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Nakshathras in Taurus


Nakshathras in Taurus


Every rashi/sign will be having 3 nakshathras.   The nakshathras in Taurus are Krittika, Rohini, and Mrigshira. When your lagna is in Taurus, then your lagna will be owned by one of these nakshathras. That depends on the degrees of your rising sign.



 If the degree of 0:00-10 degrees of Taurus, then obviously you are a young Taurean. If the degree is 10.00 Taurus to 23.20 Taurus then you will be a much more practical Taurean.  From 23.20 Taurus -30:00 degrees you will be a Taurean with a heavy stubbornness.


0:00-10:00 = Krittika

10.00 Taurus to 23.20 = Rohini

23.20 Taurus -30:00= Mrigshira

Yes, it is a little complex, but this is a very valuable information regarding your personality. The more you know who you are; it will be easy for you to move ahead in your life. You will understand where you should spend your energy and where not. This will be information which can save your time and make you a productive guy or girl LOL.

 Your lagna is a very crucial sign to identify your personality. Lagna nakshathra reveals a lot about you and it can guide you on the right path to be a more productive person, despite what is in your destiny. When I look at my personal life, once when I realize what my lagna nakshathra is and which planet rules that, from that moment onwards, my life took me to a different level of self-realization, and it washed away all my sorrows and pains. Then that realization pushed me to a happy mind which produced constructive thoughts and my life became more meaningful. It was not that like before.


At the same time, you should have an open mind towards astrology. Please realize that astrology is not for remedies. Its intention is to let you know who you are and what your Karma is. Why the creator has sent you here on earth. Nothing more than that. That’s why I literally don’t like questions like when I will get money when I will get married. “Will I marry the person whom I love or will I be successful”. These questions come from a materialistic mind and I really don’t entertain such questions. People may feel I am rude and arrogant, but I am ok with that.

  I thought I will write this blog before I come with 1st lord in 1st house in Krittika for Taurus Rising. I will write soon. 


Dedicating this song to my readers. Good Night 



Mann Bharryaa

By B. Praak 

Mera te koi hai ni tere bin
Tenu mil jaana kisse da sahara
Ve tu mainu chhad jaana
Gallan teriyan ton lagda ae yaara

 Taurus Rising


Guys, I have been writing Nakshathra series with lagna, but then I thought I will give a small lecture about rising sign as well. Anyway, I am coming up with my videos regarding almost all the features of astrology. Right now I am doing planets in astrology, after that I will come up with houses. So, for all my followers, (yes I do have, even though I am not in FB or Twitter. Not in a hurry to make followers. Humein jo kuch hey, Hum usimein khush rehna pasand karenge.  Zyaada kuch khwaahish nahi ) here comes Taurus Rising features.






































So, at the time of birth, a particular sign will be rising in the


eastern horizon, so if Taurus is rising at the time of your birth, then you will be a person with Taurus rising.







A Taurus Rising Chart
























This above picture is a western chart and it has Taurus inside the circle and there is an arrow as well. For this person, when he was taking birth, the sign of Taurus was rising. After 2.5 hrs, Taurus will be completing 30 degrees and setting and then Gemini, the sign below Taurus will rise.


Taurus is an earth sign. Guys, there are a lot of features attached to each sign, each planet and each nakshthra. These are the features connected with Taurus.


Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Ruler: Venus

Wealth, family, livelihood, nourishment,   higher education,   spouse, material possessions,   money in cash, self-worth, financial status, fortune, prosperity, movable properties, speech, and vision



Taurus is a fixed sign. So, the people with this sign can have a stable nature. They are ruled by the element earth as well. So, they will be like earth as well. It may be very difficult to change them from any decision. At the same time, they will ask stability from others as well.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and Venus indicates money, luxury, love, and balance in the relationship, fashion, beauty and sensuality. So, they like these matters. They will be much focused in wealth, family, livelihood, nourishment,   higher education,   spouse, material possessions,   and money in cash, self-worth, financial status, fortune, prosperity, movable properties, speech, and vision.


Since, this sector for family, nourishment and money, Taurus will be having an upper hand in these things in the family.

The comfort level from wealth, family, livelihood, nourishment,   higher education,   spouse, material possessions,   and money in cash, self-worth, financial status, fortune, prosperity, movable properties, speech, and vision will depend upon majorly on the Placement, Aspect and Conjunction of Venus.


Any lagna which rises within 0- 5 degrees and sets within 25-30 degrees will naturally have to give an extra effort in being satisfied in their life. The energy level in the personality will be less, so they have to go an extra mile in finding happiness and success, but kudrat  ka karishma dekhiye, there will be saving aspects in every chart.






It’s been so long since I posted a song for my readers. Here it is ……….Ammy Virk


Tutteya Taara 







2018 is here



I know I am late. Finally, I am here with my youtube channel JustJay








I tried to post a video, but guys I was feeling very bad for my short hair, this time when I went to Delhi, for my astrology classes, I really cut it short. My daughter did not like it and I did not trust her, but when I shot a video and looked at it, I was looking like a thug, a maverick and a nincompoop.

