the same way an astrologer also do the same e.g. let’s say that a native comes to you with a problem of poverty and not able to gain wealth? And you have suggested a remedy, which helped him to earn money by making a particular planet stronger, but what if that planet is bad for accumulating wealth?


By suggesting that remedy you just made sure that he will earn money but what if he will not be able to save???


Or planets are indicating higher expenditure then income in chart???


Because in astrology you can’t neutralized everything because if some planet giving you problem in your professional life so the same planet may do well in personal life..

As everyone has his own chart and his own issues that’s why no remedy works the same way for all the people.

Remedies do work, but if you are doing correct remedies in a positive manner because I have done many remedies in my life suggested by my family astrologers and yes I was able to save myself and I personally felt remedies effect in my life as how situation was worse and it got improved little bit later after remedies… So here overall I can say like –

“All of life events are something that I feel are destined. If they are destined and my astrological charts are telling me this then how can I change something written in my chart so nothing can be erased specially if it is written by god but yes it can be edited or modified (But not all events) !!!

“If my chart is predicting an unfavorable event in my life, and by remedies if I am able to stop that event from happening, wouldn’t that invalidate what’s written in my chart?”

But what if the astrologer learns to alter that bad effects of planets to some extent now… Can he alters his predefined life now…. the answer is yes.. If we understand how planets affect us to begin with to give the life destiny handed over to us.. We can surely alter those effects to make them work for us. That’s what remedies are all about. They are our attempt to alter the natural effects of planets.


My friend’s astrology will tell you only about coming rain so you can’t stop the rain but if you know the rain is coming then it means please be ready with umbrella or raincoats.. By this way you can save yourself from that upcoming rain but remember you can’t stop the rain.


So remedies system is nothing but a help given by almighty to –












So I hope you got the basic meaning of astrology remedies and understood what it signifies!!


Now the next question which comes in my mind is “how to face destiny”??

There are two way to modify the destiny as one is let us experience the fruits of our past karmas and let us not do any further karma. When we do not generate any new actions, and go on experiencing the old karmas, then one day our karmas completely exhaust. Then the cover of karma which so far wrapped our soul will be removed and our soul shines crystal clear. This is the stage when we realize our real inner soul which is nothing but the supreme soul. This method is very difficult for us because we seldom live without doing karmas. But this is generally adopted by the saints who renounce the world as they were doing Tapasya and other pooja’s all the time because by doing this they were just thinking about god all the time but in Kalyug its does not seems possible for anyone and specially in 21 century.

The second solution is neutralizing the effects of karma by doing karma again as Diamonds cuts diamond – so use this method to cut your old past bad deeds by doing good deeds.

But remember I would like to repeat myself as nothing is erasable once written by god but god has created astrology to understand yourself so that you can modify your life and can write your own ending.










Why I am telling you this because remedies can’t make you billionaire trust me otherwise everybody will become bill Gates by doing remedies… Remedies will give you little push to move forward from your bad situation but can’t change entire picture so never think that remedies can change your luck…!!!

I am telling you one example, which I have seen mostly in Mumbai, People those wants to be an artist mostly consulting astrologers and getting promised by them for higher success as an artist, which is actually totally fake drama which is actually destroying actual values of astrology.


Now see what happens in such cases –

If your destiny or stars are not favoring you but you are still forcing planets to give something which is not available for you in your destiny… It may be that you may get little success but it will give you lot of pressure and challenges in your acting career. Like you might be working but not getting your remuneration or your co-worker always oppose to you or even you are getting success in acting but your person life is going to be damage.. And this is why because you are trying to get your wish done forcefully through the planets. So planets will show you little move but going to kick your ASS for sure {especially situation become worse for those use Tantra Remedies and tantra takes higher returns}. I am giving you one example of Tantra remedy – suppose if anyone has no child situation in her horoscope and she is unable to produce child but astrologer suggested her to go with tantra remedies and after doing tantra remedies she got one child but but but that’s not only a winning situation because how would you feel if you have given birth to a disable child, or child who is going to destroy your remain peace of mind, or if you lost your child due premature death.. Because tantra shashtra or tantra remedies are all about things getting done forcefully..   So even humans don’t want to work forcefully then how can you pressurize planets to make your wish come true when even you don’t deserve for that.

So save yourself from such astrologers and if you got a brain then please –











One more important thing is that most of the remedies works for short time I mean they can’t show good effect for life time.. As other medical medicines do… they will just give you short time relief. In vedic astrology there are few permanent remedies for particular situation are also exist but actually not every situation is recoverable through remedies…like if something in not got written in your destiny then you can’t get that happiness through remedies…!!

See even in worse horoscope planets doesn’t cause problem all the time and even an exalted planet can’t give you good effect throughout the life. Because planetary alignments are based on our past deeds so nobody is doing good karma all the time and vice versa no body is doing bad karma all the time throughout the life hence even in worst horoscope everyone is getting few happy moments in their life along with sad things.