So, I thought it would be ideal for me to wait it grows until my shoulders. You can listen to audio lessons on my channel.



This is about the Red Planet Mars



See guys, for a working woman who has 2 kids, it is not easy to handle a full-time office job, then part-time astrology columnist, then consultations. It drains our energy.  Lekin, God will pull us through this journey.


Like every year, this year also I took few new year resolutions. I am not a person who simply take up such resolutions and forget it after few days.  I have dairy for almost all years of my life and I go back to them and see how much I have progressed in my life.


This year also I bought a new diary and I have written down what I should do in 2018. I do have few plans and already started working on it.

My grandfather had a nature of keeping his day to day life updated, now also we read his old updates and get a lot of information. My husband’s maternal grandfather also had this same habit.

















The year of 2017 was not a great year for me, it had a lot of ups and downs in my life.   I really felt bad when I came out from, but we cant sensationalise astrology or we cant give a virtual orgasm to people through astrology.  Astrology is divine guys, we cant sell it for mean reasons. Our Karma will bite our ass if we do so. Astrology is not everyone’s cup of tea. If anyone of you fee astrology is meaningless, then you should understand that you are not destined to understand this subject.


One good thing about 2017 is that I started writing for Woman’s Era

Weekly Horoscope from 31st December – 6th January



































































I wrote 2018 horoscopes for the Man Magazine. You can find me in Page no 64

The Man Magazine


My children did well in their exams. I had a good travelling time with my Mom( MIL)


I learned a lot of astrology technics and I am sure that, than the previous years I am more equipped in astrology. Inshah Allah, this year also I will be learning more.


Every year is adding more experiences and we are growing to be more mature, more grounded.


I hope my hair will grow fast and I will be able to come in Video………….I am trying many home remedies to make this growth faster.

I am so busy guys….. it’s not easy. One primary goal for this year is to have a sound sleep.


So, Have a Succesful 2018 to all of you………..

I will be back with my Vlogs and Blogs, Becuase certain subjects cant be told through Vlogs.



Busy Days……….

Hi Guys,

I am here only, but so busy with my office job, kids, and my consultations…I am not getting any time for myself. I just wanted to go to dermatologists for my pimple issues, but for that also I am not getting any time. That’s why I can’t write any blogs.



I am leaving to Delhi, for my astrology classes and this year I am going to learn the basics as I am not good at calculation part of astrology.  I will be leaving on October 25th and will be back by Nov 12. This year I am taking my Mommy (Mother in Law) to Delhi, she will come on Nov 6th and we both are going for a tour to Jaipur for 4 days on Nov 8th.  I told her that “Mom, I feel so lonely, so why can’t you come with me?” She is a very jovial woman, so she agreed without a second thought even though her health is not great.


After I come back, I will start my blogs again, I hope so.



Days are running faster and I am physically very tired. I reach home very tired and somehow want to go asleep, but somehow I make myself sit with my kids and parents and listen to them. Digital natives and Digital immigrants have frequent issues with each other and I am crushed between them.  I donno when my husband will get a job in Kochi and I can be really free. It is almost being like a single parent when your husband works in a different city. In addition to that being with elderly parents and we get a lot of anxiety when we are away from home and very restless at work also. Thinking about all and how they are doing. Recently my dad got minor stroke and I had to leave suddenly from the office. I have to travel at least 45 kms  to reach home. My pressure suddenly got shot up and I was having intense headache and I was like a paralyzed until I reached the hospital.


The next 3 years is not safe for my Dad and Mom as Saturn is transiting over my natal Sun. He doesn’t look healthy at all. I told him that he is going through a risky time and better him to take care of his health. He went to Canada and there also he was admitted in the hospital and after he came here he got this stroke. Guy’s I am not a very emotional person about death and separation in the relationships because, there is a time for everything


Ecclesiastes 3:1-8New International Version (NIV)

A Time for Everything

3 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

    a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
    a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
    a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
    a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
    a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

Whenever I go through any kind of crisis, I read this scripture and it is so empowering.  We should be realistic in our life…..


Yes, I do have concerns for my people, even when I called up Mom, (MIL) she was also not keeping well. That also made me sad………


This earthly relationship definitely has an emotional hold on us…….It is hard, but I always train my mind not to be overwhelmed about separations and detachments. My both parents love this old Malayalam song, especially my Dad an active CPI (M) member; he likes these old songs about martyrs. I wanted to put up a music system and Akaashvaani for entire house so that they can listen song full time, but till date I could not do that. Maybe I will be able to do that when Sun, Venus or Mercury moves through my 4th house of home and family.

As the scripture says, it is the time to learn and empower myself. Even my HR was asking me to take a break from my busy life and enjoy little bit. He sees me daily me running around like a dog. Last month I went to his cabin and shared my worries and cried also. Those who regularly consult me came up with some silly questions and I got angry with them also and told them not to ask such stupid nonsense questions.


All these years, I was just roaming around with my friends after my astrology classes, this time, I have made some decisions and I am planning to go to Talkatora swimming pool every evening. When I was in Trivandrum, me and my kids used to enjoy the swimming sessions in water authority Swimming pool………Swimming is the best workout for me, as after my 2nd delivery I was 75 kgs and used to feel very bad about my figure. But within 1 year I could reduce to 57 just through my butterfly strokes, free style, and backstrokes.  That is the benefit when you belong to a village in kottayam. You become a natural swimmer……..You dont have to pay huge fees to learn the basics of swimming. Your friends, cousins, siblings, relatives and neighbors will be your swimming coach, and you will be an expert swimmer in any deep waters.



So…………C YA After Nov 12th


Happy Onam

Happy Onam

I love Onam

I love wearing Set Mundu. I curse the idiot who invented set saree and mural paintings and other embroidery work on Set saree, whoever has done that, let me tell you, you have ruined that beautiful costume, you have a messed up head and you suck……………Set mundu is good without any designs and art work.


I love men and women wearing this Kerala dress, they all look good than in their official costume. I know many racists who don’t wear this just because they are just fundamentalists. Please isolate them.  They are a threat to the well being of the society. God looks at the heart, not the attire.



I know one such fundamentalist who complained,  why his religion’s festival is not celebrated like onam by all others and why Kerala government not making his religious festival as Kerala’s national festival.  I understood the terrorist in him that he will be ready to blast at any time.  There is only one weapon to fight against such fundamentalism, that is ” Just Isolate Them and Teach your Kids also to do the same thing”. No mercy should be shown to separatists. ( despite the religion) .




Every year I make floral decoration/pookkalam  at home. Onam adds joy in my life. I automatically become an enthusiast





My Pookkalam @ home, simple and innocent





I love buying new clothes during Onam


Onam is Onam , not Vaman Jayanthi, whoever claims Vaman has done good things, he/she is actually a racist.  When we read Vedas we can see that these Rishis asking demigods to kill Dasyoos for no reasons. They can’t tolerate other race. Onam means tolerance. An asura king Mahabali showed a great way of truthfulness and righteousness while Vaman was a cheat.   We can see in Vedas many a time devas getting irritated with each other. Actually, they had a lot of internal issues and power struggles while Asuras were united There are so many things to learn from Asuras too.

FYI, All the hindu festivals are for Aryan Gods when Onam is the only festival for Dravidian culture. ( Acc to my info, please correct me if I am wrong) . These racists want to  destroy that and want to impose Aryan culture.  I can tell you endless stories of devas fighting with each other for their ego.  Vedas themselves depict these hate wars between devas fighting with each other. Then who is Vaman to ruin the Ego of a King who ruled the country based on equality.

I think whole Kerala is celebrating Onam to welcome King Mahabali, not the victory of Vaman got through by cheating. I think he should have tried to settle the internal issues of the Dev lok first not to look down and see a dasyoo king ruling and his subjects are happy.



after Vaman imposed rule of Devas, the only day Keralites are happy and enjoying and celebrating is Onam. If you have any doubt go through Vedas and read how the subjects were under the rule of so called Devas. The vedas speak themselves.



I love Onam….I am happy and proud being a Dark Mallu.





Pookkalam at Office
















My Son Andrew Cyrus Oommen as King Mahabali






















My daughter Valentina Amy Oommen in Onam attire for her College Onam Celebrations














Real or Unreal, What is Your Choice : Thought From Bhagvat Gita

In the unreal, there is no duration and in the real, there is no cessation
Those who are seers of the truth have concluded that

nasato vidyate bhavo
nabhavo vidyate satah
ubhayor api drstontas
tv anayos tattva-darsibhih

na—never; asatah—of the nonexistent; vidyate—there is; bhavah—endurance; na—never; abhavah—changing quality; vidyate—there is; satah—of the eternal; ubhayoh—of the two; api—verily; drstah—observed; antah—conclusion; tu—but; anayoh—of them; tattva—truth; darsibhih—by the seers.































Guys, I have plenty of work, but still, I am in a mood to write

something about these holy scriptures. I got my new project and every day I leave office with a terrible headache. These days I was watching a lot of Pinkvilla “What’s in my Bag” series, so I rearranged by sling bag. Now I have a separate see through purse for medicines and I have stuffed it with a lot of medicines for a headache. I have Dart, Crocin, Anacin and Migranil in it. My office does have a medical kit, but the medicine for a headache never worked for me. I know it’s very unhealthy to have pills without medication, but now every other day I take these medicines.





This week during my Geeta studies, I went through this scripture and so moved by the intense meaning in these scriptures. These verses were preached by Lord Krishna, to Arjun to fight against their enemies. Guys, to be frank, I don’t like these Pandava guys to the core of my heart. I don’t see any justice in their side. According to my understanding, these guys were not even the children of King Pandu. Then how can they legally claim a portion of the country? These 5 guys married one arrogant female, who is the real reason behind this terrible war. These 5 guys could not COLLECTIVELY control a single woman, then how can they become kings?