But still pain is always pain whether it’s small or a big one, I have seen people living hopeless life with their pains –












Here I am giving you few tested remedies along with the way of working and with scientific reason –


First remedy is the Mantra recitation with Fasting (if possible) which is somehow really works… and I will tell you the scientific reason behind it but let’s have the definition first –

So as definition mantras are “Sounds which create positive energy”. And in astrology they are the most powerful remedy for any problem. It is really capable to change your life from negative to positive path. It is the recitation of a particular sound repeatedly and each root word generates a sound that activates a different center in the human body that correlates to the particular planet. In Vedic astrology there are specific numbers for recitation of any mantra for any planet.. Like Saturn we have to recite 19000 Mantra, for Ketu 7000 (So there are specific number for every planets in Vedic astrology).


You people might be aware whatever I told above, but do you really know how does mantra means and why there are specific numbers has been defined in Vedic Shastra’s by our ancient astrologers????











will tell you in very simple language so everyone can understand, Mantra has very vast and infinitive meanings (as it has many energies which are associated with the concern deity or planet) but our purpose behind mantra recitation is to say “Sorry “to the planet … where you are looking for forgiveness from planets for your bad sins… let me explain it more –

Whatever mantra you recite (Especially for coming out from sufferings given by the planets) is means you are saying that “Please excuse me as I won’t repeat this mistake again so stop your sufferings” and why there are any specific numbers of mantra for any planets??

So lets take an example from present life- suppose if any child did really something bad which makes his mom angry and he is saying sorry to mom but mother is not ready to excuse him. So what he will do next??

In that case he will again say sorry.. and sorry and sorry but still her mother is angry and not responding positively so again and again and even 1000 time he says sorry and even till the last time his mother is not giving excuse and finally she excused him (Coz she is mother and always loves her kid).

So same happen with planets also like for Saturn when you recite Saturn mantra Om Sham Shanichraya Namah: so one mantra is equal to one sorry but Lord Saturn does not listen or ignored your prayer then you recite another time but still no good so again you recite mantra but no improvement so you tried 1000 times but lord Saturn still ignored your sorry or prayer but when your recitation number reached limit 19000 it said by our ancient astrologer when specific number of mantra reach its limit planets start behaving good and forgive you. (In this process you said sorry 19000 times to lord Saturn and requested to take back his bad effect from your life). So it’s simple means if someone doesn’t listen your first voice so you are trying to give you another try and its happens with every planets.

So I hope you have got the basic meaning of number system of reciting Mantra!!!


Note – See guys every Mantra has its own important and meaning but has the same feeling and uses to come out from sufferings of your physical life. So I am not changing real meaning of mantra as I have just gave an example only to make you understand my words.

So let’s clarify another remedy which is “Gem Stones” –










As per Vedic astrology each gem absorbs the energy related to a particular planet. So, by wearing a gem, we are increasing energy of that planet.

But here can you please answer my one question??


Even Vegetable seller wears Rings so why he still sells vegetable??

Or even 80 percent people wear gemstone in their fingers so why they still face trouble??

Because if gem stone really works so do a practical and give a gemstone to the beggar and let see if that gemstone has power to change that bagger’s destiny??

Answer is big “No” 


But it does not mean Gem stones has no meaning, As I said above astral remedies has no power to change your destiny it will just give you little push from your bad situation to good.


Let me give you an example – Everybody know there was a time when Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was struggling in matter of money and was about to bankrupt due to bad planet influences but somebody has suggested him to wear Saturn gem stone (Blue Neelam) and after that he finally came out from his sufferings. So yes it was true but before wearing the ring Amitabh Bachchan was still a celebrity and if you closely observed his Mahadasha and Anter Dasha of a planet so you can easily understand that his bad time was about to end actually. So my point is that he just got a little push from the back due to effect of Neelam gem stone.


See guys, bad and good time is a game of planets and you can’t run away by their effect as even Lord Ram has faced 14 years Vanvaas during Dasha of their concern planet. Planet are capable to create any good or bad situation in your life any time depending on your past deeds. When your bad time starts so trust me no remedy will save you and when your good time will arrive so planets create situation like you got someone who suggest gem stone or anything else which can save you from your sufferings.

And one slogan about gems which is found somehow correct is “You never select gem stone, a Gem Stone selects you always”

So that was the basic formula of remedy system in Vedic astrology… !!!

I will suggest you people if you have any complaint in your mobile phone so please don’t catch customer care executive to resolve your issues… Because the best way is to go and write directly to CEO.

I know this example was not good but I just wanted to say if you are facing trouble due to bad planets so instead of doing astral remedies go and catch the real source I mean the real Lord (Almighty God). Because all the planets are agents of god which follow the law made by almighty lord. Don’t try to please nine planets just try to please one almighty. No matter which lord… you may be devotee of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Any goddess or anyone (Because all are part of one divine almighty and all are one)..

Just trust on that source and then see the real effect, That power which is actually working behind the planets even can change entire picture of your life… !!

For me, Prayer is the most important and practical astral remedy that I have found extremely effective in my experience (If that power will save you than no planet can harm you).

Anyways, Apart from above there are few other remedies which really works because they have meaning behind it..

1 – Donation or Helping others

2 – Feeding cow, Fishes, and other animals and birds.

3 – Being human

4 – Ignore Wine, Non veg Food

5 – Avoiding Bad Company of girls or boys (Sexual & Wine)

Now I will tell you the basic meaning behind these remedies –

Now see what is important of donation..?

It simple means if someone is incapable to earn money or facing concerns in particular area of life just due to money like somebody can’t study because he does not have money to pay his school fees.. And you helped him and donated money so actually you are playing your role and helping him so that he also can save his life and become educated…

Take another example of feeding cows and other animals and birds, god has created entire nature and these animals and birds are also dependents on us.. So as a family these are also our responsibility and it’s our duty to feed them but in kaliyug people don’t follow the rules and are very selfish and don’t care about animals and birds. Hence in astrology it is called very powerful remedy and everyone should do throughout the life… In return you also get happiness…


In the same time its also our duty to behave as a human first and can understand everyone situations and help them to come up from bad situations.. Actually it’s nothing more than humanity!!!

And must ignore wine and nonveg food because i don’t need to tell side effect of wine in our body and how wine destroy our personal life also… Same must avoid nonveg food … see eating nonvage is not bad but for nonveg food you need to kill birds, fishes, cows, etc ..That only a curse. Like how will you feel if somebody is killing you…?

And now the most IMP unnatural sexual company please avoid it too and keep your lust under control if your mind is over lusty… otherwise nobody can save you to destroy your personal life….

I have seen many people they can spends thousands rupees or million dollar to make god happy (as giving donation in temples) but even after all pooja, mantra still they are facing problem because they do many bad deeds also i think you dont need to do any remedies if your karma/Deeds are good because god never asked your money or anything else, they are always happy even when you silently remind your lord or even fighting with them for your concern.. So that source of power is always same and that almighty listen everything.. But the remedies and the way you people do remedy is very bad.. Just because shastra has told but my friends time has changed but things also has changed a lot, so act smartly…!!

For an example I am giving two different way of doing one remedy – and you judge which remedy will works better…

First way is –

if you have any issue so buy 1ltr milk and pour to shivlinga and pray to lord shiv ..” hey lord please support me to get rid out of my all problem”

Now try same remedy in other way –

Buy 1 ltr milk and give it to hungry beggar who is crying for food and pray to lord shiv” hey lord kindly accept my prayer and please bless this person with wealth and happiness…

Now both prayer will work but first one will give you little improvement but another has booming capacity… Because god always love such person who helps others and think for others because god is not looking for your milk they just expect moral human behaves from all their child’s…

So the way you do remedy is more imp.. Because there is no one who is inborn astrologer here..

Everybody learn here in this earth and when they become expert, they starting suggesting people to go for particular remedies so they might also suggest you wrong.. So make sure before going for remedies because the first person who can save you is only —











Now another questions is – there are many remedies in Vedic astrology and many peoples are using that remedies but still there is no good why??

So here is the answer – First of all I don’t trust on all remedies except those I have mentioned above and why mantra and pooja doesn’t work because people don’t want to do mantra pronunciation and they hire a pandit (Priest) for pooja and that pandit will do the recitation on the behalf of person!! Which is actually wrong.. How will you feel if you are hungry and god giving food to other person instead of you???

It works in few condition only as the person who is incapable to do the remedies or child below age 10 year can hire pandit (Priest) to perform mantra pooja on their behalf.. Or even parents can also perform these remedies behalf of their child but only if their child is incapable to do the remedies.. Because god also listen the prayers of dumb persons so how can he avoid your prayer… so just condition is very simple is your prayer should be genuine and should come from pure heart nothing else..

Now something very important thing which can change your entire life any time even no matter how good or bad planets you have in your horoscope??

In the many years ago ancient peoples were using this tool to make or destroy anyone life just within in few days.. Can u guess what is that??

In ancient time it was known as “Vardaan (Boon) and Avishap (Curse)” now in present time these words has been replaced with ” Dua and Baddua ” so my all friends please collect as many as Dua you can collect because no matter how worse horoscope is !! It has capacity to change your entire life.. Vice versa beware and don’t take baddua from anyone specially from mother, father and from the person who has genuine soul because again no matter how strong your horoscope is !! Baddua is like a curse which will destroy your life surely…so –









Note – As I said astral remedies are like medicine, like a pill and by using it we want to come out from our suffering but remedies don’t show effect as medicine do within a min.. Remedies can show their effect after some time may be a weak, month or even after many days (as I have personally observed)… But remedies effect only will come pass if you have done correct remedy in proper manner with genuine and pure heart, because first parameter for remedy is “Trust”…!!

One very authentic and personal remedy I want to share with you people which is for bad or debilitated Jupiter, As we know we use Pukhraj gems to strengthening Jupiter but as each one can’t afford to buying original Pukhraj, so such person can use saffron Tilak on forehead as its quite authentic remedy and even I have tasted it (But please it’s also have some specific way to do it as only doing Tilak on forehead can’t help you).

Write me to know full procedure, how to do it, I will guide you (and don’t worry I never charge).

Also remember remedies can give you little push to move further, it can’t change destiny…!!!