I stand always with 100 brothers. The only problem was, their mother made a wrong move.  Devi Gandhaari, ( I always make a mistake by bringing Devi Kunthi as Devi Gandhaari) shouldn’t have been blindfolded.  That was the ultimate form of sacrifice. If I was her place, I would have reigned the kingdom of  Hastinapur, keeping Drutrashtra as the  King himself.   



If I talk about Drauapathi, let me ask you guys, she has every right to make fun of Duryodan, but he can’t take revenge for that? Has only she an ego? In India, I hear a lot of stories about husbands pawning their wife in gambling and we call that husband’s boneless and all the bad names, but here 5 stalwarts pawn their wife in gambling, and we call them Veer yodha? How?





Anyway, here we can see Lord Krishna asking Arjun to follow his Karma. He says



“In the unreal, there is no duration and in the real, there is no cessation”




These scriptures can be interpreted in many ways and many interpretations are available over the net.
I am going to explain what I understood from these scriptures no matter what other pundit says.




In the unreal, there is no duration. = the unreal things will not last
In the real there is no cessation= there is no end for the reality.
What will we choose? Reality or unreal features?
I always, always like to live, because that’s the only things endure forever. If I started living unreal things, my happiness will be temporal.






The reality always stays with us, where the unreal stuff will vanish faster. Life is all about embracing the reality. How much ever we live in an unreal world, one fine day the reality will come to us. There were times in my life where I used to embrace the unreal things in life and used to be out of focus.





These realities may not be that sweet or easy to go through, you must agree that once you embrace the reality with all that bitterness, then success is yours. The decision is yours, whether to live or live the life of temporary joy and suffer later.




Let it be in personal life or professional life, accepting realities should make you stronger and more productive. Whereas the dependence in the unreal things will ruin you to the core and leave you as a trash.




We all tend to get attracted to the flashy splashy side of life. I also enjoy that sometimes, but now I don’t. We start our life as infants, then become kids, then the youth, then grown-ups and then old age arrives. It is a great blessing to die older. Think about those who die young leaving their near and dear ones in tears. We get at least 50-60 years on this planet and we go through many events. Every human wants to live in comfort, but we all sacrifice many things to make our life enjoyable. One more double shift, one more extra job, mothers sacrifice health and rest for children, husband sacrifices his health for the well-being of the entire household, children sacrifice their life to make their parents happy. Sacrifices are done by all at different levels. These sacrifices bring happiness and prosperity. These sacrifices are the reality. Just imagine we are not ready for any such sacrifices.





We sacrifice certain things

because we know that they are the real facts. We can ignore those facts, like mother ignoring the children and living her life, husband ignoring the well-being of the house hold and getting immersed in the MohMaya. The happiness they gain through such life will never last long.

Knowing the truth and its value, will not only add value to our life, it will show light to others as well. At the same time, to know the truth, we need to have an open heart. It is very easy to make yourself be close minded. It’s hard for people to appreciate the truth, accept the truth and execute truthfulness in life. I have seen that life is all about reality vs Unreal matters.





The happiness from unreal comforts may last for few seconds and push us into traumas forever. The happiness after obtaining through the bitter and real experiences will add value to our lives and people around us will get benefit out of that.




To know this, and to act according to this, then you should be a truth seeker. A truth seeker is always ready to search for the truth. He is not attracted by the temporary happiness which the unreal provides, he is happy in what is there forever and real.




After reading what Lord Krishna told Arjun, even though I don’t like Arjun, it melted my heart. I shared what made me enlightened with few of my friends and my family. I hope they must have surely benefitted out of this valuable info, which must have surely brought happiness and enlightenment into their life.

Got Rejected? You are going to be Fine


Someone posted a message about the pain of being rejected in LinkedIn today. Then, I spend my whole day on thinking about various phases of rejection and the happiness in embracing the reality. Yes, like every Homo sapiens, I also have a kitty full of rejection letters from many people. Many people rejected and there are many people whom I rejected and blocked from my life.



Yes, I am madly busy these days as I am in a new project at my office and I have to finish my work before Oct 20. My boss told me that he wont allow me to go to my astrology class on Oct 26, if I dont finish my work before Oct 20th. Still, I thought I would write a blog since that post inspired me a lot . 




I get so many mails of people who was terminated from their jobs, who were estranged by their spouses………….yes, its hard to go through such pains, but there is not a single human being who was never ever rejected. I have read the story of KFC owner Colonel Sanders was rejected  1009 times. 




Yes, rejections are very scary, but we all are destined to go through it at some point in time. We can get rejected by our parents, spouse, lover, children, friends, colleagues, office, company, neighbours, and relatives and there are people who rejected by their own nation eg Snowden. He had to flee from his home country to Russia. We are destined to some kind of rejection, so no one can escape from that.




Some people use others and throw away, well, such people also will go through rejections and fears, but we may not know all of their stories. They also will pay for their atrocities that are for sure.
Now we all are already rejected and many rejections and more to come, don’t sit and gnash, but let’s see how to overcome the pain of rejection.