One more thing “Remedy doesn’t work on many bad Yogas like Paap Kartari and few more so don’t try because you are just going to waste your time, You can’t get the things back which has already been deducted by the destiny due to your sins….!!!

So I hope if you read my article, so it would be easily understandable what I wanted to convey through this article, so why waiting now –









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Another Article From Sourabh Soni ( 3rd,6th,8th and 12th Houses in Astrology)

From Sourabh Soni

3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th Houses and Their Lords By Sourabh Soni


Welcome to my Vedic astrology research portal and thanks for your love and support which I am getting through email or by my Facebook page, My this article is purely based on negativity which comes from 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses from Vedic astrology. Yes,  I know astrologers are giving very horror comments about these houses, but as I have written in my articles that maximum astrology formula’s has no existence in modern time, so please don’t afraid just to see two three or more planet in bad houses, as today I am going to share few horoscopes of the successful peoples, those have achieved success even after planetary presence available in 3rd, 6th and 8th, 12thhouses, however as we know that, there are twelve houses and twelve signs in Vedic astrology and our whole life has been mapped into these signs and houses which are getting ruled by seven planets…!!!

Note – This article is much based on facts rather than an astrological calculation, so please expert user keep this on their mind, as I just want to remove fear from peoples mind and wants to tell them present astrology is not as same as sages has narrated, many are misusing it and making people fear, so please understand my motto and cooperate me.   You know if you below basic  rules then you can predict 20 % of your horoscope accurate because many peoples are not aware about houses theory which are very important in astrology…!!!

However , as far as i have seen people,  they just know one or two liner meaning of any house like –

1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses are known as Kendra houses.

5th and 9th houses are known as Trikona Houses.


And 2nd and 11th are wealth giving houses.

And they are concluding like, any relation among above houses and their lords create Raja Yoga which is considered very good for life, however this is only half truth, anyways i am gonna describe houses in my separate article, because today i just want to discuss about bad houses only –

As we know, 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12 houses are known as evil houses in astrology.    
But do you know why ??

You may be know or may not be so…. Let’s discuss about 3rd house first –

So what is 3rd is all about –

3rd House: denotes younger brothers and sisters and their relations with you. It signifies courage, intelligence, taste for writing, ornaments, clothes, short journeys, sports, Art Media and entertainments etc.

As per Vedic astrology 3rd house is being first Upachaya House also produce good results in many areas. And malefic planets do well in this house.

Another point is, 3rd house is also known as Apoklima which means (Apo means Self, kilma means Killer, So apo Klima means self-destructor) any planet sitting here can give their 100 %, hence debilited planet and malefic planets considered as most welcome here because their malefic effect gets reduced due to house placements…!!

However most mysterious and danger houses are in astrology – 6th, 8th and 12th...!!!

But… Are these Houses are really bad ???


Actually sages has considered these houses bad because our entire bad phases of life has been mapped into these house only like diseases, debt, death, loses, etc…But still I would say “No”… they are not too bad and that is why I am writing this article along with many proof.

So let’s see what  these houses are  signifying?

Lets start with 6th House – 

Being apoklima house planet loses its power here too like if any person who has degree wise very close conjunction between Sun and nodes (Rahu and Ketu) going to face frustration for short time only and it happens multiple times throughout the life but still person gains and life style improves because 6th house is also upachaya house which means house will grow later with time… that’s it…Even worse does not happen in each case as depends on horoscope…!!!!

So basically 6th house signify Enemy in Vedic Astrology –

However – 6th House is also responsible for person’s health, service, servants, uncle, aunts and relations on father’s side. Food, subordinates, debts, obstacles in life, mental worries, theft and calamity, Medical science etc. The body parts denoted are kidney, large intestine, uterus and anus and many more things.

So don’t focus on enemy only from sixth house, as it signifies many things…!!!

Let’s have a look on 8th house of Vedic Astrology –

Peoples think 8th house signifies merely death in Vedic Astrology –

However, its true but incomplete, as 8th House also signify Diseases, finances through unfair means, internal sex organs, longevity, mental pain, obstacles, dowry of wife, gain from in-laws, mode of death, imprisonment, even worries and privations are checked from 8th house. It indicates body parts as scrotum, pelvis, seminal vesicles, external genitalia, etc.

One important  point about 8th house is that it’s just opposite of 2nd house hence most valuable house in matter of money too because power full 8th house and its lord can give sudden and unexpected large money (Sometime huge gains through in laws too, as 8th house is 2nd from 7th).

Lets have a Look on 12th house – 

Generally 12th house signify Loses in Vedic Astrology –

However apart from loses, 12th House also signifies private enemies (as just opposite to 6thhouse), Sexual pleasure, foreign relations, foreign countries, law suits, imprisonments, secret works, moksha, hospitalization, conjugal relations with opposite sex other than legitimate. Sorrows, debts, lost goods etc. Body parts are feet, left eye, teeth etc.

So now my question is that If every coin has two aspects “Head and Tail “So what’s wrong If Life has two aspects ” Good and Bad “.

You can’t consider these houses “Bad” just because bad portion of your life has been mapped in these houses.

See basically, any planet if not occupied owned sign or exaltation sign, suffers little bit due to negative energy of these houses, and “Due to involvement of these houses little frustration is quite possible”, however if these houses have any powerful benefic influence (Like aspect of Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus) so they can also give you something unexpected and very good surely.

Life is a process of birth to death, so we can’t run away from this process and debt, enemy, death, loses and other such things (everything which are 6th, 8th, 12th houses signifying) as these things are part of our life.

Ancient astrology texts are quite horror as compare to modern astrology, I am not saying that sages narrated has wrong comments, “No” sages were 100 % true and correct, however in modern time basic trends for modern world has changed a lot, like previously kings having multiple wives, and multiple sexual affair was a trend but in modern time it is considered as bad, many people still do same but it is bad in modern time, And like many other such things which has been changed in modern time.

However formula given by sages are almost working correctly but output is slightly different from “Said in texts”, in modern time.

Like an example, ancient world of kings has been replaced by modern time ministers, and by science and technologies, so however formula is same but output given by that formula is quite different which is still not been updated according to modern time, and we are still using the old mentioned output which has been written for ancient time, into modern time, hence even many parameters of ancient text are not giving their result according to their nature because they need little updating with additional terms and conditions to get accurate results.

So again I  repeat  , don’t afraid to see any bad placement or bad yoga in your horoscope because you are using old ancient text comments which were quite horror and was been written for old ancient time, and maximum are not working in modern time…!!! So don’t be frightened –

But remember, only result of any formula for raja yoga or bad yoga needs to be updated, but “Not Formula”….Because astrology is never wrong but the astrologers could be…!!!!!

Now I am going to show you few horoscope of celebrities those have achieved great success in their life even having much planetary placement in bad houses (6ht, 8th and 12th) in their horoscopes.

Lets start with horoscopes of cinema stars –

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan

Five out of nine Planets are sitting in 6th and 8th house. It is said that when 2nd, 11th or 9th any of them sits in 6th, 8th and 12th houses so they behave like destroyer….now you can see is it true ??

No … Because Amitabh Bachchan is Legend of Indian Cinema……

Even planets are also quite weak in his chart-

But still he is real Badshah of Bollywood. refer next example –

Madhuri Dixit


Above chart belongs to indian hottest actress Mrs. Madhuri Dixit, In her horoscope four planets are sitting in bad houses, as Saturn is sitting in 6th house, retrograde mars in 12th house, Sun and mercury are sitting in 8th house, she is known for her beauty and successful career. refer next chart –

Justin Timberlake

Above chart belongs to American Singer, Producer, Writer, also an actor Justin Timber lake, In his horoscope four planets Venus, Sun, Ketu and Rahu are sitting into bad houses, however he is still known as celebrity.

Refer few examples from politics –

Barack Obama

Above chart belongs to USA President Barack Obama, He has Venus, Mars and Rahu in 6th and 8th house, however he is still become president which is known top post in the USA government.

Another example is –

Manmohan Singh

Indian Prime minister Mr. Manmohan singh who served India for  ten years as PM, he also have Venus, Mars, Moon in 8th house, But still he became top politician, and bad placement of planet could not stopped him, however if refer his whole life,  he also faced many adverse effect of the planets sitting in 8th house.
Lets see few example from sports world –

Serena Williams

American professional tennis player Serena Williams who has  Sun, Saturn and Jupiter in sixth house, she also have one of bad known yoga which is Kaal Sarp yoga in her chart however still she is biggest successful in her career…!!

Refer next horoscope of her Sister –

Venus Williams

Like Serena Williams, Venus williams is also a tennis player and holds top ranked along with world fame, she has Saturn, Mars, Moon, Jupiter in 12th house in her horoscope, but still she is a famous and successful  known personality.

Four planets are placed in bad houses. But she is a super star ..Lets see more horoscope –

Oprah Winfrey


A Lady who got raped many times in childhood, but later became biggest successful media icon and richest world wide known personality “Oprah Winfrey”, she does not need any introduction…!!!

She has four planets (Mars, Moon, Jupiter, Ketu) are sitting in bad houses. However these bad planet could not stopped her to achieve tremendous success in life…..

Now i am showing you two horoscope of emperors –

King Bhumibol

Above chart belongs to Thailand king Bhumibol, He has Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Ketu and Sun into 12th house, and Rahu in 6th house, So six planet out of nine are sitting in bad houses only, still he is the richest king..!!!

Refer another horoscope below –


Yoshihito was an emperor of Japan, In his chart, Moon & Jupiter are sitting in sixth house,Mars is in 8th house, and Mercury, Sun is sitting in 12th house, So overall five planet out of nine are sitting in bad houses, but he was still an emperor…!!!

So guys i have given you sufficient examples from all the fields (Cinema, Politics, Sports, Business, and General Life). All these peoples have bad placements of many planets in their charts however still they are the master of their field.

I hope you can understand now planetary position in bad or good houses are not only a guarantee of successful or flop life, as you need to judge entire horoscope with all required parameters, merely placement of any planet can’t make or break entire life…!!!