Many counsellors say, forgive, forget and advance. Well, it is not easy to forgive a person who hurt us. You should think that you are not alone here with such bruises. So many people around the world who live with such traumas. I was watching a video about Qandeel Baloch, the social media queen who was murdered by her brother. We all know her story and she is from Pakistan. In that video, Pakistan, female activist are sharing how Pakistan government was forced to strengthen the laws for the protection of the females and how Qandeel Baloch’s murder acted as a catalyst. In that video, you can listen to so many women who were raped and thrown away, how they survive in life.



























I hope you all know Muqtar Mai, who was gang raped. Before that, her 12-year-old brother was raped by a group of men and when the boy filed a case against the rapists, the rapists imprisoned him and claimed that 12 year old was having an adulterous relationship with a 20-year-old female. Rapists were sentenced to 5 years. Mean time, the village council wanted to punish 12-year-old boy for adultery. In order to defend her brother, Muktar Mai came in front of the council and she was gang raped by 4, in the presence of 10 men. Phew…….. I donno what justice is that. Similar cases are there in India and all around the world. Raping women as a punishment.



Now let’s see Muktar Mai’s plight as a person whose fate was so doomed. She is a woman of courage. She didn’t get the justice which she deserved from the court of MEN. Well, justice for ladies is now also a distant dream for a woman in India too. In my state, there are so many cases whose culprits easily escaped. Yes, there are few cases where some women got justice.




This woman started an organization “Women’s Welfare Organization “to educate women, and she gives hope to so many such ladies. She won many international acclaims. She is a hope and strength for those, who feel lost and rejected. God used her powerfully, but as always, she is under a lot of restrictions.




When we look at religious texts of all religion, we can a number of people who were used and rejected. When I feel rejected I look into 2 people’s life. 1) Devi Sita and Jesus Christ.



During my childhood, I used to hate Lord Ram for deserting Devi Sita. It had to happen, so happened. As a righteous king, he should have found some way to guard his wife. We donno what was exactly his helplessness. I thought in so many angles. He could have sent Sita to a distant place with full protection. I feel so bad for the pain which Devi Sita was called for. She was destined to go through that, and she could not overcome that pain and shame. She was queen, who supported her husband with fullest of her heart. She did not leave him during the time of his troubles….. still……





Jesus told Peter, who was promising that he would never ever leave Jesus
Matthew 26:34

“Truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “this very night before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.”




As Jesus predicted, Peter disowned him. So many people were benefitted through Jesus, but very less people were with him, that too indirectly to be with him in his sufferings. He was destined to go through that. He didn’t do any miracles to escape from his struggles. He knew that he was going to suffer, that was his destiny and he went through that. He asked God,” WHY YOU FORSAKE ME”. God wanted him to go through such horrible pain even though Jesus was divine. Since he went through struggles and pains, we can look at him and gain strength. He wasn’t a sinner, but we are mere sinners who are lost in the MohMaya.






John 12:24
Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

Pains and rejections should work as a catalyst in our life. Sometimes these pains will come to us as a part of our own Karma. Sometimes we are innocent. We are here on earth like kernels, someone went through pains and rejections and that became a reason for us to grow.






During our company’s new app launch our Director was sharing how he went through struggles in the initial days when our company was just a start up in 1994. Now, his pains, struggles and fears are not there, because he was a fighter.




I lost my job twice, even after achieving my target, one employer terminated me (with many others) blaming that I didn’t achieve the target. I still have to get around at least 50000 rs as my remuneration. I did not complain. That guy has stored plenty of bad Karma and he is in the midst of trouble now. The universe will repay him. I don’t want anyone’s money.




As a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, and then resurrect as a plant, we also should learn to resurrect. When we resurrect from the pains and rejections, we will set an example for those weak souls who live in the pain of rejection. The Kernel never dies; it is paving way for new comers, freshness, goodness and nourishment. Like the woman in Pakistan. She is spreading the light for so many.





Yes, coming out from such pain will take a lot of effort. You may fall into depression at times, but life belongs to those who are ready to fight for the survival. Not for cowards.




You should not over depend on another human being to get out from the pain of rejection. Yes, you can approach a counsellor, but remember even if he/she is studied counselling from the top university in the world, she/he is not perfect. Learn to pray, prayer is not going to temple, church or synagogue and spending time looking at the statue. People don’t understand this. When I counsel people I ask them “Do you pray” then they say “I worship, Sun, recite mantras, do morning pooja, go to holy mass……..yes, there is nothing wrong in following your faith. But prayer is communicating to the divine. A direct communication with the lord is the best medicine for mental health. Whenever I feel that I am rejected, I go to a hospital or charity work and feel how much blessed am I until now and I have nothing to complain about anything in my life. If you are in pain for a long time, that shows you are a selfish person. You are obsessed with yourself and you like that Victim mode. You are showing that you are a cheap attention seeker. Ultimately you are degenerating yourself and doing injustice to yourself.





First of all, we are here on earth for a short term and God has sent us in an internship. We have to perform well during this internship so that we can work with him in his Head Quarters, directly under him. On earth, we are tested for our faith and dedication towards God not towards another mortal being. So, no matter, whatever happens, we are responsible to prove our faithfulness and gratitude so that we can finish this internship and for a permanent position.