However, there are Vipreeta Raja yoga available in many charts but that alone yoga can’t guarantee to shine you in all areas of life… I just wanted to highlighted to these points because I read everywhere when 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th lords sit in these bad houses so they lose their strength and destroy person life…“which is totally incorrect”

So please don’t afraid when you see two, three or more planets placed in bad houses in your horoscope because planet sitting in these houses (6th, 8th and 12th) can only put hurdle in your life, but they can’t stop you to reach your goal…But you need to do your best..!!!

I have even observed many local peoples chart, they all are doing well with small hardships because trust me even those have four or five exalted or planet occupied own sign also getting suffering in their life, Then why do you fear when suffering and problems are part of human life…!!

Always remember, Raja Yoga given by Kendra, Trikona houses and by their Lords or by even Exalted and well placed planets can give you everything without causing much trouble. You can get victory very easily…!!

However Raja Yoga given by Bad Houses Lords (6th, 8th & 12th house lord), Or Debilitated planets will also give you everything but with lots of pain and trouble… But you can make history and would be a historical person. The day you will die you will become immortal and your name will alive forever in peoples heart.

Such yoga can make you memorable and historical person.   (Examples are available above)

So guys this was my research about negativity, But if you have guts to convert this negativity into positivity so trust me nothing can stop you to becoming historical figure…

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From: Sourabh Soni

Coming Attraction of The World

What is Kem Drum Dosh ( An Analysis by Sourabh Soni)

Mr.  Sourabh Soni is conducting research on   various astrological concepts and spends time in writing occult stuff. His main field is Bollywood where he is active in filmmaking and writing  .  I really liked his article about Kem Drum Dosh, as  I am also researching about this topic. You can reach Mr. Soni at, or

KemDrum Yoga in Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

The Pain of Loneliness




Hi Guys,
This is my second article on the moon, and I was researching since long time to clarify Kemdrum Yoga because there are lot of misconceptions found on the internet about Kemdrum Yoga, And again the result mentioned in ancient text for Kemdrum yoga is very Horror, indeed which is not at all true…!!


I am writing this article as per modern time, and I have researched these facts through many horoscopes, even I will give you few horoscopes here as examples, but lets refer first what ancient text books says about Kemdrum Yoga –


Kemadruma Yoga Definition as per ancient text: If there are no planets other than Sun and nodes in the 2nd and 12th houses from Moon and if there are no planets other than Moon in the quadrants from Lagna, this bad yoga is present, and if the same time moon is also un-aspected by any planet such yoga gives extreme difficulties in life…


Result: One born with this yoga is unlucky, bereft of intelligence and learning and afflicted by poverty and trouble. This bad yoga kills the results of other good yogas in the chart, especially Chandra yogas. One with this yoga has to work hard and succeed through great efforts.


In Another Text – The native with Kemadruma Yoga will be deprived of life, drinks, food, residence, robes and friends though he may belong to the regal scion. He will suffer from poverty, grief, sickness and be dirty. He will live by hard labour, be wicked and be inimically disposed to one and all.


However as per modern time, these maximum comments are not applicable and result is not so horror in real life, Now my research gets start from here –


As per ancient Vedic astrology Kemdrum Dosha is one of the worse and A grade bad dosh, which gives poverty as per ancient text and person born with this yoga faces lot of hardships and their mind are always unstable.


However its not at all true in modern time.…First of all Kemdrum is Not Yoga, Its a kind of Dosh which depressed moon in horoscope, because moon is very happiest planet among nine…and also the source of light along with sun, and have its own impact in human life….!!!

Sun is a source for moon energy hence we cant include Sun in Kemdrum Dosh, however as per ancient astrology Sun represent father and Moon represent mother and when Father and Mother meets then only you come in the earth…

Closeness of Moon towards the sun makes “Amavasya” And when the moon goes closer to the sun it makes moon Weak hence sufficient gap is quite good for the moon from Sun.


Hence, Sun and Moon are the sources of life in the earth, and their condition & power is always important, and always a primary part of observation during horoscope analysis, their powerful situation in the horoscope makes your entire chart powerful, Because if Mother and Father are good so child also gets the benefit.



Well, we are just taking about Kemdrum dosh which comes due to the loneliness of Moon in the horoscope, Moon is the planet who is surrounded by other planets in the galaxy and feels happy with the benefits and friendly planets.



The presence of Kemdrum Dosh in horoscope mean the absence of Sunapha, Anapha, and Durudhara yoga in birth chart which are causes by situation of Moon.


To learn more about Sunapha, Anapha and Durudhara yoga in details along with Examples – Click Here


Because presence of plants (Except Sun, Rahu and Ketu) in 2nd and 12th from the Moon causes Sunapha, Anapha and Durudhara yoga, So any planet next to moon is like a path teller and planet which is 12th from the moon is like a back support for the Moon. So whenever Moon have support of other planets like if planets are sitting 2nd and 12th to moon (Specially benefics like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury), Moon gets extreme support and perform very well as causes Durudhara yoga in the horoscope.