Other  than Lord, everything is mortal……….



Everything in the world is momentary guys. Relationship with parents, children, spouse, job and whatever we see in the world is just temporary. Please don’t get lost in this MohMaya. Always fix your eyes in a higher vision and mission, then you will understand even though the entire world rejects you, almighty is ready to accept you and inviting you for the eternal happiness.






Isaiah 49:15
Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!




Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”



Isaiah 42:16 I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.



Rejection from another human being is not terrible than the rejection from the Lord. When the lord rejects you……..then nothing can save you. 


1st Lord in 1st house in Krittika Nakshathra For Aries Rising

1st Lord in 1st house   in Krittika Nakshatra For Aries Rising

Krittika 26-40′ Aries to 10-00′ Taurus

o Western star name: Pleiades (Eta Tauri) o

Lord: Ravi (Sun) o

Symbol: Knife or spear

Deity: Agni, god of fire


Yes,  I am truly late in continuing this series, I am sorry about that as I was so busy in the past few months. Now its Monday morning, I have many pending consultations, and office work as well, but I was so motivated to write about 1st lord in 1st house in Krittika nakshatra .


For an Aries asc/lagna, Mars is the 1st lord. The sign of Aries has 2.5 nakshatras, that is Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika. When your 1st lord is in Aries, and when the lord is in Krittika then Krittika will be in the 4th Padha. Every nakshatra has 4 padhas, and Krittika will be in the 1st padha.

Krittika 26-40′ Aries to 10-00′ Taurus

Each sign is 30 degrees long and when your asc/lagna lord is Mars and it is in the Aries, in the nakshatra of Krittika, then it will be somewhere between 26:40 degrees to 30 degrees. After that the sign Taurus begins. Ya, it is very intriguing, if you are a newbie, then 100% you are going to struggle to understand this.   Practice makes a man perfect, so keep on trying.


So, lets see what this nakshatra .


Your asc/lagna is the indicator of your personality, determination, physique, looks, health, vitality, mental disposition, ambitions and appearance.


Krittika is ruled by Sun, So, when your lagna lord is in Krittika, you will naturally have a tendency to not to mingle with others. Sun is the ultimate form of Purity and truthfulness, your affinity for purity and truthfulness will depend upon where your Sun is placed, but you will expect others to be pure and truthful and you will never tolerate others being untruthful. Your Lagna lord is Mars and it is in the nakshatra of Sun. This is a double doze for your search for truth and purity. Mars any way is a ferocious planet, Sun is another strong planet, both are standing for turbulence in a higher mode. You are an ultimate truth seeker. You can’t compromise anything that truthfulness and all the properties nearing to truthfulness. You will be fine in taking risks in life like any other Aries, Bcz you guys are ruled by Mars.


What will happen when you become a truth seeker? I have always seen, very fewer people like to listen to the truth. People like to be lukewarm, neither hot or cold. No one wants any burden in their life. So, they always want to be the safer side. Truth seekers are always in the pursuit to bring up the truth. If you are a truth-seeker, you will be labelled as a problem maker. Well, it is very hard to maintain a balance between people and events in our life. Since your Lagna is Mars and Mars is in the nakshatra of Sun, you will be forced to be in the direct motion and you will fight with the people and surroundings in order to proclaim the value of truth and purity. You will be in danger w hen you yourself move away from the righteous path of life and this is a call from the universe to be righteous and truthful.

You should notice another fact that the ruling deity of this nakshatra is Agni. This is another bouncer for you, if you want to get lost in MohMaya. You are nowhere permitted to be in the corrupt situations as now you are controlled by total fire energy. The Sun, Mars and Agni AKA  Fire. You should understand your cosmic programming and that will make your life easy. Many people say Vedas are the 1st literature in the world, I strongly disagree, but still, Vedas has a lot of wisdom in it. Let see what Rigveda says about the Sun, Mars and Agni.


As astrology is a part of veda, it is  always good to quote from it.



You can see Rigveda commences by praising Agni.

RV_01.001.01.1{01}  agnimile purohitam yajnasya devam rtvijam

RV_01.001.01.2{01}  hotaram ratnadhatamam

RV_01.001.02.1{01}  agnih purvebhirrsibhiridyo nutanairuta

RV_01.001.02.2{01}  sa devaneha vaksati

RV_01.001.03.1{01}  agnina rayimasnavat posameva dive-dive

RV_01.001.03.2{01}  yasasam viravattamam

RV_01.001.04.1{01}  agne yam yajnamadhvaram visvatah paribhurasi

RV_01.001.04.2{01}  sa iddevesu gachati

RV_01.001.05.1{01}  agnirhota kavikratuh satyascitrasravastamah

RV_01.001.05.2{01}  devo devebhira gamat



Agni is called as the messenger of Gods. Without Agni, the entire process of Yagna is impossible. Agni purifies. According to these rishis, Agni reaches the God. Guys, please don’t think that these rishis are holy beings, we can see unethical and unrighteous rishis, throughout the Vedas. There is a general concept that whatever told is the all the ancient books are righteous. That is a wrong conclusion I believe. So, Agni is all about purification. Now its become the highest dharma for a person with Krittika nakshatra in Aries to follow the righteous life.