Note – Sun is a source of energy for Moon and Rahu and Ketu are merely shadow planets which are not capable to produce individual result and depend on the depositor to act hence we don’t include Sun, Rahu and Ketu while calculating Kemdrum Dosh, Because even if they are present of 2nd or 12 from Moon, they are not capable to save Moon and cant remove her loneliness and depression of Kemdrum Dosh…


And whenever in any horoscope, Moon have no planets in 2nd and 12th from its position, so such situation creates depression for Moon, because moon missed the back support of other planets.
Another point is, Moon is a significator of feminine energy and known as female planet –
So Kemdrum dosh is very basic concept, if alone lady who has no support in his life and who is totally alone, so how she will act and react in her life.


Moon is also a significator of mind, & power of moon in our horoscope signifies our decision making ability, So if Moon has no support of other planets is like A mind who has no Guidance to move further in life and which is feeling scary and losing ability of decision making.


And this situation become very severe when Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha however in the same time, Loosing Paksha Bal and no planet is aspecting moon so moon feel totally alone and depressed 


So that was the situation of Kemdrum dosh, Now lets move to the another part which is known as Kemdrum Dosh Bhanga, because anyone who has Kemdrum dosh in his or her horoscope always looking Kemdrum Bhanga parameters in their horoscope…!!!


So i would like to ask, whether really “Bhanga” word exist in astrology????


And answer is big No, because nothing gets cancelled once written by almighty god, however there are some situations in astrology which signifies modification in result of that particular good or bad yoga.


So Bhanga is a situation which modifying the Kemdrum Dosha…But it never cancel Kemdrum Dosh…!!


But before reveling Bhanga parameter i would like to share Past Karmic truth behind Kemdrum Dosha, the Past Karmic deeds responsible for any good or bad yoga in your horoscope – So lets discuss that,


As Per Karmic Text – Person who’s mind is always involved in sinful acts and always misleading others towards wrong path, when someone in need of mental support but they denying for support, Such people suffer from Kemdrum Dosha in his life and as per its effect their mind loses guidance and most of the time they face mental frustration, mental peace of such peoples always get suffered, Kemdrum Dosha also signifies curse blessings of your mother, (Moon is all about mother) so ill behave towards mother also causes this yoga, like if someone is always receiving curse words form her mother, because your mother is not happy with you, So its universal truth no body can escaped from mother curse words(also known as Abhishaap), But as no body can do same wrong deeds throughout life, few also corrects their mistakes later in previous life itself, So such people gets modification situations along with Kemdrum Dosha, and if modification situation occurs in horoscope which means person has rectified his mistake later in his life…!!!


So i hope karmic theory is clear to you, if not then feel free to drop me an email…!!!


Now lets discuss the parameters which gives relief from Kemdrum Dosha in Vedic Astrology –


1 – If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha However the same time it is getting aspected by the depositor or involved in sign exchange with depositor.


2 – If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha, However getting aspected by benefics or conjunct with benefics (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury).


3 – If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha, However occupied Taurus or Cancer sign in birth chart.


4 – If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha in D-1 chart, However occupied Taurus, Cancer in D-9, or getting aspected or conjunction with benefics.


5 – If Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosha in D-1, however strong in D-9, which means later till the age of 30 person may suffer from Kemdrum but situation would be quite better in later half.


6 – Moon occupy Kendra Houses (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th), But should not loose Paksha Bal…!!!


7 – Availability of Adhi Yoga, Gajkeshri Yoga, Maha Bhagya yoga is quite capable to give you great relief from Kemdrum Dosha.


Remember above situations just gives modification in evil effect, but its not cancellation hence you cant escape from entire evils, As per moon situation in horoscope, little mental stress will always be a part of your life(which is very common these days and each one has mental tensions even without Kemdrum Dosh) and person will face little financial crises time to time if moon is weak in horoscope.


As moon is depressed and facing loneliness in life due to Kemdrum Dosh, so no matter how powerful and rich you are, you have to face little bit…Sorry…Life is all about Deeds…nothing else…!!!!



However the good point of kemdrum dosh is, its doesn’t signifies poverty in each case, Only those have Daridra yoga along with Kemdrum yoga in horoscope may face financial crises in life.


Now the main point is, If Kemdrum yoga is not so severe harmful in life then why most of the peoples are suffering too much, and facing poverty, not happy in relations, no mental happiness??


So as per my observation, Entire suffering in life doesn’t comes through single bad yoga, I have seen many horoscopes to write this article, and found that the person who has Kemdrum Yoga but also have another bad yoga in his or her horoscope like, Vish Yoga, Grahan Yoga, Paap Kartari yoga, Daridra Yoga, Pitra dosh etc….are mainly suffering hard in life, however astrologers just putting entire blame on Kemdrum Dosh…Hence please use your own sense and understand the real meaning of any yoga, so that you can find real source of your sufferings.


Kemdrum dosh affect throughout life if it is available in D-1 and D-9 both, because availability of Kemdrum Dosh in D-1 may give you sufferings till 30 or max 35, but if moon is also weak in D-9 then suffering time gets increase, Hence Moon situation in D-9 is very important.