The Symbol of Kritika is Knife, which is used to cut……….so its total dissection

The Sun gets exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra.



When Mars, lord of your Lagna is in Krittika, then where the lord of Krittika always matters. Sun in different houses will give different results.



Self, personality, attitude, health, vitality, ambition and perspective.




Money, material possessions, family, speech, and self-worth


Short travels, short courses, media, communication, technology, siblings, writing, and editing


Home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property


Romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion and speculative business.


Work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities and pets.


Spouse, marriage, personal and professional relations, agreements, contracts and open enemies


Sex, crisis, investments, finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships and loans


Foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy.


Career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions.


Friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains.



Hidden fears, emotions. Psyche, isolation, seclusion, long distance travels spirituality and charity.


So, look where your Sun is located. Your life will be very closely connected with those matters.


So, when your lagna lord is in Aries and in the 1st padha of Krittika, you will be an eternal truthseeker. You will try to bring out the truth in whatever you see. It can be a plus as well as minus point. Being an Aries Lagna. Which is ruled Mars, you will have that nature to fight for survival. Now you should understand, there are no such remedies in astrology, and astrology is to realise your strengths and weaknesses. All you can do is use your Krittika traits productively. Identify where to use and how to use your truth-seeking skills, by crosschecking your past. Past life is the best tool to understand our true potentials.

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Its 7:42 P M in India and I reached home 15 minutes back. After 3, months I am reaching home at this time. All the last 3 months I was so caught up with my office job. Some days I reached office at 7:30 a m and reached back home at 8:30 p m. Daily 70 kms up and down travel Kottayam-Kochi, Kochi-Kottayam. I finished my new project by 11th June week, then I fell ill. I had severe neck pain and got admitted in Wellcare hospital. It was so bad and I took one week to recover from that, but again I fell ill. Last Saturday night I went out with my husband and kids at 11 p m I had a cold water melon juice with 3 ice cubes in it….then started congestion. I went to the same doctor and he gave some medicine, which made me sleep at the office.



I got few consultation queries, but I did not accept it. I just wanted to be free. I watch “Average Andy” series, few SuperWoman videos, then I was just going through online shopping sites. Next month I will be in the new project and life is going to be busy again.
I booked my tickets for astrology classes on Oct 26. Any one wishes to take 2 weeks long classes in Institute of astrology Bharatiya Vidyabhavan NewDelhi, then you can contact me. My number is 9539205092. There are batches for beginners are experts. I was attending classes for experts, but this time I will attend beginner’s class. I want to be clearer in my basic astrology knowledge.
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I will be leaving on Oct 25th. I will reach by 10 am in Delhi and simply go out to Janpath or Connaught place. Then I will come back only by November 12th. The classes will start on Oct 26th and end by Nov 6th. On 7th, there will be a cultural event, but I may not attend that as I am going to Jaipur. I will be in Jaipur from 7 to 11. I have a detailed plan for my Jaipur trip. One day I will join Camel Safari to Pushkar desert and will spend 1 or 2 nights in Desert. Then I will come back to Delhi on November 11th. Next day, on 12th I will come back to Kerala. Delhi-Jaipur flight tickets were so cheap, I got it for 1500rs may be I booked it 3 months back.




I haven’t got a travel companion in Jaipur, so, I am little concerned travelling alone to Pushkar, but I hope, my hostel guys will arrange a group and send me with them.



My camera is broken and I must but a new one. I have issues with my eyes, so I can’t use a touch phone, so Camera is the best option for me.



My hair grew below my shoulders and I am planning to cut it and style it on Oct 22. My colleague Pooja got a good hairstyling done from a salon, so I am thinking that I will get it done there only. Then…….I have to buy a hoodie, 3 short dress, and a new trolley too.





I am obviously happy that I am going to meet my friends. I learn a lot from these guys. We have enlightening sessions on various aspects of astrology. They all are very knowledgeable guys. It’s a privilege to be with a spiritual group. Yes, some of them, they enjoy drinks and go to the bar, even I also have gone to bar, but I don’t drink. This year also I hope to go to a Bar with them and see how the crowd behaves. It’s a fun to be in a bar.




In 2015, I took them to Kerala house. One evening we went there and had Kappa and fish curry. They loved it, I am planning to take them this year as well.




Guys, the only thing I am irritated, is when I share someone that I had gone for a trip and stayed away from my family for some days, then sooo many people advise me ” You should have gone with your family” WHAT THE EFF. I really don’t understand why a married woman should always flock with husband kids or relatives. They see it as a sin to travel alone or be away from family…….I never understand why the hell people are so collectively conscious about a woman being a solo traveller.