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Person who has alone Kemdrum yoga in his or her horoscope always needs a support to move ahead in life because if they doing anything alone so they get fear in mind is like whether are they taking right step or not…That’s it..!!


Now lets have few horoscopes as examples, Those have Kemdrum Dosh in horoscope however still they have achieved great heights in life –


Mr. Bala Saheb Thackrey

Bala Saheb





Above chart belong to Maharashta king, Late Bala Saheb ji thackrey, however in his horoscope moon is sitting in Lagna house and there is no planet is in 2nd or 12th from the Moon, So this horoscope is suffering from Kemdrum Dosh, But as Moon is sitting in Kendra house so moon is getting quite relief from Kemdrum dosh, But still they have faced many issues when Raj Thackray has created another party, and may be many more issues which we might Don’t know…, another Example is –


Mr. Raj Thackray

Raj thackrey





In this  case, Moon is in 3rd house, but no planet is in 4th and 2nd house, means chart is getting affected by Kemdrum Yoga, But Moon is getting aspected by friend Mars, And moon is also strong in D-9, But still he has faced several issues while separation from Bala Saheb.

Note – Degree wise sun goes into 8th house of raj horoscope, its little software error, so pls take care as here we are just calculating Kem drum Dosh, refer next example –


Mr. Bill Gates


In this Case, MBil Gatesoon is in 10th house, there is no planet in 9th and 11th house from the Moon, Kemdrum Dosha is available, However moon in Kendra and getting aspected my friend mars and benefic lagna lord mercury, Adhi yoga is also available as all benefic are 6th, 7th and 8th from Moon, hence despite Kemdrum Dosh person is world richest personality. !!!!


Film Star Dharmendra



sixth house and no planet is in fifth and 7th house, Moon is suffering from Kemdrum Dosh but as moon is getting aspected by Mars, Saturn and Venus, So  however he is successful and rich man but he is still struggling mentally because this yoga is happening in sixth house and Saturn aspecting debilitated sign, next example is –


George Fernandes


george fernandes

In this case, Moon is sitting in Leo in fifth house, but no planet is in 4th and 6th house and another point is moon is also not getting aspected by any plant, so moon is quite alone here…Well i am not aware about his personal life but yet Mr. George Fernandes is a former Indian trade unionist, politician, journalist, agriculturist, and member of Rajya Sabha from Bihar, so quite successful..



Mr. Ghanshyam Das Birla

Ghanshyam Das
In above case, Moon is sitting in own sign cancer in 6th house and getting aspected by mars but there is no planet in 5th and 7th, Still he was business tycoon of india, next example is –
Film Star Jim Carry



In this  case, Moon is sitting in 8th house in exalted sign Taurus and also getting aspected by Jupiter, there are no planet is in 7th and 9th then too he was richest actor of Hollywood film industry and quite successful, However he always play very funky role in his movies… next example is –


Mr. M.G. Ramachandran



In this  Case, MM. G. Ramachandranoon is in libra in 9th house but there are no planet is in 8th house and 10th house but moon is getting aspected by Jupiter, He was quite successful actor, director, Politician of Indian history, Next example is –




Film star Raj Kapoor


Raj Kapoor

In this  Case, Moon is sitting in Kendra in own sign cancer along with Rahu and there are no planets are in 2nd and 12th from Moon, However he was successful but he was quite depressed mentally, even when his last movie ” Mera Naam Jokar” got flopped, He was in much depression, finally left the world, Now Final horoscope is –




Lord Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna Horoscope


In his horoscope – Moon is in Kendra house (1st house) occupied her exalted sign Taurus and getting aspected by Saturn and there are no planet is in 2nd and 12th house, But i have no words to describe his chart, he was lord and can do anything…!!!

Note – There are many horoscopes are available for lord ram & Shri Krishna, so its up to you which one you want to refer as i have taken above chart from B.V. Raman Text.


So remember guys, Kemdrum yoga is bad for horoscope but its not worse, hence dont need to refer horror result of ancient text, because in Kaliyug everything is Ulta Pulta…Kumdrum yoga depressed Moon and to live happy life happy moon is primary requirement…!!!


Well, Do you actual power of Moon ???


Power of Moon i am just describing in few words as, Nothing is impossible for Moon, it can give everything and huge, like money, happiness, wealth, fame and success everything…So if Moon is happy in your horoscope so surely going to make your life happy.


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Another point is, i have seen when people find kemdrum yoga in his or her horoscope so they start looking for remedy, so lets discuss on that part also –


Remedy – Never look for remedies because it doesn’t work in every case because if you destroyed someone else life then how can you expect that remedy will save you, However if there is a pain in life so god has also given pain killer, Hence prayer is the best remedy as just one true prayer can save you from Kemdrum Evils effect, as Lord of Moon is God Shiva, Hence pray from Lord shiva to forgive your all sins because if your prayer got accepted so your life will automatically come on track..

Finally Moon wants to say that, if you are not so much into astrology so please remember –
So guys this was research on Kem Drum Yoga in Vedic Astrology, I hope you would like it… If you like my article and if you want to be my friend and interested to read my further articles so Just open below link and like my page but please don’t be my fan… Just Be my friend..


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