First of all, me and my husband don’t like to   encroach into each other’s privacy. He has his own karma and its fruits and I have my own. Our only aim together is to bring up our kids in a healthy family atmosphere and so far we have done well. I dunno what will happen in the future. My husband is a jovial and wanderlust person. He likes parties and clubbing and I don’t like parties or mingling with ordinary people. He has 2000 plus friends in FB and very active in whats app and I don’t use both. He is a foodie and enjoys cooking, but I am satisfied with rice porridge and pickle 24*7. I know Bible, Quran, and Vedas, but my husband doesn’t have much idea about all these other than Bible. My husband’s dream is to enjoy the worldly life and my desire to reach moksha. I don’t mind taking up Sanyas for the sake of that, but his desire is to rock and roll. He is an ace guitarist, and like metal, rock and pop, where I love classical music and temple arts. We are not travelling companions, for him what excites him is Goa, Thailand, Singapore and Europe. What my soul yearn is to be in Egypt, Peru, Yuttican, Nepal or Srilanka. He likes only branded objects, but I like street shopping.





Why people are so bothered me going alone. There are people who told me “ At least you should have taken your kids with you” Guys, my kids will never say that their mother is a witch or a bitch. So far I have done justice to the role as mom. What you mean is I should take them for long journeys where I go to meditate. Do you guys go to the solitude and meditate at least for 10 minutes daily? Do you guys work in a domain where you need visions to do the best in your job? All writers need insights, he/she gets that energy from loneliness, it inspires us, and being with people, that creative energy is lost especially when you are a writer from the spiritual domain. I totally get irritated when people intrude into my private life and give all those nonsense inputs about my dressing, my friendships, my lifestyle, Guys pls grow up………we are not the same. I have stopped talking to so many people for this and rebuked many for asking me where am I going, why am I wearing pink and yellow combination, why I eat lunch at 4 p m, why my hair looks very oily today? Don’t you guys have anything other than this? Guys, there are so many things in the world to discuss, you pls try to debate on plastic and bring out a solution, Please discuss global warming and help the government to solve it, or go for a charity program. I literally hate people asking me”Why”.





I think these guys feel that in the solo travel, I may get hooked up with a handsome hunk and spend some romantic moments there. Can be or cannot be. I don’t guarantee anything. No one can block what is written in fate for you as well as for me.  Karmik relationships will come to you and you will have to pay off that debt.  So chill. (Well, my husband reads all my blogs hehe). If that’s not the case, then tell me what’s your fear in me going alone? So, next time please don’t cry when I say, I am going for a solo trip. It’s fun, you should also try to go for such reinventing journeys. I have been travelling alone since 2011…….I haven’t met with any hunks or I don’t even remember any guys who were emitting some signal towards me. This year when I went for Sanskrit classes in Bangalore, I stayed in a mixed dormitory. One Biker was there from Jammu. But he was a gentleman. We both were alone in the night at least for 2 days, but he comes to the room at 1 am and wakes up at next day noon. I was little concerned though, but he was a gem of a person. One doctor was with me in Spice jet flight during one trip from Delhi. The weather was bad and the flight was falling into turbulence area again and again, once the turbulence was severe and he got terrified and held my hands. We can’t blame him, for that right?





My Venus dasa started guy, but I am in love with my Ketu dasa. I realised who am I during my Ketu dasa. People say Ketu screws you up, but yes, it did the same with me, but more and more blessing during Ketu. Guys, you know the first dasa time period belongs to the Dasa lord. When you enter a new dasa, the sub dasa is also ruled by the dasa lord and that will be a tough time period. It’s like a jetlag. You just ended one dasa and entering another dasa. You are moving to a different energy zone, so technically 2 different energies are acting on you. For me, I am detaching myself from the influence of Ketu and getting into the zone of Venus. So, there will be adjustment issues. Well, being an Aries Lagna, Venus rules my Killer houses which are the most inauspicious houses for an Aries lagna. For an Aries Lagna, Venus dasa is fatal if Venus is not placed well. My Venus is not badly placed, so I hope God will bless me.




I am truly under the transaction zone between Ketu and Venus, my health is bad and not worst. I get joint pains, so much of workload. Certain times unhappy and irritated too. This month also my mom asked me to get out from the house. I rejected queries for consultation as I wanted to be peaceful. I got angry and shouted at a woman on the bus, but that was not my fault. My daughter started attending College, she joined for English Literature. I am trying to prepare her for civil services, so that pressure is also there. This Venus-Venus dasa will be hard on me, I am sure, but somehow I have to manage. These days I am getting sound sleep which I was lacking earlier.



Venus is love, money, luxury, and comfort in astrology, so the assumption is that during Venus dasa , our life will be full of Venusian factors. So according to the general assumption, my life for the next 20 years, as Venus dasa is for 20 years, I will rock. No. It is going to bring more pains for me, it can be in the form of health issues, relationships, money shortage, hard work, physical effort, lack of peace, and so many other factors.




Now I am going through this Dasa Sandhi, and I am very thoughtful for various reasons. It’s time for me to depend more on the lord and wait at his doorstep for his blessings. So far his grace was helping, now I have to be more alert as my killer houses are going to be in high activation.





















So, see you guys……….